Young Avengers 10 Things I Hate About You AU

Everyone knows that the Maximoff twins aren’t allowed to date, but the recent rumor is that Billy Maximoff is allowed to date as soon as the antisocial Tommy Maximoff does. In comes new kid, Teddy Altman, who hatches the plan to pay someone to date the abrasive Tommy; though a problem arises when it comes to Teddy’s attention, along with his new friend Jonas, that extreme measures will need to be taken to get Tommy a date. In comes Loki Odinson, son of Governor Odin Odinson(?). Loki pays super senior (fifth year senior) Eli Bradley to try to woo the white haired boy. No one knows anything about Eli, other than that he had to drop out half way through his first senior year, and had re-enrolled the next; having to take care of his grandfather had taken a toll on his studies, especially when his grandmother got laid off. Eli had to dropped out until his family got back onto their feet. Money is still tight when Loki approaches him, offering something he very likely cannot refuse. Also starring as Billy’s best friend is the popular Kate Bishop, Tommy’s best friend and a girl a little to obsessed with Shakespeare is Cassie, and the teacher way too unhappy with their job, and wishing she had picked a different major is Miss America.

always-beyond-the-surface asked:

[missing meme] If Cassie came home and found Riza in her bed when she was presumed dead, Cassie would just sigh and make sure there were enough blankets and that Riza was comfortable, because it's likely not the first time this sort of thing has happened. Riza has a key to Cassie's apartment, and if she needs to not be alone she'll let herself in even if Cassie's not home. So Cassie will let her sleep, and have coffee ready when she wakes up. If Riza wants to talk, they'll talk.

Meanwhile, Riza response in seeing Cassie in her bed.

“Cassie, go home. You’re drunk.”

I was gone Tuesday.
  • So Mr. S came in late today and soon as he was in the room Lexi and Cassie look at me.
  • Cassie:you missed it
  • Lexi:yeah it was funny
  • Me:what?
  • Cassie:when you were gone Mr. S came into the room and said wow this class is gonna be weird today (insert my name) is gone
  • Mr.S:Yeah I did! (He shouted and looked away)
  • Me:oh yay!
  • I know it's not much but it made me happy :)