I love this part of the new official lol artbook, bc Gp is all like “If I’m not winning I’m gonna blow all this shit up", Mf looking at him like “Just try it, I’ll fucking shoot you”. Meanwhile Graves and Tf are all “Darlin’, I could really use some aces rn, I know u prob have like 8 on ur sleeve, u fucking cheater”


Decide Toi Chapter 12 - A Stroke of Misfortune, go read the new chapter here!

Marinette couldn’t take it anymore. “I said go away!” She shrieked and swatted her hand out as hard as she could. Her knuckles hit Tikki and sent her flying, sailing away from Marinette until she slammed hard against the opposite wall and fell in a crumpled heap on the floorboards. She blinked away her own tears and grunted, getting her bearings. “Mari…” She croaked, but Marinette was no longer listening.

No; instead, when Tikki looked back up, she found Marinette listening to someone else entirely.

The purple glow of a an akuma mask illuminated bright against Marinette’s pale, rain-soaked skin, contrasting against the cold, grey sky. Her face turned dark, as she mumbled something to someone.

Tikki struggled to hear what she was saying and called out to her again, “Marinette!”

But Marinette had better people to listen to. Or, a better person to be exact. The promise of all her deepest desires fulfilled blocked out all other sounds and sensations. The rain was no longer a problem, there was only one thing on her mind. Revenge. It clouded over every other thought in her brain, blackening her mind, her vision, her body.

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