Josh is still putting the finishing touches on the next Utena recap so I will take a moment to talk about another thing that I enjoy.

It is insanely difficult to write for wrestling.

At any given moment, you are dealing with the following characters:

-Wrestlers who are faces (heroes)

-Wrestlers who are heels (villains)

-Wrestlers who are booked as faces but treated by the audience as heels

-Wrestlers who are booked as heels but treated by the audience as faces

-Wrestlers who are miscellaneous

-Interviewers, commentators, managers and assorted mascots, all of whom may be faces or heels

-On-screen authority figures, who may be faces or heels

-Actual authority figures, who may be faces or heels

-The audience, which may be face or heel, depending on what city you’re in, what year it is, and whether the bookers and writers of the show are intentionally antagonizing them or not

You also have comic book levels of backstory and continuity, which (much like in comics) is largely ignored in practice, except when it isn’t; performers who may or may not be able to act, who have a tendency to get injured or suspended for drug use in the middle of important storylines, and may simply refuse to do what you tell them; an audience which cannot even agree about what wrestling is, let alone what is good, but which is the single determinant of your success; and an additional, theoretical audience which stopped watching wrestling in 2003 and which it is your life’s goal to somehow bring back to the fold.

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Miscellaneous Short Minwoo Taxi Interviews\Clips

140213 Mnet M!Countdown - Interview - Minwoo
140220 Mnet Wide - M Countdown Behind - Minwoo CUT
140224 M COUNTDOWN Global Messenger - Thank You Message from M
140207 KBS Music Bank - Backstage Interview
140209 Minwoo’s Message_longer
140206 Mnet M!Countdown - Backstage Interview - Minwoo
140206 Mnet Wide - Taxi MV Behind Story - Minwoo

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Tatiana Maslany interview masterpost

Okay here goes. Hopefully this helps, i’ve probably missed some off but this is the majority! I’ll tag this to my FAQ.

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