I feel like we need to talk more bout America Chavez.

She’s a teenage latina gay superhero from another dimension. Like, how could you not just love her? Oh, and she’s a member of the Young Avengers.

Yes. As in THOSE Young Avengers. Did I mention she’s incredibly bad-ass?

You wanna talk powers? This lady has powers up the wazoo. We’re talking super strength and durability, flight,

as well as bullet-proof skin.

Is Loki checking out her ass? goddamn it Loki she will kick you so hard in the face. Oh yeah, there’s another thing.

She can literally kick holes between dimensions to allow for instant travel across worlds. So, basically…

America Chavez is essentially the ultimate superhero and someone we DEFINITELY need to be talking about more often.

White Washing isn’t cool Warner Brothers

America Chavez is set to be a playable character in the new lego Avengers game. That is amazing but it does have one major issue. They made her totally white. America chavez is of the few hispanic characters in the marvel universe and she doesn’t wear any kinds of masks to hide it. This change is a massive oversite on Traveller’s tales part as well as WB games.

(Image of America with her two mothers. Illustrating how not white she is.)

So i encourage everyone to contact @WB_games and @TTGames twitter to let them know that Miss America is in fact not white. This honestly shouldn’t be hard to fix at all given that they must have a brown color and we know they have a black hair color. 

Edit: Found out Lego Marvel Avengers has it’s own twitter you can message here https://twitter.com/LEGOMarvelGame 

Second Edit: For people without Twitter you have several places to contact. The main one would be WBGames.IntSupport@warnerbros.com  but you can also contact lego http://service.lego.com/en-us/contactus. Thank you all for sharing this information and I’m sure WB will fix the issue once they are made aware. It was likely an issue at the person designing the character with so many characters made a simple mistake and didn’t notice. America is a pretty new character but it is important that we make it known so they can fix the issue. 

3rd Edit: Marvel has officially said they will be fixing the issue http://www.themarysue.com/un-whitewashed-america-chavez/ .  Thank you to everyone who reblogged and contacted people.