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This is my kitten Meesha who we recently found out has a very large tumor (as you can probably see in the second picture). She’s not even 2 years old. As my mum only works a few hours a week and my dad is out of the picture, we’re really worried we won’t be able to afford the only treatment option: surgery. But instead of begging for donations and adding ads to my blog, I’d really like to earn the money I raise. So I’m starting a fund-raiser for little Ms. Meesha! 

I crochet amigurumi (basically little stuffed animals) like the ones you see below.

Those are just a few that I made for my family last Christmas (Mike Wazowski and Sully from Monsters, Inc. and a lizard). Other things I have made include: Barry from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, elephant, pig, cat, dog, koala, sloth, dinosaur, Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb, panda, penguin, dragon, turtle, rose, Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes, Gunther from Adventure Time, and many more. I can make anything from objects to animals to characters. If you are interested, PLEASE CONTACT ME so we can discuss prices (which will depend on the size of the final product, shipping, etc.). These make great gifts from key chains to stuffed animals to little figures from your favorite TV show and I absolutely love making them.

Even if you don’t want one, please reblog this to spread the word. I don’t have a lot of followers (since my blog got deleted) so I don’t expect this to get notes, but please help me help my kitten out. Hugs and kisses to all the animal lovers out there.


A/N: A legitimate concern of mine is Misha going to the actual Supernatural universe and trying to stay there. It stresses me out sometimes. 

Reversal // Dean x Reader // Misha-centric friendship

Words: 2105

Warnings: None! Lots of Misha shenanigans. 

Request: I know you have many requests, but I was wondering if you could consider this: Misha somehow finds himself in the supernatural’s universe ( as in the French mistake ) and starts to take pictures of everything as a tourist. Sam has to take care of him. While they are in the bunker Misha meets the reader ( who is dating Dean ) and he freaks out and starts to say ” this is a huge spoiler! It happens this in the next season? I have to write it on twitter ”

— — — — — —

With the life you had, it felt like you’d seen it all. Monsters, heaven and hell, the whole shebang. A normal life was surreal to you, if anything. At least, that’s what you’d convinced yourself to believe. All of that went straight out the window that morning, as you discussed some old memories with Dean with coffees settled in your hands.

“That sounds like the worst prom night—” but Dean didn’t get to finish his teasing. The two of you bolted up in surprise at the sound of a muted thud by the entrance to the bunker, and Dean was quick to run and see what was going on.

“Sam?” he called, frantic, and you tiptoed behind him cautiously to check and see what the whole mess was about.

Except, Sam wasn’t at the door to the bunker at all.

“Cas?” you whispered, confused, and tilted your head a little in pure curiosity. Because while it looked like Cas, it also didn’t look like him. Same face, trench coat, and lanky figure, but the way he was looking around and muttering things was different.

“What the hell are you doing, man?” Dean demanded, bounding up the stairs to reach this maybe-Cas.

The door to the bunker opened just then to reveal an equally startled Sam, who nearly bumped Cas with the door as he stepped inside. You watched from below, still wary, and took a sip of your coffee as you watched everything unfold. If things got weird, because you still weren’t sure if this was really Cas, you’d just pull your knife on him or something.

“I really don’t like working with you two,” you heard Cas say, a slow smile forming on his face. “How am I always being pranked? That was a really intense one, I thought I was falling through space and time for a second.”

If you’d all been confused before, you were way beyond that now.

“Cas, what are you talking about?” Sam asked him, face scrunched together, and that’s when you saw Cas’ face pale considerably.

“Prank’s over, guys,” Cas said a little too loudly, brushing himself off as he regained his composure and got back on his feet. “Let’s take a lunch break before we shoot the next scene. No weird experimental spells for shits and giggles this time. I think you’re trying to get me to light myself on fire.”

Sam and Dean were dead quiet and you didn’t dare move yourself; you could see, even from where you were, that they knew something was wrong.

“Shoot the next scene?” Sam repeated after a moment, looking completely scandalized.

“Did your own prank backfire on you, Jared?” Cas snickered, and then took a look around, as if he was trying to spot something. He didn’t notice you, because he was too busy noticing something else. Or, rather, the lack of something. “Where are all the cameras? And the crew? What did you do to me?”

But Dean and Sam were already groaning, just as pale as this supposed Cas, and they exchanged a quick look before Dean went off.

“Jared?” he repeated, jabbing a thumb at Sam. “Don’t tell me. Please don’t tell me that you’re Misha.”

