have i ever told you guys about my Accidental Sugar Daddy Vitya headcanon?

Like, Viktor has all this money from winning All These Competitions and doing All This Ad Placement and most of his life he’s just been?? throwing it at new skating supplies and Makkachin, precious Makkachin, who’s probably on a zero-grain raw all-natural diet and sleeps on a memory foam dog bed. Viktor has the vague idea in the back of his head that he’ll skate until he can’t anymore and then he’ll Coach Until He Dies like Yakov, and also like Yakov will hoard and hoard his money until he has enough to buy the skate supplies and food and equipment that his students’ poor parents can’t afford

Then Viktor derails every plan he’s ever had and flies to Japan and feels SO ALIVE and here’s this beautiful man who wears the same clothes after graduating college that he did when he was in high school, whose costumes are sewn by a family friend, who lives at home with his family in their charming and beautiful little Inn and Yuuri is fine with that, and Viktor respects that, and he can tell that even though the Katsukis aren’t rich, they’re happy with their lives and that’s more than Viktor can say

But Viktor also?? REALLY wants to spend money on these people. He goes walking in the market one morning with Mama Hiroko and as he’s carrying a cooler full of fresh fish, because he insisted, they pass a confectionary and Hiroko presses her face to the window like a kid and sighs happily and says, “Oh, those are my favorite!” and Viktor immediately bustles in and buys half a dozen for her, and then makes her tell him what Toshiya and Yuuri and Mari would like as well. 

It’s not a cheap confectionary. Viktor walks out of there with 200 dollars missing from his bank account and he honestly couldn’t be happier about it.

And that’s just the beginning. Viktor buys Yuuri a Very Nice, Very Warm scarf and lovingly drapes it around his neck in the mornings as soon as the weather turns cold. Viktor notices that Yuuri likes to sleep with a lot of pillows and buys half a dozen new pillows, each of which cost way more than a pillow rightfully should, and pile them on the bed. Viktor does, in fact, steal and destroy the tie Yuuri wore to the presser, and presents him with six silk ties he picked out himself, in Yuuri’s color palate (”You’re a WINTER, Yuuri!!”) Viktor buys Yuuri expensive hand lotion. Viktor buys Yuuri very warm and thick socks. If Viktor even so much as sees Yuuri looking at something in a window, he’ll ask Yuuri if he wants it. If Yuuri responds with anything other than an immediate, “No,” Viktor will buy it for him.

Yuuri lets this happen because honestly? it’s nice to be spoiled. Also, when he tries to keep Viktor from buying him things, Viktor gets this look on his face like Yuuri has just told him he doesn’t love him anymore, and Yuuri feels so bad about it that he just lets him buy it for him anyway. It’s not like they’re hard for money. Viktor’s going to be raking in ad revenue for 100 years after he dies. Their children’s children will still be feeling the benefits of Grandpa Viktor’s career.

Viktor, on the other hand? It doesn’t even occur to Viktor that this is in any way out of the ordinary until Phichit is visiting for a few weeks and, as Viktor is pulling out his card to pay for the coffees that Phichit and Yuuri just bought–Viktor, you didn’t even buy anything, Viktor–Phichit looks at Yuuri and says, “I could get used to being your sugar-baby-by-proxy,” and because of the language barrier, Viktor doesn’t immediately understand, but he does later, once Yuuri explains it to him. In the moment, Yuuri blushes up to his ears and hisses Phichit and Viktor “Accidental Sugar Daddy” Nikiforov finishes paying for his fiance and his fiance’s friend, before leaving with them towards the shopping district, where he will pay for most of their purchases and carry all of their bags and feel So Alive

the “why do wtnv tweets sound like such good prompts” prompt meme

because seriously these all sound like amazing prompts to me and you can just go send me some right now

