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Oh Westy - Misha Collins x Reader

Title: Oh Westy - Misha Collins x Reader

Pairing: Misha Collins x Reader

Word count: 2,977

Warnings: None

A/N: I know Misha is married but for the purpose of this he’s divorced because, yeah, no way he would cheat on his wife. Just to make it clear, Misha, West and Maison are used in this just like characters, just like I would use Dean, Sam or Castiel on others. So if anyone is bothered you are free to not read it. This is just a story after all.

Hope you like it~! xx’

“Oh Westy, come on!” you whined a little bit moving the spoon towards the young boy’s mouth.

“No, I don’t like it” West frowned and, crossing his arms, pursed his lips. Though it looked more like he was pouting.

“Oh come one Westy, please. You have to eat it. Please, for me” you gave him a small smile as he seemed that he was about to give in.

He looked at the spoon and the plate with the soup in front of him. You smiled encouragingly and moved the spoon a little closer to him. Just as he seemed about to give in, he shook his head and turned it to look at the other direction.

“No” he said and his frown got more deep. It was adorable, you had to admit it. Everything about the little boy was adorable. Everything about him reminded you of his father. His father that, you could not deny it to yourself, you had deep feelings for.

“Come on West. Even Maison has eaten her food” you said and he glanced at his little sister that you had long ago fed and was now playing with her dolls.

“Come on, just a little bit. For me?” you asked with a hopeful smile but he just shook his head more, his small arms crossed over his chest.

“Nuh-huh. I don’t like it. It’s gross” he made a face in the end and you laughed, shaking your head.

“Just like your father” you mumbled, placing the spoon back on his plate, remembering the look Misha had on his face when you told him what dinner was going to be.

“What did ya just say about his father?” Misha asked, entering the kitchen, an eyebrow raised playfully at you.

“Nothing. Just how freaking much this kid is taking after you” you said with a roll of your eyes.

“How is that a bad thing?” Misha asked with a frown.

“It’s not for me. I don’t know for the rest of humanity, though. Having to face a second Misha” you said a little bit dramatically and he rolled his eyes at you.

“Yeah, whatever” he shot you a bitch-face that could rival that of Jared’s.

“Hey, I’m just saying the truth” you shrugged with a playful smile.

“Yeah, ok. As if you wouldn’t be happy for him to actually be like me. You know you love me” he smiled widely at you, wiggling his eyebrows and you just rolled your eyes; brushing him off.

“Pff keep dreaming Collins.” you said and avoided eye contact, not wanting for him to notice anything.

“Yeah, cause you are here almost every day cooking for us and taking care of the children just because you don’t love me” he mocked you.

“I am here every day because you actually need someone to take care of you and the children. If you don’t remember it Vicki is letting you have the children over these two weeks and you obviously need my help. Besides, weren’t you the one that asked me to come and help you?” you smirked at him, putting your hands on your hips.

“Ah yes, yes I did. Hey can’t blame me. I’m a divorced man that has to keep an eye on his two young children for a whole two weeks, alone” he replied matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, well, you’re not alone though. You have me and you know it” you said with a smile.

“Yeah” he said with just an equally soft smile.

“I really don’t know what I would do without you in my life. From the moment I got my divorce to the moment I tried taking care of Maison and West all alone, you- you were there. And I don’t know what I would have done without you, (Y/n). You have no idea how much it means. How much you mean to me. Really, you’ve done so much for me that I- I don’t know how to thank you (Y/n). You really did not need to do any of them and you just- you just did all of this- helped me through everything and- ” he started speaking but you cut him off.

“Hey, no chick-flick moments, ok?” you lifted a hand and shook it “You don’t need to thank me either, Misha. I did everything because I wanted to. You are… my friend Misha. My best friend, and you know it. I would do anything for you.” you said with a warm smile. Completely missing the sad look on his eyes at the mention of the word ‘friend’.

“Yeah, I know that” he smiled back, though his seemed more of a sad one “You hang out too much with Jensen, though. You know that?” he asked, using the facade of happy and playful.

“Yeah, yeah. Not as much as with you” you rolled your eyes.

He turned his back to you, opening the fridge. You turned from him to look at West’s direction and gasped in shock.

“Oh my God” you said wide-eyed, at the sight in front of you.

“Yes?” Misha turned to look at you.

You rolled your eyes at Misha and then moved out of the way, motioning to what had shocked you before.

Misha’s eyes widened too but then he started laughing.

“It’s not funny, Mish” you said with a roll of your eyes.

“Hey, sorry but- I can really see what you meant before. I have done that when I was young, too” he said motioning to West that had the plate over his head, completely covered in soup; eating some that had fallen on the table.