“I’m Misha. Dumbass.”

Dean groaned again, louder this time, and buried his face in his hands. “You’re Cas,” he whined, voice muffled underneath his hands. “Not again.”

You were still confused, though it looked like Sam and Dean had figured out what was going on, and then it seemed to dawn on Misha/Cas as well, a few moments later.

“Did those fuckers do a real spell?!” he cried out, looking more elated by the prospect of a spell than upset by it, like Cas would be. “Am I in some sort of backwards French Mistake episode?”

“I don’t know what the hell that is,” Dean snapped, and Sam cleared his throat a little, uncomfortably.

“Didn’t you die…Misha?” Sam asked, frowning a little, but Misha just gave him a frown.

“That’s a rude thing to say, considering I’m here and alive,” he responded, already taking a step around the two of them, eyes wandering around the bunker. The real bunker, as he kept muttering. Without any cameras.

Sam caught your eye and his own widened in realization that you were probably completely lost in the situation. He was nudging Dean back toward where you were, both of them occasionally glancing at an awestruck Misha, who had taken out his phone and began taking pictures of everything; you noticed with an irritated reaction that most of those pictures included his face in them. He was a selfie master, apparently, and you didn’t know why, but it irritated you.

Dean led you into a corner of the kitchen quietly, unnoticed by this Misha person, and he immediately went into a long story, not sparing any details.

That was when you realized that you were far from having seen it all.

— — — — —

“Stop taking pictures so we can work on a way to get you back,” Sam grouched for what seemed like the hundredth time. He was starting to get more irritated than Dean at this point, but it only seemed to amuse Misha.

You’d still gone relatively unnoticed; Dean had suggested that you try summoning Cas and see if he knew anything about getting Misha back to his reality, but so far, no luck. Still, you were really curious about Misha. He seemed to be the opposite of Cas, completely so, and even though he was a very outrageous dude, you wanted to at least spy on him a little bit.

“You’d take pictures too,” Misha tried to reason, but Dean and Sam just gave him looks. They’d already been there, done that. And they hadn’t taken pictures.

After Dean had explained everything to you, it left you less confused, but infinitely more curious. How on earth was it happening a second time, but in reverse?

With Sam trying to keep Misha in one place while simultaneously on his laptop with books surrounding him, you tried to get Dean’s attention; he was flipping page after page in books he’d gotten from the library also, but he seemed bored with the whole situation.

He caught your eye and went over, nodding his head expectantly. “Any word on Cas?” he asked you, but you disappointed him with a shake of your head.

“He’s not answering me,” you sighed, shrugging your shoulders in defeat. “You try calling him. Maybe he doesn’t like me.”

Dean snorted and rolled his eyes, giving you a playful smirk. “Cas likes you the best out of all of us, Y/N. And you know it. With our luck, this jackass fake Cas named Misha probably got him whirled into his own universe in the spell. We’ll work with what we have.”

Before you could say anything, someone cleared their throat behind Dean, and you both brought your attention to Misha, who looked absolutely shocked to see you.

“No way,” he gaped, looking straight at you. “You’re here? In the bunker? Why?”

The shy and embarrassed look that you shared with Dean briefly was all it took.

“No. Way.”

“Okay, shut up,” Dean snapped, glaring at Misha as he subconsciously blocked you from view. “What are you getting all weird about anyway?”

Misha looked at you from over Dean’s shoulder, looking too excited for you to be comfortable, like he knew you somehow. “I know the girl who plays you!” he announced, smiling from ear to ear. “And we just casted her on the show, she’s starting next season. Is this what happens next season? Are you and Dean together? Do you live here in the bunker now? Is Dean a good lover?”

“Hey,” Dean warned, but it made you snort and flush with color.

It was weird to know that there was some other version of you out there, in a different version of the world you really lived in, but you didn’t want to play 20 questions with Misha right now. As entertaining and irritating as he was, you were kind of missing Cas now.

“We don’t really live our lives by seasons,” you reminded him, trying to sound firm, but your curiosity carried in your tone instead. “Ask her if she also gets this annoyed by you.” Which was just another way of you saying, tell her I said hi.

Misha was about to respond when Sam came running in, eyes bright as he held his laptop in one hand. “I think I’ve got the answer. I think I know how to send you back,” he exclaimed happily, showing all of you the results on his computer. “We just need to reverse the spell. Do these look like all the ingredients to you?”

