yg’s misogyny and bullshit

I wanted to make this post a long time ago and I guess now is a good time to post it. 

  • Yg has been talking about a debuting new girl group since 2011 and since then two boy groups have debuted, and some trainees thought to debut in the girl group have left 
  • Gummy, a former female soloist in yg, left the company because none of her music was being released and her albums kept being pushed back 
  • Big Bang and ikon got like 5 consecutive comebacks last year and there was pretty much no activity from female artists
  •  2ne1 and lee hi have not/ did not release anything for two years
  • Yg telling lee hi she “needs to improve” even though she is already super talented. This led to her working with tablo bc yg didnt do shit to help her
  •  Yg constantly saying bom needs to reflect, and never defending her while she’s dealing with depression, all while when other artists get involved in scandals they are able to release music to heal and show they are a better person (big bang) 
  • Literally postponing 2ne1s comeback and putting immense pressure on cl to do well in the US.  “As of now, we are focusing on CL’s American debut. After she does well [in America], we will think of [plans for] 2NE1,” and added, “2NE1 is contracted until next year.”
  • Lee chanhyuk asked yg to give his sister a solo while in the military so she isn’t dumped to the side in the yg building 
  •  Yg purposely ignoring his former girl group swi.t because he had a crush on his now wife “They would’ve done really well if I had invested more into that group,” he said. “But I was afraid that she would catch on, and so I purposely paid less attention to that group,” Yang Hyun Suk added, admitting he had a secret crush on her for 3 years.
  • Girl group “SuPearls” consisting of lee hi and other kpop star contestants disbands before they even debut, ultimately wasting the time of all the girls
  •  And now, Minzy leaving 2ne1 because of lack of activity and yg doing nothing to help her 
Things 2NE1 has personally taught me
  • A woman defines her own goddamn sexuality. She is beautiful whether she dresses skimpily or conservatively.
  • Insecurities will continue to exist into your 30′s. That’s okay. You are still perfect.
  • Coming from a broken family is okay. You’re not less valuable just because someone didn’t know how to love you.
  • Gay is a-okay.
  • Thick is good. Petite is good. Women’s bodies are always good. So, so good.
  • No matter how much society denies it, you are fucking gorgeous and will have many chances to show it.
  • Your body is yours. Get plastic surgery. Get tattoos. Reject each vehemently. Just do what feels good.
  • Never let a man’s opinion of you shape how you see yourself.
  • It’s okay to just walk away from it all.