Signs as types of girlfriends.
  • [Check your Sun & Venus]
  • Aries:The girlfriend that chases you around trying to caress your face after touching something gross.
  • Taurus:The girlfriend who always suggests Disney movies for movie night.
  • Gemini:The girlfriend that starts questioning her existence at 3 am and then proceeds to make a dumb joke.
  • Cancer:The girlfriend who always wears a snuggie and binge watches romantic comedies.
  • Leo:The girlfriend who leaves lipstick kiss marks on your cheek for good luck.
  • Virgo:The girlfriend who never lets you sleep because she won't turn off her book light.
  • Libra:The girlfriend who makes you lunch with love notes written on post-its.
  • Scorpio:The girlfriend that continues playing on her ds while getting spooned.
  • Sagittarius:The girlfriend who gets crumbs in the bed.
  • Capricorn:The girlfriend who will always lend her jacket because she likes you in her clothes.
  • Aquarius:The girlfriend who pulls up with a tandem bike in a leather jacket and sunglasses.
  • Pisces:The girlfriend that always tries to get you to cuddle under a pillow fort wearing matching onesies.

Every Khal who ever lived chose three blood riders to fight beside him and guard his way, But I am not a Khal. I will not choose three blood riders. I choose you all. I will ask more of you than any Khal has ever asked of his Khalsar. Will you ride the wooden horses across the black salt sea? Will you kill my enemies in their iron suits and tear down their stone houses? Will you give me the Seven Kingdoms, the gift Khal Drogo promised me, before the Mother of Mountains? Are you with me, now and always?