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212. We are not allowed to enchant all the mirrors to make everyone’s reflection look terrible.

This was definitely on of our best pranks ever! - JP

Totally! The mirror in the first level’s bathroom made James look like an old man! - SB

And McGonagall had a long mustache! - PP

Quite frankly, I think the teachers should be thanking us. We managed to wake up all the students! - JP

I know right! It only took one look in the mirror to wake them up! - SB

Certainly for you. You ended up hiding in the toilet cubicle for the whole day so he wouldn’t have to look at his reflection. - RL

Could you blame me?! I looked awful! I looked like … like … Peter and Snivellus combined! I couldn’t be seen looking like that! No offense. - SB

Credit to prank and commentary to @fandom-ideas. I suspect that Peter look a little offense to Sirius’ statement. Fortunately, he knows he can always prank him back for his revenge.