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ok but kpop fans are really hardcore and talented you know why?

  • a vast majority of us cannot speak korean, but we can fluently sing our fave song IN korean.
  • we can learn extremely difficult dance choreo, even if we have two left feet
  • gif makers literally make gifs of our faves while something JUST came out
  • fanart. (enough said)
  • we’re separated by countries/oceans/seas/continents from our favorite idols but we still manage to feel connected to them
  • we stream music shows online and stay up in the early hours specifically for it
  • fanchants
  • the struggle of buying/preordering albums online and having them lost/ruined in the mail
  • literally buying EVERY piece of merch our bias group releases
  • we make some hardcore fansigns
  • the struggle of having to translate things from korean to our native language
  • taking crap from people that apparently have a problem with the music we listen to
  • the fanwars (pls)

1990 ….Deee-lite …..for vanity thursday ….i mean thirsty thursday…I was wearing Pucci…I designed Dmitry’s outfit and David Glamamore  whipped it up and made it look fine. Miss Guy  did my makeup….the guys didn’t need any . Billy Beyond probably did the hair but i’m not sure. photo by Bob Gruen




Birchbox: August 2015!

So like my Ipsy, my Birchbox was late this month! But it was due to a user error on my part, so I can’t really complain, ha! When I finally figured out that they were waiting for me to correct my billing address, the shipping was super quick! I was really excited when it came in a day earlier than expected! So let’s see what I got! Honestly, Birchbox blows me away all the time. No offense, Ipsy,…

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  • what she says:I´m fine
  • what she means:I am deeply worried that season 3 of miss fisher´s mysteries is gonna be the last and if that happens my heart will be consumed by grief. life a dusty meadow. I´ll take refuge in the darkness, staring at the vast emptiness of my surroundings. my earthly flesh cage and burning brain will ache to know if/how jack came after phryne; if the rusty plane made it. and what about jane and dottie and hugh and mr. b and cec and burt and...?!?!!??