This is the best fan casting ever!


1. Jennifer Lawrence as Cassie Sandsmark

2. Brittany Snow as Rose Wilson

3. Judith Bedard as M'gann M'orzz

4. Teresa Palmer as Tara Markov

5. Sam Whitman as Bart Allen

6. Tyler Posey as Jaime Reyes

7. Liam Hemsworth as Garfield Logan 

8. Francisco Lanchowski as Timothy Jackson Drake

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Idk if you've gotten this request yet, but since Pokemon Go came out and this team is a group of nerds, the team sets off to be the very best, and end up dehydrated with dead phones. (Thank you very much and I love your writing :D)

“What the fuck!” Everyone looks over at Teddy, who almost never swears and now looks like he’s going to murder someone. “This stupid zubat just took thirteen of my pokeballs! Thirteen!” He clutches his phone tightly and starts turning more than a little green.

“It’s ok, there’s a pokestop just over there in the 7-11,” Kate points out. This gets Teddy to calm down marginally as Billy goes over to hug him. 

“If you want we can take a break,” the witch suggests. Teddy shakes his head and insists he’s fine. 

A few yards away, America taps her phone and lets out an excited cheer. “Ha, take that chicos. Guess who just caught a zubat!” 

Kate sighs. America doesn’t have any frame of reference for Pokemon, so she doesn’t quite understand that some are better than others. She thinks that you can just train all of them and make them the best regardless. It’s not technically wrong, but still. 

“Did anyone bring any water?” Kate asks, licking her lips. Everyone shakes their head no. She sighs. Figures. Teddy and Billy start to wander off again, another Pokemon on their radar. 

“Uh, guys?” Cassie speaks up, beads of sweat dripping down her forehead. “I think my phone is about to die. Actually, I think I might die too. It’s way too hot for me.” 

As if waiting for someone to say something, Nate appears out of one of his portals in the full Iron Lad armor. Knowing him, he’s managed to put Pokemon Go into his suit. 

“Hey guys,” he says. “Just got back from Europe. You won’t believe the Pokemon I’ve caught.” 

“GOD FUCKING DAMMIT I’M OUT OF POKEBALLS!” The team decides to call it quits for the day before someone dies. It’s a good decision. 

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Sometimes, America thinks that she has a sign on her back that says "Open your heart to me, I will help you with whatever is going on in your life" Otherwise, she cannot explain how she suddenly became everyone's therapist on the team.

America groaned. Cassie had just departed, after she’d requested that America give her detailed advice on how to talk to a cute boy she had recently met. Although, America couldn’t explain to anybody why Cassie had come to her for advice. She’d have expected her to go to Kate, or Teddy even.

It seemed to happen all the time; a member of the team would come to her, asking for guidance that she could never give them. Even America could admit that she wasn’t the best candidate for the title of “advice-giver.” She wasn’t the most sensitive, and she was nowhere near the most rational of the group. She was hardly the best person for the team to bring these troubles to.

America pondered over this. What if she had a problem? Who does the advice-giver go to for advice? She summed up the team, and decided David was probably the most sensible of the group – or he was that day, at least.

“Hey, David?” she approached him, uncharacteristically bashful.

“America, what’s up?” David greeted, diverting his attention away from his phone.

“I was just wondering… could I talk to you about something?”

“Sure,” he said casually. America internally thanked herself for choosing David to talk to; she knew he wouldn’t make a big deal of things.

America took a seat next to David, on one of the couches in the warehouse. “Everybody seems to come to me with their problems. It makes me feel bad, y’know? ‘Cause I can’t help them, but I can’t just turn them away,” she confided.

Straight away, David said, “But America, you do help.”

“Huh?” America’s head titled in confusion.

“You’re straightforward – you don’t worry about hurting feelings, you only say what needs to be said. And, most of the time, that’s what people need,” David explained.

America thought about this. She had changed her mind, she decided. Maybe it wasn’t so bad being the advice-giver of the team.

You Coming? by Miss-Mary-Grace

The lovely @novanoah is hosting an adorable FMA OC Pool Party, so I thought I’d jump in on the fun with my own FMA OC, Cassie! 

I had these outfits available to use as inspiration, and I chose this one

This was a blast, it was nice to actually get involved with the FMA OC side of the fandom more. 

Sun’s out, guns out! Check dA for a longer description!