if you ask me, can i wear this, i will always answer, yes.
should i? a different question. try it on - show me the dress
different colour,
bright or duller?
skirts a-twirl and fabric sheens
but my answer never changes; love, you’re beauty - buy the jeans

it’s alarming; beauty, everywhere i look, it never ends,
girls on streets, in lines, in shops, and drinking coffee, and my friends
are so pretty,
smart and witty
yes, but, too, so fair of face,
strangers, soulmates, sidekicks, sisters; lovely, elegance and grace

yet in all the world, the one place where this mad beauty is flown
is at night, in greyest silence when i face myself alone
every wrinkle,
pimple, crinkle
to be catalogued and filed
every bulge to clip the wings - a flightless dragon can’t be wild

and it’s night that makes me realise that i don’t deserve my space,
when cruel words said to no enemy are thrown at my own face
breathe no fire,
quell desire,
cold and silence take their toll
as the futile flesh of body wins the war ‘gainst sacred soul

for i know they lied, they laughed and lied - they said that love was blind;
if my hips aren’t right he’ll never see the glowing of my mind
so it’s worthless,
worse than worthless,
i’m no good use, this i know
(Jesus loves me, for the bible, oh it tells me - does he, though?)

left with thoughts, abandoned by the moon, the fretful hours tick by
it’s too quiet, smeared reflection swims. Hush! you’re too old to cry
i am a list
of flaws, consist
of failings, dull and flat.

she says, ‘mirrors are just glass, and you are more than that

- to and for inkskinned, the guardian angel (/dragon) of tumblr
thank you for all that you are, all that you’ve done and all that you’ve shared. you don’t know, how could you, the effects that your words have had, but their ripples are seismic and have swept me up so many times. i’m so grateful.