I made top 20 finalist for the 2015 Miss Arab USA pageant!!

This is totally unexpected! My friend signed me up and I never expected to be picked for top 100, nevermind top 20! And I thought I totally bombed the phone interview, but I guess not!

I’m excited and nervous. I’m actually pretty shy and I don’t like being on stages. But I’m doing this because if I don’t I think that I would regret it in the future. Some of you already figured this out and have been asking how you can support me. I will keep posting information as I get it. This just got announced. But for now you can like/comment/share my pic on the official facebook page.

Thank you so much for everybody that sent me encouraging messages. I never thought I would actually do this but here I am!!!

P.s. I am using my legal name for this competition. I realize that a lot of you don’t know that Yasmeen is actually my middle name. But it’s me!


Hello again lovely people of tumblr!

Once again I need your help to get further in the Miss Arab USA Pageant! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please click here and read more about it.) 

This time it’s super easy to help me and it won’t take much time from you at all. 
The public vote is now open and the winner gets a gauranteed spot in the top 5! You can help me get so so close! All you have to do is click here and click vote. The vote is a 5$ donation. Please if you have it and you can spare it, help me get there. 

I really want to show the world that with hard work and determination, you could get places you never thought possible! If I win, this title would be such a big help for me to get my book published. It would help put me on the right track for my dream to come true. I want to open up a health center for all ages that emphasizes education. I want to help people stop being so addicted to the diet mentality and start taking care of their health. And this could be step#1 for me to get there. 

Other ways you can help me: 

Click here and like this facebook post. (This will gain me more points, getting me closer to the title).

Donate to my gofundme campaign. (Please click the link and read why this is so important).

Share! On facebook, reblog on tumblr, and everywhere you can. I really appreciate all the help I’m getting from every single one of you!

Also, if you want tickets you can get them by clicking this link :)