  1. You miss 100% of the bank robberies you don’t commit
  2. A partial list of things currently inside of you: blood, skull, ghost.
  3. The last thing I want to do is hurt you. And after that, the to-do list is complete and I can go home and watch TV.
  4. If at first you don’t succeed, look around and find out who is trying to sabotage you with telepathic interference. It is someone you know.
  5. Let’s have a heart to heart. Here’s mine, and here’s a knife.
  6. Refer a friend to existential despair and get a free extra year of life that doesn’t matter.
  7. A man walks into a bar. The bartender does not see him. No one sees him. The man died years ago. It is cold in the bar.
  8. Are you being followed by wolves? Take this quiz to find out.
  9. Believe in yourself. Go to a church that worships you. Attend study groups that analyze your words. Argue with others about your existence. 
  10. It’s always darkest before the dawn, we are often reassured by people who are totally wrong about how the sun works.
  11. Missed connection: We lived and died on opposite sides of the world before international travel was possible. Good. I would have hated you.
  12. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will have plenty of time to regret your hubris as you drift for infinity through the void.
  13. There’s no way to avoid becoming a statistic. Just try to become a good statistic. 
  14. If you’re happy and you know it, you’re wanted for questioning.
  15. It’s okay. From far away, you are merely a speck. (From very close up, you are an alien landscape of flesh. Very, very close up: giant atoms.)
  16. Don’t let numbers tell you what to do. You are blood and earth, not theory and chalk.
  17. Current mood: Incandescent swamp gas.
  18. The same math that makes it almost impossible for us to be alone in the universe also makes it almost impossible we’ll meet any other beings.

rp sentence starters taken from the welcome to nightvale twitter

“ what did she tell the others? ”
“ listen to your inner child. ”
“ you miss 100% of the bank robberies you don’t commit. ”
“ did humanity ever make a sound? ”
“ why do birds suddenly appear every time you question the government? ”
“ the ocean is full of things that would kill you. ”
“ the ocean is not dissimilar to here. ”
“ what’s it like to be a cloud? ”
“ there’s no way to avoid becoming a statistic. ”
“ just try to become a good statistic. ”
“ if you’re happy and you know it, you’re wanted for questioning. ”
“ there are no monsters under your bed. ”
“ go to a church that worships you. ”
“ don’t let numbers tell you what to do. ”
“ you are blood and earth, not theory and chalk. ”
“ everyone is beautiful and you know almost none of them. ”
“ if you don’t believe, no one will. ”
“ a falling knife has no handle. ”
“ i don’t have eyes in the back of my head. ”
“ from far away, you are merely a speck. ”
“ we created the moon and will eventually destroy it. ”
“ we found a little piece of heaven here. ”
“ not really killing time so much as euthanizing it. ”
“ those who do not win will be eliminated. ”
“ if it comes back, it’s probably going to kill you. ”
“ have fun tonight pretending to be something or somebody you aren’t. ”
“ in case of emergency, good luck. ”
“ you never even saw me. ”
“ we could never touch. ”
“ you are most certainly not alone. ”
“ be careful what you wish for, because it probably won’t come true. ”
“ life is mostly about expectation management. ”
“ what do you mean no place to go? ”
“ what’s lurking behind you in the shadows? ”
“ death is only the end if you assume the story is about you. ”
“ birdwatching goes both ways. ”
“ the last thing i want to do is hurt you. ”
“ everything is temporary. ”
“ it is likely you will spend your entire life trying to find yourself. ”
“ what doesn’t kill you only makes life longer. ”
“ nature will kill you and then make new things from you. ”
“ in the long run, what difference does it make? ”
“ there is no proof you exist, only evidence. ” 
“ i have no idea who or what you are because i cannot perceive the world. ”
“ ‘there’s no harm in trying’ really depends on what you’re trying. ”
“ intention is not relevant to goodness. ”
“ turns out we were wrong about everything. ”
“ it’s always darkest before the dawn, we are often reassured by people who are totally wrong about how the sun works. ”
“ live every day like it’s your first. ”

Fix You - Chapter Three

SPN FanFic

~ After being gone for months, Y/N has returned home to the boys with no memory of their life together.~

Reader, Dean, Sam

2,195 Words

Warnings: Angst, more of the same, little more pain, few more tears.

