Orange is the New Black is the most successful show in Netflix’s history and The Handmaid’s Tale is the most successful in Hulu’s. And now Wonder Woman is being hailed as the movie that has “saved” the DC franchise. It’s almost like people are actually interested in seeing more of women’s stories on screen instead of the same tired shows centered around flawed male heroes that the mainstream machine has churned out a million times before.

It’s legal to require women to wear makeup at work, and fire them for failing to adhere to this “dress and grooming code” in the usa. like noah fense but uh makeup legitimately is a thing that should be talked about in regards to women NOT having to wear it. 

like i get it some of yall genuinely enjoy wearing makeup, great cool, but women legitimately lose their jobs because they don’t want to wear makeup. 

And like theres so many reasons why a woman wouldn’t, or couldn’t, wear makeup, ranging from disability to mental illness to fucking anything. AND THIS HAS FUCK NOTHING to do with if they can or can’t do the job. that’s fucking absurd. The makeup industry is shitty towards women. It is. 

And like you fucking know it’s sexist when men are reprimanded for wearing makeup, and women lose their jobs for NOT wearing makeup lmao.

in seventh grade i liked a girl. she had blonde hair and hazel eyes and i found it hard to breathe every time she stood near me.

now, i wasn’t the only person to like this girl. she was the most sought after girl in our grade, the one every guy would kill to call his.

they tripped over each other trying to ask her out, even though it was common knowledge she had a steady boyfriend in the year below. she had to reject boys practically every other day.

it would break my heart every time i witnessed the fallout when things got ugly. boys would call her a bitch, a slut, a cunt. once her nudes were even leaked, and half the school turned against her.

i was different. not once did i ask her out or flirt with her. half the time i didn’t dare let my eyes linger on her for too long.

for a while, i pondered this. why it was common behaviour for boys to abuse girls who didn’t like them, while girls who liked girls were wrong for liking them in the first place.

one day it came to me, and it felt like a punch in the chest:

boys who like girls feel they have the right to own them.
girls who like girls feel they don’t even have the right to look at them.

breaking news

gay relationships can be abusive 

platonic relationships can be abusive

lesbians can be abusive

women can be abusive

i see a lot of people on here talk about abusive relationships and they never mention any of this, if anyone is treating you wrongly or you notice warning signs, leave. as much as tumblr would like to believe, not every member of a minority is a wonderful person nor is every woman, be careful and stay safe.