“Why do you guys want to kick me out so bad?” Misha whined, but nobody was having any of it. He looked you straight in the eye as Dean and Sam started getting everything ready. “I’m tweeting the other you about this.”

“I don’t know what that means.”

This guy really had a way of rubbing off on you and, while Dean and Sam got the ingredients and the chant ready for Misha again, you found yourself wanting to know more about what his life was like.

“So you know Cas…but you don’t know Cas at the same time,” you concluded, smiling to yourself at the thought of it. To think that someone could be acting as him was funny to you, especially someone like Misha, who was the most eccentric person you’d met in a long time.

“I’m bummed that he wasn’t here. I hope Jared and Jensen didn’t kill him while I was here,” he sighed, leaning back in his chair a little bit. “I wonder how much has changed over there.”

Dean had briefly told you about the time lapses and you could only hope that Cas had been able to make it in that other reality, since time seemed to pass quicker there. “The guys who are fake Dean and fake Sam seem to be just as horrible as them,” you smiled, turning to see if the two of them had heard. If they had, they didn’t show any signs of caring.

“They’re much worse. This was like a vacation,” Misha told you, then brightened up a little, like he had remembered something. “I’m really excited to see you on the show. The actress you, she’s really something. I’ll give her a few pointers on how to play out your character.”

“Well, first thing’s first. She shouldn’t see me as just a character, I’m the real deal,” you reminded him, pinching his arm just for good measure. “And tell her not to screw it up. She’s lucky to be me, in a way.”

Misha grinned, tucking away your attitude in his mind for later, and the two of you turned when Sam and Dean came back with everything all set.

“Alright, Misha. Give us back our friend,” Dean mumbled, sliding over the chant to him so he could repeat it.

“We’re friends, too,” Misha replied indignantly, nodding towards you. “Y/N’s nice to me.”

“She’s the only nice one here,” Sam interrupted, gesturing towards the ritual he’d laid out for Misha to repeat. “Let’s get a move on, man.”

And then, just as quickly as he had appeared, Misha was gone. It was in the blink of an eye; he was there one second, and then the next…poof. Out of thin air. And in his place came Cas, landing with a thud on the floor seconds later, also out of thin air.

He was scrambling to stand up instantly, his eyes wild as he looked between you, Dean, and Sam, like he didn’t believe it was really you.

“Am I…back?” he asked warily, and you all breathed a sigh of relief. There was Cas, the real Cas, and you couldn’t be more relieved.

“Hey, man,” Sam chuckled, clapping him on the back. “How was your trip?”

“They kept calling me Misha,” he said simply, looking between Sam and Dean. “Both of you are still absolutely horrible in other realities, in case you didn’t know.”

This only seemed to please Dean and Sam, despite their feelings on the whole situation, but they really got a kick out of it when Cas turned to you specifically, eyes narrowed. “And you,” he finished, taking a step away from where you were standing. “The other version of you was very terrorizing.”

Like Dean and Sam, this only made you smile. Fake You wouldn’t have trouble playing her part at all it looked like. You were proud already.


Request: how about one where misha and the reader are dating and he comes home after a very long, stressful day of filming and she cheers him up? and cuddles and cuteness is involved?

Warning(s): fluff

Words: 571

Note: Oh Misha… :) Sorry it’s short! Requests are open!

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I’m quickly catching up on Supernatural and I don’t what I will do with my life when I get to season 10. 😿 #spn #supernatural #spnfandom #fandom #textpost #nofilter #jaredpadelecki #jensenackles #mishacollins #misha #jensen #jared #dean #sam #cas #castiel #destiel #winchester #angels #demons #vampires #werewolves #devil #cw #kripke

This is the…3rd or 4th incident with the drone? He seems more serious about taking it down on his own in this tweet, I hope he does. I’m really hoping he goes out to buy a drone of his own and then crashes it into this drone. Only because I don’t think they sell drones that can shoot stuff for civilians yet, that would be fun to watch too though.

I’m heading up two charity events in my town right now: a book drive for children, and a clothing drive for impoverished families. Now, this chance of a lifetime to go to Nicaragua and build a school with Misha Collins pops up, and since I’ve already asked so much, the community isn’t willing to help.

I love helping people, and Misha is the reason I got back into acting. He helps me inspire my students, and he has saved some of my followers’ lives. I want to tell him thank you by my actions instead of just words, and show him how thankful I am by paying it forward. He changed my life, and I want to change others’.

Any ideas? As you can see, my fundraiser is seriously stalled.