A/N: Huge thank you to @idreamofhazel who allowed me to talk out my issues the other day. This was about to be benched because I wasn’t feeling it. But I think I worked it out. Thanks Lindsee :)

Chapters: One ~ Two ~ Three ~ Four ~

Chapter Three - Coming Back:

“That’s really great news Y/N.” Sam was looking up at you from his chair in the library, a proud smile spread across his face. “And it just, came back to you?”

You nodded excitedly while Dean came around from behind you and made his way to the bar cart. “Yeah, well not everything came back,” he mumbled.

“He’s right,” you conceded, frowning a bit as you watched him pour a glass of whiskey. “It’s mostly kitchen stuff…”

“And you, Sam,” Dean grunted, taking a gulp of his drink. “She remembers your crappy taste in cereal.”

“Huh,” Sam sat back in his seat, thinking over the new information. “And what brought it back?”

“No idea. I was making sandwiches and then I opened the beer…”

Sam leaned forward, “Did you whack it against the table?”

You narrowed yours eyes at him suspiciously, “How did you know?”

He chuckled, running hand through his hair and down his cheek, scratching the scruff that darkened his jaw line. “Because that’s how you always open your beer, Y/N.”

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26 - Seth Rollins

Prompt: The diamond in your engagment ring is fake.”

A/N: So I kinda oveloaded on the fluff and once I started writing this there was no stopping me :P Apologies for the length but I hope you enjoy ^_^ Also I used Seth’s real last name at the end of this incase anyone is confused :3

You and Seth had been best friends since NXT, you’d been there through everything, injuries, title wins and his breakups. You’d been in love with Seth ever since you first you met, other people had told you he felt the same and always had. Of course you never believed them, especially when he announced his engagment. You knew everying that was happening during that time and he was the first person he came to when things broke down between them. 


That night when Seth came to your house it was raining and there was a light knock on your door. Getting up from the couch and making your way over to the door you look through the peephole and see Seth stood there drenched to bone holding an overnight bag. Flinging the door open you get a better look at him, his eyes looked red and exhausted, an almost emotionless expression was set firm on his face and his clothes looked like he’d worn them for about 3 days. Quickly pulling him into a hug you shut the door behind the two of you as he wraps his arms around your waist, burying his face in the crook of your neck. Neither of you caring that his wet clothes were also soaking you.

“I saw what went down on Twitter and everything, you wanna talk about it?” Seth didn’t say anything resorting to shaking his head no tightening his arms around you a little more. “Okay. How about you go shower and change while I order pizza, and then we can watch a movie? Your choice.” Pulling away you gently rub up and down Seth’s arms giving him a sweet smile.

“Thank you (Y/N). This means a lot to me.” Giving you a small smile he squeezes your waist gently before heading up to shower and change. Grabbing your phone you order Seth’s favourite pizza before heading to your laundry room to find some fresh clothes for you. After around 20 minutes the pizza arrives and you thank the delivery man taking the pizza upstairs. Heading into your bedroom you can still hear the shower running so you get comfy in bed and pull up Netflix ready for when Seth gets out. Around 5 minutes later the shower shuts off and you hear movement in the bathroom, scrolling through your phone you notice some of the comments being said about Seth. Yes you we dissapointed in what he had done but was there any need to be sending death threats and such? You look up when you hear the bathroom door open, Seth walked out with damp hair in a bun and sweatpants hugging his hips.

“Hey you.” smiling at him, putting your phone to the side and sit up crossing your legs. “Feeling better?”

“Much. Thank you.” Pulling back the covers of your bed Seth slides in grabbing a slice of pizza. He grabs your remote and selects a movie letting it play. You both sit in a comfortable silence muching on pizza ocationally laughing at the film, during the movie Seth had been inching closer to you untill your arms and legs were touching, wanting to feel some sort of comfort he always felt when with you, you couldn’t help but blush at the action and subconsiously your body shifts closer to his. Seth notices and smiles, his first genuine smile since he’d got to your house.

“(Y/N). I think I’m ready to talk about it.”


