Fall Festival

Characters: Dean, Sam, sister!reader

Length:  1,104 words (I think this is my shortest fic yet!)

Summary:  You are required to sign up your family to help with your school’s fall festival. You decide not to sign up because Chuck only knows if the Winchesters will even be in town by next Friday. Since you didn’t sign up in class your teacher assigned you something to do. How in the world will you pull it off?

Warnings: Sam and Dean being sweet older brothers (yes, I have decided that needs to be a warning.)

A/N: This is my entry for @winchesters-favorite-girl​‘s 31 Days of Halloween Challenge. I got October 16 Hayrides. I had fun with this one! This is my first Sister!reader fic so please be nice y’all! Not gonna lie, I miss Fall. It’s not quite the same when you live in a desert country. I miss fall in Iowa a lot!

**gif is not mine, nor does this fic have anything to do with Gilmore Girls it just fits with my story.

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“Sam! Dean! Where the heck are you,” you yell out as you slam the door to the bunker flying down the steps. When you reach the bottom of the stairs there is still silence. “Guys?” you question stepping into the library and throwing your backpack on the table.

“Oh hey Y/N/N. How was school,” Sam questions looking up from the book he was reading. “Got any homework?”

“Yea, I have to write a paper on some folklore. It’s dumb. No one at that school knows that these things are actually real.”

“We should probably keep it that way too Y/N,” he responds.

You roll your eyes at your older brother. “Also, the school is putting on a fall festival. Everyone in my grade has to have their families help in some way. They had to sign up today. If we didn’t sign up during first period they just assigned us something,” you say throwing yourself into the closet chair with a sigh.

“Oh,” Sam says setting down the book on the table and watching you, “and what did they assign the Winchester family?”

“It’s stupid. We don’t even know if you guys will be around next Friday. Chuck only knows you will be pulled away on some hunt on the other side of the country. Besides, I have no clue how we would even pull it off.”

Sam crouches down next to you, “Y/N, what did we get assigned to do?”

“We have to figure out how to put on a hayride. It’s not like we have a hay rack or a vehicle to pull one. Can you imagine a rack attached to baby? How the hell are we supposed to pull this off? “

“Hey, watch your language,” Dean says sternly as he walks into the room. “What are we trying to pull off anyways Y/N/N?”

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I would like to point out that this girl right here is my hero, my role model! I want to be like her! She’s so talented and kind and caring! She has auditioned for Glee twice and even made it into the finals one of the times! This summer she will be competing in the Miss Iowa pageant! To make things even better, she even works backstage on BROADWAY!!! Maybe one day I’ll be able to somewhat follow her footsteps in my own little way! Until then, she will remain my inspiration to reach for the stars and never settle for less! She is living proof that a smalltown girl can be someone! And that is why I am so proud of my cousin, my role model, my hero! <3