Is it only me or Dean maybe touches (or holds Cas’s hand), when he goes away…? Because it looks like so… and then he tries to act like, he just put his arm higher… THAT look

Imagine Castiel bringing home a kitten

A/N: I based this off my cat that I’ve had for a few years, he was a cute kitten so….I mean you can really find inspiration anywhere haha. I even included a picture from when he was a kitten. (And yes, his name really is Mr. Kitty.) I’m feelin the fluff these last couple days ya’ll.

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You sat up straight in your chair when you heard it. The tiny, faint meow of a kitten. You looked between Sam and Dean, who had seemingly not heard it.

“Did you hear a cat?” you asked.

“Y/N, we don’t have a cat, we’re not getting a cat, let it go.” Dean said, never looking up from the computer screen.

But then you heard it again.

“How can you guys not hear that?” you got up, ignoring the looks you were getting that suggested you were crazy, and began walking in the direction the small meow came from.

After hearing the tiny noise a few more times you found yourself in the storage room in front of the dungeon. In the corner, there was a cardboard box with holes poked in it. You walked over to it, sat down, and opened it up, happy to find a tiny orange kitten inside.

“Hey there little dude, how’d you get in here?” you asked the small fuzzball as you cuddled it in your arms.

“Y/N, that was supposed to be a surprise.” you turned to see Cas standing there holding a bag of cat food and a box of litter.

“Well the poor little guy’s been meowing up a storm!” you directed your words to the tiny cat in a baby voice. The kitten must’ve gotten lonely when Cas left it alone to get supplies.

Cas stepped forward and sat down next to you on the floor, motioning for you to hand the kitten over. You gave him a funny look before allowing the cat to leap into Cas’ lap. It had clearly already chosen a favorite, and it wasn’t you.

“Looks like your it’s new mother.” you joked as Cas let it climb up onto his shoulder.

“We should name him.” he said, a small smile tugging at his mouth.

“What do you want to name him?”

“I think we should call him Kitty. It’s fitting, considering he’s a cat.” You laughed at the name he’d chosen, thinking that you would’ve named him the same thing.

“How about Mr. Kitty?” you suggested.

“I like it-” Cas smiled at you a leaned in for a kiss, Mr. Kitty hopping from his shoulder to yours as you smiled against his lips.

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Also didn't the show literally almost get cancelled in season seven because the writers killed Cas and ratings dropped so badly they had to pull a storyline out of their asses to bring him back and save the show? Like who do the bros-only crowd think they're kidding, without Cas and Misha there would be no SPN latter seasons

Truer words were never spoken.

Okay but like one time I was taking a math test and it had those weird word problems and one was about someone buying 20 scones and all I could think about was freaking snowbaz and then the other was talking about two ppl running or something and one was named “Misha” and I just about lost it