It had been six months since that night and it seemed to make you and Seth even closer. You started to travel together more on the road, before each others matches you’d meet up to wish each other luck, Seth even insisted that you start bunking together. That caused some remarks in the locker room, the girls asking you how he was in bed, you brushed them off telling them that you were friends and slept in seperate beds. However there was the odd occation where the hotel would “misunderstand” your relationship and book a double bed. You had to admit you secretly loved when they did that because it meant you could insist that Seth couldn’t sleep on the floor or the couch so it led to some mornings you’d wake up to Seth cuddling you. Little did you know that Seth loved it to, sometimes being the reason the hotel gave you a double room. Some nights he’d wake up in the middle of the night and turn over to see you sleeping peacfully beside him, he didn’t know why but that relaxed him, finally turning to face you he’d gently drape one of his arms over you, eventually getting comfortable enough to sleep.


One night the whole roster were heading out for drinks, you were dressed in a fairly tight black dress with little cut outs revealing small parts of your waist, your hair was in soft waves over your shoulder while your makeup was a soft smokey eye with a nude lipstick. Adjusting your hair you look at yourself with a pleased smirk across your face, you had to admit you looked hot.
“Hey, are you rea…..” Seth walked out the bathroom stopping mid sentance when you turn around to face him. His mouth was slightly a jar making you chuckle. Grinning to yourself you decided to have a little fun, spinning slowly you push your ass out slightly putting on a show for Seth. “How do I look?” your voice dipped an octave lower as you noticed his eyes darken slightly, still gazing at you.

“Wow you look fucking amazing.” Seth says not taking his eyes off you, you’re not 100% sure if he meant to say that out loud.

“Thanks. You don’t look to bad yourself.” Noticing Seth had left his hair down for a change and was wearing a black button up with black skinny jeans. Seth looked at his feet blushing slightly and a smile crept his way over his lips. “Come on you, we better get going.” You head for the door feeling Seth’s eyes on you. This was definatly going to be an interesting night.

At the bar the drinks had been flowing for a while and you were more than a little tippsy, you were on the dance floor with Sasha and Alex chatting and laughing at each others dance moves.

“So when are you and Seth gonna get together?” Alexa shouted over the music, noticing Seth sat at the bar with a couple of the guys stealing glances at you.

“At this rate not till we are like 80!”

“Well why don’t you speed things up a bit.” Sasha winked at you. Shaking your head at her you glance over at Seth, catching his eye making him smirk at you before resuming his convorsation with Dean.

“And how do you propse I do that Miss Banks?”

“Get him up and dancing with you.” Smirking at you Alexa quickly caught on to what Sasha was saying both of them pushing you in the direction of Seth. Stumbling a bit in your heels you make you way over to Seth grabbing his arm.

“Seetthhhhhhh. Come dance with me!” You pout at him giving him your best puppy dog eyes. Not even giving him chance to answer you use all your strength to pull him up nearly causing you to falll over, Seth quickly wraps his arms around your waist to stop you from falling. The feeling of his breath on the back of your neck making you shiver at the closeness.

“If you wanna dance babygirl lets dance.” Pulling onto the dance foor he spins so he’s now in front of you, hands still on your waist. Gazing up at him you swallow hard, feeling your breathing stagger at how close you were to him. Seth was swaying you both slightly, a funny contrast to the fast paced music currently playing, if you weren’t so absorbed in Seth you’d have swore people were staring at you. You just couldn’t seem to tear your eyes away from Seth’s, the smell of alcohol on his breath and his cologne intoxicating to you. Reaching up Seth gently brushes some hair from out your face, his hand coming to rest gently on your face.

“I love you.” Seth mutters and you almost don’t hear him over the music.

“I love you too.” Seth’s smile stretches across his whole face causing you to smile back. “So are you going to kiss me or are we just gonna stand here forever?” Smirking at him your breath catches slightly when he leans in pressing his lips to yours trying to convey all the emotion he’d been holding back over the years.


“Did you hear what I said babe?” Seth came to stand by the side of you, one of his hands resting on the shopping cart, the other on your waist.

