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1. A book you finished in one sitting: Vicious by V.E Schwab

2. Were you always into reading or did something spark your interest? I grew up in a family of readers so I guess it’s always been engrained in me to read.

3. Any songs you relate to a certain book? Yes, too many songs and too many books. I really vividly remember reading The Song Of Achilles and “From Gold” by Novo Amor was playing in the background so now, listening to that song or reading that book, I can feel my heart grow heavy.

4. Season you get the most reading done: Probably in the spring and summer. I will tend to disappear into the woods with books and music and just read out in the open air.

5. Book character you most relate to: Oddly enough, Victor Vale. And I’m not saying that to seem cool or edgy. I just really get where he’s coming from? I also really relate to Gansey, in the sense of intense wanderlust and continually searching for something. 

6. Reading goals for 2017? What are they? I just have a lot of Roman/Greek/Byzantine history books that I’ve got on my list, really. And Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy. And the Shades of Magic books.

7. Any books that you feel like you need to read or else you’ll miss out on things at booklr? Um, what is booklr…? But, no not really. If I really want to read something I will, but I never really feel like I’m missing out, tbh.

8. Most books you’ve ever read in a week/ month/ year? In a week? Probably fifteen books. A month and a year, I’ve lost count.

9. One character everyone else absolutely loved but you despised: How about a whole entire series? Sorry but I really honestly couldn’t stand the Captive Prince trilogy. They just didn’t give me good vibes AT ALL.

10. Any books that remind you of a certain place? The Chronicles of Narnia reminds me of where I grew up. Like, very vividly. The Iliad and The Odyssey remind me of first moving into my apartment, laying on the couch and listening to the rain as I reread them. 

11. Number of books you own: Oh sweet heavens. Let me go count. 256 books not including any textbooks.

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News: Shingeki no Kyojin Collectible Manga Illustration Bookmarks (2017)

Original Release Date: March 2017
Retail Price: N/A (Reward)

To commemorate the upcoming SnK season 2 in April, various retailers and bookstores in Japan will be giving away bookmarks with purchase of the tankobon manga!

There will be a set of five different bookmarks featuring colored versions of Mikasa, Levi, Jean, Eren, Erwin, Armin, Annie, Hanji, Beast Titan, Bertholt, and Reiner drawn by Isayama Hajime. When collected, all five complete a single collage-type image.