I dont understand why some mirrors are different than others and why in pictures you look different once again and you also look different in window reflections and it’s too much for my fragile brain to handle. How can I accept my body, If I’m not even sure how it looks like?


Amazing  Kirsten Berg  Sculpture for Burning Man - Compound eye/1

“Compound I” challenges our sense of separation as it simultaneously presents the concept of eye as instrument of reflection and ‘I’ as object of reflection. Up close, the sculpture reinforces a familiar sense of self by placing us at the center of each reflective lens. Stepping away, we see our image overlapping with everyone else’ – a composite of shared reflection.

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Baby Snappers get around by rolling, since their legs are too short.  This has caused panics in Dragonhome and the Southern Icefields because groups of Snapperlings are mistaken for avalanches.

Exalted baby Snappers are used as paperweights by the scholarly gods, like Lightweaver and Arcanist and even Stormcatcher.  Plop ‘em on whatever you want held in place, hand them something to pass the time and you’re set.

Baby Mirrors are able to run and move hours after they’re born.

For the first few hours of their hatching, baby Coatls are covered entirely in a fuzzy down.  Ever seen newborn chickens?  Exactly like that.  They even make the “peeep peeep” sounds, too.

Baby Guardians will instinctively try to crawl in the nearest body of water to hide in the shallows.  Guardian parents have learned to dig and fill a tiny pool for them.

Baby Nocturnes are born blind and helpless and cling to their parents for about a month.

Baby Skydancers have shrill, harsh cries that soften into melodic coos as they mature.  They’re born flightless and kind of ugly, as their feathers don’t grow in until a week after birth.

Baby Imperials slither out of their shells and are almost brutally self-sufficient, picking up everything they need to know by either watching clanmates or instinct.

Baby Ridgebacks play-headbutt each other with their horn nubs.  Only occassionally does one get poked in the eye.

Baby Pearlcatchers constantly trail after their parents, mimicking their every move.  They tend to try to hold their pearls exactly as their parents do, sometimes practicing with rocks.

Spiral babies are surprisingly even more flexible than their adult counterparts, and even more prone to accidentally getting tied in knots.  More than once, a concerned parent has had to un-knot a wailing Spiral child from the mess they made of themselves.

You’re beautiful.

Even if you don’t think so.

And if you don’t think so, I hope one day you do.

I hope one day that you can look into the mirror and realize that you own it and that it doesn’t own you.

Because being able to smile when looking into the mirror is one of the best feelings in the world.

Don’t let the mirror break you, break the mirror. And I don’t mean literally. I mean realize that you’re so beautiful that the mirror can not possibly reflect all of your beauty.

You’re beautiful.

I hope you know.