Creative Conversation Mints

You will need:

  • package of Altoids mints
  • white tea light
  • creativity sand

to make the sand: mix about a cup of sand with two drops of yellow food coloring and one drop of almond extract or oil. Add 2 tablespoons of sea salt and a teaspoon each of caraway and ground almonds. Place in a jar and shake to mix. Charge under the sun. 

Place the container of mints on a stable surface where they won’t get bumped into or knocked over. Place a white tea light on the lid. Sprinkle the creativity sand over the candle and the container, then light the wick. Kneel in front of the flame and repeat a phrase of your design that will serve as a power phrase. Frame the words as you would phrase for a sigil, for example, “I am witty”, “My words are interesting”, or “My thoughts are creative”. Say the phrase intently, repeat if necessary. Allow the candle to burn out; you do not have to stay focused the entire time, but you should ensure that your will is properly placed before walking away. 

Once the candle has burned out, toss it out and brush off the sand. Whenever you’re in need of witty or interesting conversation, pop a mint into your mouth and focus on your power phrase. By the time the mint dissolves, you’ll be teeming with interesting things to say!