I Was a Guerrilla Girl: Unmasking the Ugly Face of Misogyny in the Arts
A rare look from inside the famous feminist activist group.

“When Donna Kaz moved to New York City in 1977 as an actress seeking “smart female roles,” she was greeted with nothing but stock roles - and the only plays being produced were written by men. In response, she was an early and tireless advocate for better female representation in the New York theater industry. She became a playwright (as well as a waitress, to support herself in an industry still hostile to female entrepreneurs). But her battle was an uphill one.

In her new book, Un/Masked, Kaz shares a glimpse of the mysterious feminist activist Guerrilla Girl group she joined. The group was famous for donning gorilla masks and causing a stir with posters and vigilante acts of rebellion against their white-male-dominated art worlds. But Kaz’s recollections of her experience reveals the shocking depth of the misogyny specific to the New York theater and Los Angeles film industries - as well as the complexity of the Guerrilla Girls’ cause, from intersectional feminism to the best methods to call out sexism.”

Read the book excerpt here

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but schools have field trips to the art museum which is just chalk full of pictures of nude women (overwhelmingly painted, curated, and displayed by men, by the way) but if I so much as display my breast in public–even if it’s to feed a baby, in some places–I could be arrested ‘for the protection of the children.’

It would seem that it’s not the female figure that’s dangerous to children but the female form outside male control that’s toxic. Good to know.
‘Good Girls Revolt’ Was Canceled For No Good Reason
Good Girls Revolt was a show we needed more than ever, and its cancellation speaks louder than words.

As if 2016 hadn’t put us through enough, news just emerged that Amazon has decided to ax their new show, “Good Girls Revolt.” The reason, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s sources, is that Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios, just “wasn’t a fan.”
GLAAD launches Trump accountability project
GLAAD has launched the Trump Accountability Project, a resource designed to hold the Trump administration to account on LGBT rights.
She lost. We lost. Women lost. Racism, nationalism, and “economic anxiety” won. Misogyny beat feminism. Wives with pro-Trump husbands didn’t secretly pull the lever for Hillary—only 8 percent of Republican women voted for her. Pussy did not unsheathe her claws and grab back with enough fire and ferocity. Yes, the gender gap hit a historic high: 24 percent. Yes, in every demographic, more women than men voted Democratic. Yes, a narrow majority of Americans voted for the sane, competent, qualified woman for president—and in a normal country, she’d be heading to the White House. But in the United States, having the most votes doesn’t mean you win.

I just wanna cry right now

My boyfriend and I were laying on the bed and he was texting in a group chat and I guess he thought I was asleep or he didn’t care idk but I saw him write the most racist shit, make rape jokes, calling women whiny c*nts, saying awful things about mental illness (he knows I’m sick), and just saying the most awful misogynistic things.

I just feel so empty and at the same time I feel like I’m overreacting bc maybe he wasn’t being serious idk

We’ve been together for so long, he’s even talked about getting married so I can’t just leave him for such a small thing???

I just rly wanna talk to someone about this


“The decision to cancel a season is serious and consequential, and reflects Harvard’s view that both the team’s behavior…run[s] counter to the mutual respect that is a core value of our community,” Harvard President Drew Faust wrote in a statement. Faust also said that there have been initial discussions looking into whether this behavior occurs on other sports teams.

know what’s wild? that the trope of like “my father always wanted a son so he treated me, his daughter, like a boy” is so popular and like lowkey loved, but if you ever saw a mother who talked about how much she wanted a daughter instead of a son, or if she treated her son like a girl, like??? people would think she’s awful and that poor boy??

damn wonder why that is 😒


It’s wonderful that the Hamilton cast/audience made their voices and protest heard loud and clear, but ~DO NOT let it distract or misdirect~ from the real issues and horrors that Trump and his administration are HOPING YOU’LL MISS or FORGET ABOUT.

Fascism is misdirection of real concerns.

#DumpTrump #NotMyPresident #TheResistance

Stop calling it “alt-right” 2k17

Let’s take a look at the term “alt-right,” and the people who have been at the helm of this movement. First the person who has been given the credit of coining this term - Richard Spencer. A popular advocate for ethnic cleansing to preserve the white race and has been long cited as “a leader in white supremacist circles,” by the Anti-Defamation League. He’s also the chairman of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist think tank, and the founder of Alternative Right, a white supremacist blog. You can read* some of this background and white supremacist views HERE

Other prominent “alt-righters?” 

  • Peter Brimelow who works for VDARE, a political website that dedicates itself to anti-immigration, anti-Semitism and other white supremacist views. You can read some of his background and views HERE.
  • Jared Taylor was the editor for American Renaissance magazine, now discontinued and turned into a website which he still runs - which published works about eugenics and white supremacism. Other writers that work for him are noted Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis. You can read some of his background and views HERE.
  • Kevin MacDonald who is the editor of Occidental Observer, a white supremacist website , and has been a noted voice for anti-Semitism, defending Holocaust deniers (himself taking an “agnostic view,” on the Holocaust) and dedicates much of his time to anti-Jewish works. You can read some of his background and views HERE.
  • Matt Forney who’s made a name for himself writing for white supremacist and anti-women sites like Alternative Right and Return of Kings
  • Steve Bannon who took control of Breitbart News, a website that has become the “platform for the alt-right,” according to Bannon himself. He served as the head of the website that has written works related to misogyny, anti-Semitism, racism, and anti-immigration. He is now resigning from this position to work as chief strategist for Donald Trump in the White House. 
  • Andrew Anglin who aligns himself more with the identity of neo-Nazi and founded the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer. The website dedicates itself to white supremacist propaganda and violent anti-Semitism and as of April 2016 calls itself “The World’s Most Visited Alt-Right Web Site.” You can read some of his background information and views HERE.
  • Nathan Damigo who founded the white supremacist group Identity Evropa, who has been recently noted as the group who’s been putting up white supremacist propaganda at CSU Sacramento. He’s been working on expanding his group to spread propaganda at colleges around the country. He also served time in prison for a hate crime against a Muslim cab driver. 

There’s a reason it’s not too uncommon to find “alt-righters” being associated with white supremacism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, ableism, misogyny, transphobia, racism, racial pseudo-science, and opposing immigration of any kind. The fact that Richard Spencer is the one who coined this term is alarming. He IS a fucking white supremacist, there’s no tiptoeing around this and we’re letting him write the narrative of who he is/these people are. “Alt-right” isn’t as alarming as neo-Nazi/white supremacist, and he KNOWS this. It’s not going to get the attention of people who aren’t interested in the modern political climate outside a few basics. (Laugh, but I almost always have to explain what alt-right is to people outside the internet.) Hiding what he really is in the public eye is a really good way to slip through the cracks.

They reject these terms in attempt to normalize it all - and it’s working. It’s coming to the point where people are defending the alt-right simply under the belief that this is a republican vs. democrat issue or something as simplistic as that. And I truly believe in a lot of these cases (not all obvs.) that people don’t know what the alt-right truly is and who these people at the helm of it are. I’d even argue that most people I’ve talked to about this actually have heard “alt-right” but it doesn’t really pop out now does it? It sounds relatively innocent if you didn’t have an already understanding what it was. That’s exactly what these fucks were going for when they shifted their title. It makes them unnoticeable and there’s less of a push back against them and their current deep influence on politics. 

*Note: None of the links about these men’s backgrounds are to their websites, while the information is very disturbing, it’s the SPLC website and the information they have on them.