[KnB] Kuro Fes! Masterpost of Translations

Alrighty, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether this or that has been translated, so here be a masterpost of “everything” that has been covered so far because I too want to know, haha.

That said, I am positive this isn’t a complete list. There are a few things I’m aware is out there but still need to hunt down the links for (and probably even more that I don’t know of at all). ETA: This is all that I know right now. If it’s not here, then I haven’t seen it. Please check the post before sending me an ask about what’s available. I update this several times a day.

Feel free to drop me stuff I’ve missed and I’ll add it in. I would love help from you guys because I’m only one pair of eyes after all and my dash is often out of control. :P

This post will be updated along the way as more translations roll in. Hopefully it can be a nice reference for all of us who are hungry for MOAR KuroFes!

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Josh is still putting the finishing touches on the next Utena recap so I will take a moment to talk about another thing that I enjoy.

It is insanely difficult to write for wrestling.

At any given moment, you are dealing with the following characters:

-Wrestlers who are faces (heroes)

-Wrestlers who are heels (villains)

-Wrestlers who are booked as faces but treated by the audience as heels

-Wrestlers who are booked as heels but treated by the audience as faces

-Wrestlers who are miscellaneous

-Interviewers, commentators, managers and assorted mascots, all of whom may be faces or heels

-On-screen authority figures, who may be faces or heels

-Actual authority figures, who may be faces or heels

-The audience, which may be face or heel, depending on what city you’re in, what year it is, and whether the bookers and writers of the show are intentionally antagonizing them or not

You also have comic book levels of backstory and continuity, which (much like in comics) is largely ignored in practice, except when it isn’t; performers who may or may not be able to act, who have a tendency to get injured or suspended for drug use in the middle of important storylines, and may simply refuse to do what you tell them; an audience which cannot even agree about what wrestling is, let alone what is good, but which is the single determinant of your success; and an additional, theoretical audience which stopped watching wrestling in 2003 and which it is your life’s goal to somehow bring back to the fold.

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Hello, everyone, I’ve going to be selling a few things! These are just the prices of the items; shipping will be determined by where the buyer lives (don’t worry, nothing too crazy! ^^) The prices themselves have been determined by research of what others charge for them. These are all official items; none are bootlegged (or, if I happen to put a bootleg/unofficial item up, I’ll be sure to note it).

Please message me if you are interested and I can either reserve it for you or we can start business right away! I will be accepting payment via Paypal. Also, if you make multiple purchases, I will combine shipping or may even ship it free, depending on how much money is spent.



(Price is for both of them; they’re $8 each)

Click the read more to see the rest! 

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[COMPILATION] 30 Days with NU'EST + Miscellaneous Videos

30 Days with NU'EST

*Most videos of 30 Days with NU'EST are missing English subtitles, because the videos have been deleted or are private.

Miscellaneous (Interviews, messages, etc.)

*English subtitles will be provided if they exist.

Debut 1st Anniversary Live Show Time


THESTAR Interview

Behind the Scenes Photoshoots



English Subtitles