“Hey, at least he’s eating his food” Misha shrugged with a smile and you groaned.

“Unbelievable. You Collins are all unbelievable” you muttered, shaking your head. Laughing slightly in the end.

“Anyway” you cleared your throat “I should take little Collins upstairs for a bath. You big Collins take Maison to her room and put her to sleep. You can do that, right?” you asked with a playful smile and he rolled his eyes at you.

“Yes, Miss I-can-do-everything. I can do that” he replied sarcastically and you laughed.

“Hey, just sayin’ "you giggled as he brushed you off.

You removed the plate from West’s head and took the spoon from his hand. You carefully scooped him up. You got a little dirty with soup but brushed it off.

Maison extended her hands towards you, thinking that you were going get her in your arms too. But you just smiled at her and after a small kiss on the forehead you moved away from her. She whined a little bit, even more when Misha got her in his arms and moved her even farther away from you. She whimpered and you laughed slightly at seeing Misha’s face.

"Even my own children prefer you instead of me” he said oh-so-dramatically.

“Hey, don’t blame me. It’s not my fault I’m adorable and everybody loves me” you smirked and he laughed.

You turned and started making your way upstairs. Stopping for a split second at hearing something that sounded like “Everybody indeed”. You frowned, wondering if you had really heard that. You decided to think that it was just your imagination. Shaking your head and brushing the thoughts off, you continued your way upstairs.

You walked to the bathroom with the little boy still in your arms. You prepared the bathtub, filling it with warm water. Adding the soap soon and making it fill with bubbles. You placed a few of West’s toys in the bathtub and once you undressed him you set him in. You rubbed his hair with some soap and cleaned them off the coup that was on them. Washing him over with some water. All the while West playing with his small boats, making sounds.

You laughed slightly at the sounds and faces West made. You tried rubbing his body with a sponge to clean him better, but he prevented you from doing so. You ignored his protests, though, and continued trying to clean him. West giggled more and pushed your hands away from his small body but you just laughed and continued doing what you were.

Before you could realize it, both you and West were laughing out loudly. You trying to get him clean and him playfully pushing you away. Some times even splashing you with water. You had soon become wet just as much as him but you didn’t care and just continued tickling him. Splashing him with waters, too. Just to get him back. Although he was already completely wet. Giggles and laughter erupting from both of you.

All the while Misha watching with a soft smile while he leaned on the door frame. You didn’t realize he was there so you just continued doing your job.

Soon you had taken West out of the bathtub by now, after many protests from him, and had a towel wrapped around him. A big at that. So big that it was impossible to spot him if he didn’t move.

You laughed at hearing him giggle when you rubbed his face with the towel, soon proceeding to do the same with his head. It took you more time to get his hair dry. Mostly because West wouldn’t stand still but constantly laugh. You laughed along with him. You rubbed his belly as if he was just some little puppy, earning an all new fit of giggles from the little boy. You repeated the process and even nuzzled your face at the crook of his small neck. Fact that made him laugh more.

“No!” he giggled “S-stop!” he protested with his childlike voice, though it was obvious that he didn’t want you to stop at all.

“Please, no!” he giggled more and you laughed, pulling away for a split second to see the huge smile on the little boy’s face. Soon resuming to what you were doing before.

“No, mom please stop!” the boy giggled more. You immediately stopped upon hearing what he said.

You pulled away from him, looking down at him with a somewhat sad look on your eyes “What?” you mumbled softly, unable to believe what you had just heard.

The smile had vanished from Misha’s face too (not that you noticed though, you hadn’t noticed that he even was there) and he looked down at both of you with a soft, adoring expression.

“W-what did you call me Westy?” you repeated your question more clearly.

“M-mom. But you look sad. I’m sorry if I made you sad, mommy. Please don’t cry” he said softly, placing his small hands on your cheeks, tears had started welling up in your eyes.

“I’m not crying Westy, I just- You called me… mom” you almost whispered the last word.

“Yes” he said as if it was the most simple thing in the world “You are my mommy, right?” he asked looking at you with his baby eyes.

“I-I..” you hesitated to speak “I’m not your mommy West. Your mother is- your mother is Vicki, not me. I’m just-” you started speaking but West cut you off.

“But you could be, right?” he asked with hopeful eyes “You can be my mommy. If you want to. Do you?” he asked and you found yourself unable to speak.

“More than anything else sweet-y. I would love it more than anything else to have a child like you. More than anything…” you mumbled softly and looked down at your hands.

“But I’m not- I’m not your mother West and… I can’t be” you said looking at the little boy’s eyes.

“But- but why? Why can’t you be? You-you take care of us. You take care of me and Maison, make us food and play with us. You put us to sleep. You do everything a mommy does, a-and you love us, right?” he asked and you nodded with a small, sad smile.

