We went here for dessert and unsuspectingly ordered two shaved ice. They were each $12-$14, and we thought it would be too little for the ten of us at our one table. However, they came and OMG they were the size of pitchers! It was ridiculous, and the guys at the other table that ordered three were moaning because they still had to eat Korean BBQ afterward. It was really good though. My table got the fruit and the green tea shaved ice. The green tea shaved ice tasted like green tea ice cream! They both came with fruit and mochi pieces.

4188 W 3rd Street        Koreatown, Los Angeles 90020

This is not blood
on the sheets
or on his hands,
only your
fingertips are stained with 
red dye no. five;
you mixed the Kool Aid,
now drink it
you stupid girl,

thick with contempt
for everyone who ever loved you,
more citric acid
than sugar,
the liquid leaking from your eyes isn’t his,
it’s yours,
this is your own watery existence

he did not set your forest on fire,
he gave you the matches but you are the one who struck them
He is not the enemy;
this is a war between your body and mind,
stop shooting yourself and screaming
“Where the fuck are the bullets coming from?”

He did not want you to smear his name all over your lips,
he did not beg you to bleed ink over every blank page

he did not ask you to love him,
you stupid girl, 

you did that entirely
on your own. 

—  Katie Quines, “You Made Your Bed, Now Die In It”
What if the one that got away came back? What if he came knocking on your door right at this moment, feeling sorry? What if he said it was all a mistake, and he wants you back again? What if he sent you a message saying he wants to grab a coffee sometime and have a talk about what both of you left behind? What if he left a note in your locker saying that he misses you big time since you both went splitsville? What if he drunk texts you in the middle of the night telling you how much he regrets leaving you and wishing that he could do something to take it all back? Drunk words are sober thoughts. So would you take him into your arms straightaway? Would you have second thoughts before taking him back? Or would you turn him down—because you finally got on with your life?

When you leave
its like Death.

Souls with wiser thoughts
And tired eyes

Tell us

Our aches are silly
For just a days passing..

And I am quick to agree

But in the valley of
Our distance

I find that
Conclusion not so quick

And I ponder:

“But isn’t Death the worst
Immediately after?”

And now with the penning
Of this silly thought

The thought of a permanent leave
Lingers with me
Like a talkative acquaintance

This brief absence
Becomes a premonition

Of a guaranteed departure
With a distant return

So I tap my thumbs
To glowing glass

They send the words
“I miss you, baby…”

To the stars and back
But I know

This celestial message
That exists between
Young lovers

Carries significantly less weight
Than I can express

—  When You Leave It’s Like Death. @coffeeintheburg

““My nutritionist said I should start taking care of myself. It’s a lot harder than I thought.”

“Anyone want a homemade tortilla chip?”

“Why would you ever buy a car without heated seats? You’re going to freeze your ass off in the winter.”

“The hot tub died while you were gone. But I didn’t get a new one, I think we should just call Gary. There’s nothing that can’t be fixed by your Dad.”

“Explore curiosity. That’s the rule.”

“When will you be home?”

“I miss you already.”  

“Last time I came back from Vegas, I was with Leeanne and I couldn’t walk for three days afterward.”

“Honey, hold mommy’s hand please.”

“I’m so sad I won’t be there for her performance. They told me that she’ll be wearing angel wings.”

“I wished I’d decided to bring less baggage.”

“Sea monkeys?”

“My mom and I decided not to go to Dallas, in hindsight, I’m guess we knew.”

“It was a 6 hour flight, with a 3 hour layover, then another hour flight. But holy fuck was it worth it.”

“We’re going to see an Orioles game!”

“She decided not to come home this summer. That’s ok, I think I understand now. I’ll probably just miss her a lot more than usual this month, but I understand that she needs space.”

“Hurry up we’re going to miss the taxi!”

“Please don’t cry, I’ll be home as soon as I can.”

“What the hell possessed you to bring a whole suitcase only full of shoes?”

“Her husband was so mad. I think he got over it though; something to do with the way she apologized. That’s what Clark said anyway.”

“Johnny still doing the delivery stuff?” “Yeah, he really loves it! He said he’s never met more people in his life. Apparently all the truck drivers form a community over the radio. He said driving a truck gives him the most freedom he’s ever had. I miss him a lot, but I’m so happy he’s happy.” 

“Our pool cleaner died a couple of summers ago. Did you know that they’re like 1500$ to replace? I mean what the fuck.”

“Why are you wearing a winter coat? It’s like 80 degrees outside.”

“Wait, don’t let go of me yet; I’m not done hugging you.”

“Oh honey! You look beautiful, I’ve missed you so much.”

“Is the plane going to fly away without us?”

“Are you on airplane mode? Huh, airplane mode. That sounds like some stupid metaphor for life. Like, maybe we’re all just living our whole life on airplane- yes, I’d like a tall iced coffee please.”

“Do you want some help with your luggage ma’am? It looks really heavy, here let me help.””-

Overheard in the Detroit Airport by Madeleine Van Dam

(All of these snippets of conversations I overheard while sitting at a Starbucks waiting for my flight.)


I solved our embezzlement scam. It’s a lapping scheme. 
It’s a way to siphon money.