Clannibal Sketch Prompt! with Kids! requested by comettystar962. OK so… someone once proposed that what if Mads!Hannibal was actually Hopkins!Hannibal and Clarice’s son.  And to that I say lol YES. It seems like common headcanon that if Clarice and Hannibal had a daughter she’d be named Mischa… So this would make their kids Hannibal and Mischa 2.0.

Also, agentclaricestxrling once noted that the little girl from “Orphan” (Isabelle Fuhrman) would make a perfect clannibal lovechild and yah i kinda agree lolol what a fucked up murder family. And I gave them a dog. Mainly cuz I imagine Mischa riding on its back like a horse (and then calling it Hannah *cuz in the book Clarice saves a horse she named hannah instead of a lamb*). It’s also a Belgian Sheepdog. SHEEP DOG. *v*

when people are getting really unbearable

Hannigram Prompt: Supernatural AU where Mischa’s ghost follows Hannibal around and Will can both see and interact with ghosts. 

Tell Me About the Forest You Once Called Home

“When I was a very small boy, before my sister was with me, I would often hide from my parents and run into the forest behind our home. I felt that it called to me – that I should be there. Sometimes I would carry our cat, Medus, with me as a witness to my adventures. She would try to jump away from me, and I would laugh and laugh.

Once my sister was born, I had an accomplice in my adventures, for our home and land seemed so very vast and I needed someone to see what I saw, to feel what I felt, and make it real.

Taking her by the hand, we would walk and pick berries and mushrooms. I would clean the berries with my shirt before putting them in her mouth. Her mouth red from the juices; face bright and smiling. We would walk together and when we would tire, we would lie on our backs and look up at the trees wondering where they ended…when they ended. Could we climb up and see?

And our mother would call us back home, not with her voice but with the smell of bread baking.

So when my sister would tire and want to return, she would lift her arms to me and I would carry her back and smell her hair. It smelled of grass and sunlight and happiness. And I was happy, and believed in the good of the natural world around me.

And then it all changed.”

Will listened to Hannibal, and wrapped his arms around him from behind. Water splashed gently around them. The only sound was the dripping of the faucet in the bathtub.

“I love you,” said Will softly.

“I know,” Hannibal replied.