A short list of things in Fairy Tail I still don’t understand:

because I am in a mood to be a bit a-holey

  • Where do the exceeds hold their slayers, and how is it so secure considering their weight and everything?

  • Why did Mirajane and Elfman accept vanishing Lisanna as dead, instead of maybe wondering how she disappeared and where to? Also Makarov probably knew of Edolas via Porly so that thought could have definitely occurred to him. Also everyone in the guild was okay with a no-body death declaration like that?

  • During Algeria in Tartaros, why didn’t Loke switch back to his own power an appear, instead of draining Lucy’s power and forcing her and Aquarius to resort to breaking her key.

  • Breaking the key called forth the Celestial Spirit King, but he appeared near Mard Geer, and Aquarius disappeared by then so there technically was a gap of at least a few moments where Jackal could have finished Lucy off but…didn’t??

  • How do Natsu’s fires never really burn anybody?

  • Why didn’t the dragon parents simply tell their wards that they were inside of them and why? Literally years of angst and turmoil could have been happily avoided.

  • future!Rogue tried killing Lucy once, failed and stood by while everyone cried as she was passing away instead of, I dunno, killing both in one other shot?
  • Natsu not warning Gray to not kill Frosch. I understand why he wouldn’t tell Rogue - smart move there - but not Gray?

  • No one asking about Natsu’s bandage till it he mentions having a new technique?

  • Acnologia now walking around from place to place as opposed to becoming dragon ex-machina like he did during Tenrou and Tartaros.

  • Gray’s attacks going through Juvia not being valid for most if not all her battles recently (and no, she turns to steam, steam should’t affect her the same way fire shouldn’t ever affect Natsu).
In Plain Sight

They could go days without talking to one another. Considering who Laxus was, Mirajane never found herself too surprised by that. He’d always been the silent brooding type, honestly, and she liked him that way. It made it more fun. Almost like they were keeping a secret.

Well, because they were. Mirajane had fallen hard for the silly little Dragon Slayer and he’d pledged his love to her a billion times already (actually forty-seven in the past nine months of dating, but she wasn’t counting or anything…), so they were pretty much together forever.

Not that this was a new feeling for Mira. Every relationship she had went about the same. She was in love instantaneously, he’d take her out to the most magnificent places, they begin planning a future together, she’d have their babies name’s picked out, and then, out of nowhere, it would all come crashing down. He’d stay out too late for her tastes or not come around enough or he’d get jealous of her modeling or flirting up at the bar. The reasons were as endless as she’d thought her love had been.

She’d sulk for awhile, but then, like always, she’d bounce right back. There’d be other guys, after all. Tons of them. There always were.

And it was the same for Laxus with women. Or, well, it used to be. He’d usually have one or two floating around for awhile, but they mostly were meaningless and limitless. He just wasn’t good with relationships for a number of reasons. For one, he didn’t like conversation. Especially about feelings or how someone’s day was. His schedule was impossible to map out. He could hang around for Magnolia for weeks on end and then, suddenly, be gone for nearly a year. He just wasn’t a steady, reliable guy. Then there was the fact that when he was around and was ready to talk, usually he’d have a rather discouraging thought about someone else on his mind. Either that or he wanted to brag on himself. And most people just didn’t want to put up with that.

But that was what made him so compatible with Mirajane. He didn’t need to talk. Actually, she preferred it because it meant that she could even more. Which, for the record, was a definite plus. And she didn’t care when he was in town. At all. Because she wasn’t going anywhere. Never. She was just right there, at the bar, where he left her, having fun without him. And she just thought it was so cute when he tried so hard to be rude to the guild members in an attempt to, as she put it, hide his love for them. Bleck. And talk about him? She loved to talk about him! Because talking about him meant talking about his jobs and she loved hearing about those.

She was just the closest to perfection that Laxus was going to get. And he really didn’t see an end in sight.

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