“No sorry…I was kinda in my own little world.” Smiling at him you bring your hand to rest on his side, rubbing circles with your thumb.

“What were you thinking about?”

“Just how we got together.” Chuckling Seth smiles at the memory.

“We still gotta thank them for pushing you to come over. Although the way you looked in that dress it wouldn’t have been long till I made move.” Smirking at you he leans in for a kiss, giving him a quick peck you pull away, not wanting to nearly make out in the middle of the supermarket, which if given the chance Seth would do. After dating for 4 years you’d grown used to his’s antics when out in publlic. Chuckling at his pout you quickly start to push the cart down another isle.

“I said what did you want for dinner.” Seth cuckles catching up to you, wrapping an arm around your waist refering to what he was saying earlier.

“Hmmmm how bout pizza?” You smile at him, feeling to lazy to cook.

“Sounds perfect.” Seth leans down kissing the side of your head as you make your way down various isles. Passing the toy isle Seth pauses.

“What’s up?” you question heading back to meet him. He looks deep in thought, a lazy smile on his lips.

“Just gimmie a sec.” He smiles sweetly heading off down the isle, stopping at a tray of $1 toys. Grabbing something he heads back to you, smiling wide, what on earth was he up to?

“I swear to god Seth if you have a spider in your hand I’ll kill you.” He chuckles shaking his head. Grabbing you hand he gets down on one knee and you gasp.


“Just hear me out. okay?” He waits for you to nod before continuing. “We both know we aren’t a serious couple and to be honest this whole idea was spur of the moment and I’m probably going to make a complete fool of myself. But I have been in love with you since we first met at NXT, I was so nervous to talk to you because I thought someone as beautiful, strong, caring and badass as you wouldn’t ever want to talk to me but you did and I’m so greatful you did because meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. I know I’ve had a lot of shit in my past but you’ve been there through it all, I have no idea why or how you stuck around through it because most people just up and left. I’m glad you didn’t leave though because dating you has been the best 4 years of my life and I wanna marry you. I want to be with you forever and never let you go. What made me want to propose like this and right now is proably me being crazy but I know it’ll be something we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.” By now a small crowd had gathered, some of the women in the group teared up as you had silent happy tears running down your face. “So for now I want to give you this ring and hope that you say yes so we can go out and pick you an actual ring together but until we do I atleast want you to have a ring.” Opening his hand you see he’d got a small plastic ring off the shelf. You chuckled, it looked similar to an engagment ring and from a distance you probably wouldn’t even notice it was a toy. “So call me crazy for wanting to do this right here right now but (Y/N) will you marry me?” Seth gazed up you looking so scared that you’d say no, but as he said you two weren’t serious about things like this and a serious romantic proposal didn’t seem like you. But to you this was as romantic as Seth could get, down on one knee with a $1 toy ring. You suddenly realised you hadn’t responded when Seth’s smile faultered a little.

“Yes….” You managed to breath out, tears finally streaming down your face. “Yes I’ll marry you.” The crowd cheered and clapped as Seth got up, siding the ring on your finger. Looking at it you chuckled and had to admit you kind of liked it. Smiling up at Seth you met those beautiful brown eyes filling up with tears of their own so you pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Your hands gently cupped his face while his came to rest on your hips, pulling apart your faces were both slightly flushed still plastered in smiles.

“I have one thing to tell you though babe.” Seth muttered against your lips.

“What’s that?”

“The diamond in your engagment ring is fake.” chuckkling you planted one last kiss you his lips before completley pulling away. Grabing hold of your cart you head for the checkout, turning to face Seth.

“Why don’t we go pay for this then we can go home and celebrate properly.” Winking at Seth you turn only to find he’s already caught up with you.

“I like the sound of that future Mrs. Lopez.” placing a kiss to your head Seth slapps your ass as he grabs the cart briskly walking to the checkouts.

Prompt from this list.


