Miracle Max


Director Rob Reiner often left the set during Billy Crystal’s scenes because he would laugh so hard that he would feel nauseated, and Mandy Patinkin (Inigo Montoya) claims that the only injury he sustained during filming The Princess Bride was a bruised rib due to stifling his laughter in his scenes with Billy Crystal - who ad-libbed many of his lines including ‘MLT: mutton, lettuce, tomato’ and 'why don’t you give me a nice papercut and pour lemon juice on it’.


Inconceivable!!!  The cast of The Princess Bride reunited after 25 years.  I shed a tear seeing the small picture of Fezzik aka the late André the Giant in the bottom right corner of the reunion pic. Also the picture of the late Peter Falk (Grandpa/Narrator) is in the center of the group.

One last thing: Hiram, my editor, felt the Miracle Max section was too Jewish in sound, too contemporary. I really let him have it on that one; it’s a very sore point with me, because, just to take one example, there was a line in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid where Butch said, ‘I got vision and the rest of the world wears bifocals,’ and one of my genius producers said, 'That line’s got to go; I don’t want my name on this movie with that line in it,’ and I said why and he said, 'They don’t talk like that then; it’s anachronistic.’ I remember explaining, 'Ben Franklin wore bifocals - Ty Cobb was batting champion of the American League when these guys were around - my mother was alive when these guys were alive and she wore bifocals.’ We shook hands and ended enemies but the line stayed in the picture.
And so here the point is, if Max and Valerie sound Jewish, why shouldn’t they? You think a guy named Simon Morgenstern was Irish Catolic?
—  The Princess Bride, William Goldman