Mirel Wagner


you are terrifying
and strange and beautiful
something not everyone knows how to love.

Odetta - Ain’t No Grave / Ibeyi - Oya / Cold Specks - Blank Maps / Chloe x Halle - Drop / Warsan Shire - For Women Who Are Difficult to Love / Mirel Wagner - Ellipsis / Elizabeth Cotten - Honey Babe Your Papa Cares for You / Valerie June - Trials, Troubles, Tribulations / Beyonce - Daddy Lessons


Music I’ve been listening to!!
I’m going to be doing multiple part and I’m breaking down by similar sounds

This is part 2 and I’m gonna call this “Hauntings of A Female Poet"

Part 1 can be found here

• Kelsey Lu - Church (Hauntingly beautiful from the violins, bass, to her voice which could evoke Gods. Black women are the vanguard)

• Merry Clayton - self titled (A fucken superstar that never got her chance due to colorism and the fact that people can’t see more than one black woman shine at a time. Her voice is heartbreakingly beautiful it makes me so sad every time I listen to her because she was ROBBED of her glory)

• Oyinda - Before the Fall ( Black women do doom music better than anyone ever could)

• Mirel Wagner - When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day (minimalist but probably the most dark lyrics I have ever listened to)

• Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda ( Avant garde genius. Jazz genius. Black woman genius)

• Sevdaliza - Ison (I can hear tricky in her music so much but she’s not as dark)


extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world

Brian Eno - Signals / Faye Wong - Yesanpo / Fka Twigs - Water me / Yoko Ueno - Flexigons / Minnie Riperton - Minnie’s lament / Iyeoka - Baba / Lianne La Havas - Wonderful / Tweet - Heaven / f(x) - Butterfly / The Tontons - Pony / Chairlift - Cool as fire / Susumu Hirasawa - Moon time / Dead Can Dance - Yulunga / Bernard Herrmann - Twisted nerve / Goldfrapp - Pilots / Daughter - Switzerland instrumental / Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang / Mirel Wagner - Dreamt of a wave/ Odetta - Anthem of the Rainbow


I feel like more people should hear about Mirel Wagner if they haven’t. All of her music has this nice creepy vibe to it.


Mirel Wagner - The Devil’s Tongue

from When The Cellar Children See The Light Of Day


was tagged by omahyramotafanclub to do the fave album thing…again but a lot of these are tunes i’ve been listening to for the past couple of months

  • Gary Numan - pleasure principle, 1979 (when i was into everything goth i had seen his name a lot never cared to look him up until i saw a post of this album cover and i thought “well shit i’m bored why not”, and im so mad i didn’t earlier, this is one of the best new wave/post-punk albums i’ve ever listened to. he has a very nasally voice but it doesn’t bother me like it’s really fun to sing along to tbh and who doesn’t know ‘cars’)
  • Cocteau Twins - head over heels, 1983 (heard about them cause robin guthrie did a song with sakurai for his solo album, but i never looked into sakurai’s side work until last year, but when i did (which is honestly a really good album btw) that song he did with sakurai, Märchen, became one of my fave songs period so i looked them up. elizabeth fraser’s voice is so clear and pretty like the songs are good, but her voice is what makes them in my opinion.)
  • Mirel Wagner - self titled album, 2011 (her music is very dark, creepy, southern gothic almost. her lyrics are very cryptic and her voice, i can’t put my finger on it but there’s just something about her voice that makes her songs even more creepier than they already are. i listen to this album when i’m reading ito junji’s works. i don’t why but they work together imo)
  • Japan - gentlemen take polaroids, 1980 (i don’t even remember how i found them, i just remember it was last year also. the songs are your run of the mill new wave/synthpop  songs, but what makes them so good to me is david sylvian’s voice. i don’t know just certain voices hit me certain ways and i love his voice. i’m actually listening to ‘my new career right now’ lmfao)
  • Cold Specks - neuroplasticity, 2014 (another one with really dark southern gothy tunes, but not as dark as mirel wagner though. her voice is a lot more, for a lack of a better word, ‘soulful’ and honestly her lives are amazing.)
  • Tego Calderon - el abayarde, 2003 (this album has a special place in my heart cause this is one of my grandmother’s favorite albums. she loved tego. she would play this album a lot in the summer and whenever i’m missing her i listen to this album.)
  • Earth, Wind, and Fire - let’s groove single, 1981 (who doesn’t love earth, wind, and fire lmfao i listen to this song at least twice a day.)
  • VV Brown - Samson & Delilah, 2013 (this album is like a 180 from her other work, it’s so dark and macabre and epic i love creepy black girls omg lmfao)
  • meli’sa morgan - do my baby, (a very good, hella slept on album it’s ridiculous. like everyone knows do me baby but there are other hella amazing tunes like ‘fool’s paradise’ and ‘do you still love me?’. fool’s paradise is song i listen to everyday also)
  • Ippu-do - radio fantasy single, 1981 (i’m running out of words. all i can say is this song fucking great and their cover of time of the season is so so so so good like)

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