Here’s why Azealia Banks is trash

As someone who used to be a fan of the rapper, I can say I am no longer fan. I haven’t been a fan since like 2014. The reason for that is simple: She’s a troll. She had some good points about misogynoir and colorism in the past but once I saw how she spoke to other dark-skinned black women who didn’t agree with her on other issues, I knew there was something off with her. it wasn’t until she called Zayn an Islamic terrorist and “sandnigger” as well as harass a 14 year old girl for her own opinion that I decided to discard Azealia’s music altogether. I didn’t even listen to her debut album because I heard from fellow trans black female mutuals that it had rampant transmisogyny on it. And how can I support an artist who claims to be for the LGBTQIA+ but throws trans women and gay men under the bus?

 This evening, Miss Banks reached out to me on my personal Twitter to exchange words with me because I said without mentioning her that people need to stop making excuses for her. She has continued to harm and harass various groups of people without any apology. Yet her stans still insist we give her a chance because she’s a dark-skinned, black woman, and we apparently give black men a pass. Even though most people calling Azealia trash are black women and other queer individuals. It’s not black men who check for her, that’s for sure. So all they are doing is guilt-tripping black women who already called out these “worse rappers and R&B singers” in the past into liking Azealia. Now, I’ve reached out to Azealia in the past. I mentioned her so many times that she could have easily reached out to me then. So why try to “read me” now? If I am so irrelevant and a “nobody,” why did Azealia feel so threatened by my tweet when I’m not even the most popular womanist account on Twitter. Aside from 2,450 against about 1,300 followers, I am not that important for her to come across. Or so they say.

 She didn’t really say much but how I can excuse R. Kelly for pissing on a 14 year old girl (I never did) while I can cancel her for using misogynoir against Skai Jackson. I don’t know what is it about Skai that has the woman so pressed, but it’s quite scary. I don’t know either one of them, but I will stick up for someone like Skai against anyone who thinks they can use misogynoir or colorism as their defense against her. As for Azealia, this is the same woman who has told a teenaged black girl to bleach her skin. She is also someone who is an avid fan of Trump. She also victim-blamed African-Americans for their own oppression and accused them of stealing from British culture, ignoring the fact these are our very colonizers. So clearly what she was speaking of was forcible assimilation since she claims American history was “inspired” by the British, especially Afro-Americans. Then when the argument went nowhere, she started coming for my edges. Then when I blocked her, since I did on her old account, she sent her fans to harass me, one of which mocked my Autism and said that’s what blocks my moral judgment. Classy. Throw something that primarily affects children over a disagreement with a neurodivergent black woman.

 She and her stans can choke. I am sick of bullies and these celebrities searching their names just to @ random people who are minding their business  and then when they respond, accuse them of “wanting relevancy.” How the hell you gonna be someone with a large following and fanbase coming AFTER a non-famous person, knowing the unsolicited exposure it will give them. and then say we need attention? Whatever you say to justify harassment. By Azealia. That’s why Angel Haze read your ass for filth with your broken off edges. Instead of coming for my naps, worry about growing yours.

It doesn’t matter who or how she does it, but when I see our first Miss Money in the Bank on top of that ladder with the briefcase in her hands, I know my heart is going to be so full of pride. As someone who watched women being treated as only eye candy with matches of 3 minutes and bad storylines, I know that when that woman grabs the briefcase and look down at it, she’ll feel happy not only for her, but for of how far women’s wrestling has come. That women represent dozens of girls whose matches were considered as bathroom breaks. That woman will make Lita, Trish Stratus, Chyna, AJ Lee, Melina, Molly Holly, Victoria and so many others proud. I love women’s wrestling and I’m happy that we finally are seeing them having the opportunities they deserve. That they’ve always deserved.


Officer: 80 thousand simoleons disappeared from Miss Cornett’s bank safe yesterday. She told us that you two had dinner at her apartment and discussed political partnership.

Rosie: Yes, that’s true, she offered me the money if we worked together. But that happened 4 years ago! 

Officer: Miss Cornett told us that she proposed marriage to you, but you angrily denied it. 

Rosie: I didn’t angrily deny it, she turned it into a huge argument and…