“I can’t be your mother though” you mumbled.

“But w-we love you. I-I love you, a-and Maison loves you a-and even daddy- even daddy lo-” West started speaking only to be interrupted by Misha coughing.

“Ok time for you to sleep West. Let’s not tire (Y/n) even more” he said clearing his throat.

He came towards you and West, picked him up and without even so glancing at you he mumbled something that sounded like “I’m putting him to sleep” and walked out of the bathroom.

You stood there, dumbfounded, staring at the direction they left.

What was West going to say if Misha had not interrupted him?

What did he mean?

Shaking your head to clear any thoughts off, you got up from the floor where you were sitting. You slowly got out of the bathroom and made your way towards West’s and Maison’s bedroom. Misha was getting out of it.

You stared at each other for a while, silence surrounding you. Until Misha broke it.

“You’re wet” he said and you nodded.

“Your son’s got me pretty much soaking wet” you mumbled with a small laugh and he did the same.

“I-I should get you a towel to dry your hair. You can also borrow some of my clothes too” he said and you gave a small nod.

“That would be much helpful, thanks”  you mumbled and he nodded with a small smile.

You followed him as he walked into his bedroom. You had to keep yourself from staring. You had gotten into his bedroom before but that was just a few times, not long enough to memorize anything, really.

“I think these will do” he said, breaking your trail of thoughts. He handed you a fluffy white towel, a shirt and some sweat pants and… were those his boxers?

You quickly averted your eyes from them, a blush creeping on your cheeks. You cleared your throat and looked up at him.

“Yeah, I uh thought that you would need them so… if you want to you wear them, if you don’t want to you can just…” he trailed off and cleared his throat.

“No, i-it’s ok” you mumbled and he nodded.

“I’ll just… I’ll just leave you to change then. Seems that you won’t be getting anywhere tonight. So I’ll just go crash by the guest room, you-you can have this room” he said with a small smile and made his way to the door.

“You- you don’t have to. I will be ok with just sleeping on the couch, Misha” you  mumbled and he stopped, turning to look at you.

“No, no. It’s ok, really. You just take my bed, I will be completely fine in the guest room” he said with a reassuring smile and you nodded slowly.

He gave you one final smile and turned to walk towards the door. You pursed your lips and hesitated for a while. Contemplating whether you should speak or not.

“Misha?” the name had left your mouth before you could stop yourself.

It was so low, though, that you really wished he hadn’t heard you. Luck wasn’t with your side, though.

“Yes?” he asked just as softly, turning to look at you.

You hesitated for a while but then decided to speak. It was now or never.

“What West said- What he tried to say, before you interrupted him I mean. What-” you started and Misha cut you off.

He laughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck nervously “Don’t mind him, ok?” he said and you looked at him, straight in the eyes, trying to mask the pain that you felt.

“H-he’s just a kid, you know. He doesn’t know what he’s saying or what’s really happening so, don’t-don’t really pay attention to him. He can’t really understand what’s happening or even what he’s saying. He’s just a kid.” he said softly and you bit your lip, feeling your heart shatter at hearing him say all of these.

“Yeah, of course” you mumbled softly, a sad smile on your face.

He stared back at you, as you looked down at your hands. Opening and closing his mouth. He wanted more than anything to take everything back. Say something to make this up. He couldn’t stand it. But just as he opened his mouth to speak, you cut him off.

You let out a dry laugh “Kids and their imagination” you mumbled softly and he frowned sadly.

“Anyway” you cleared your throat “Goodnight Misha, and thanks for the clothes” you said and forced a smile on your lips. Though your face was emotionless, your eyes dull of any emotion.

“Goodnight (Y/n)” he mumbled in a low and hoarse voice, after a long silence.

He slowly turned and walked out of the door, closing it behind him. He let out a shaky breath and leaned against the closed door, putting a hand over his eyes and clenching his teeth.

“Coward” he murmured angrily to himself. He removed himself from the door and made his way to the guest room, shaking his head.


You let out a shaky breath as soon as he was out of the room.

You turned and walked towards the bed, laying there and and holding his clothes tightly in your arms. Burring your face in them and smelling Misha’s cologne.

Tears were by now streaming down your face.

You turned side, so that you were laying on your right. Your eyes fell upon a framed picture on the nightstand. It was one of you, him and the kids. One you clearly remember taking during West’s birthday.

More tears run down your cheeks and you averted your eyes from the photo. You clenched the clothes tightly to your body, bringing your knees closer to your body and curling up in ball.

You un-buried your face from the clothes, staring just at the wall opposite you.

“Oh Westy” you mumbled and closed your eyes, tears rolling.

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