Creative Conversation Mints

You will need:

  • package of Altoids mints
  • white tea light
  • creativity sand

to make the sand: mix about a cup of sand with two drops of yellow food coloring and one drop of almond extract or oil. Add 2 tablespoons of sea salt and a teaspoon each of caraway and ground almonds. Place in a jar and shake to mix. Charge under the sun. 

Place the container of mints on a stable surface where they won’t get bumped into or knocked over. Place a white tea light on the lid. Sprinkle the creativity sand over the candle and the container, then light the wick. Kneel in front of the flame and repeat a phrase of your design that will serve as a power phrase. Frame the words as you would phrase for a sigil, for example, “I am witty”, “My words are interesting”, or “My thoughts are creative”. Say the phrase intently, repeat if necessary. Allow the candle to burn out; you do not have to stay focused the entire time, but you should ensure that your will is properly placed before walking away. 

Once the candle has burned out, toss it out and brush off the sand. Whenever you’re in need of witty or interesting conversation, pop a mint into your mouth and focus on your power phrase. By the time the mint dissolves, you’ll be teeming with interesting things to say! 

I found this at my local Village Discount a few weeks ago and just couldn’t not buy it. In case it’s hard to read, the smaller print on the box is “Great for serving peanuts, candy, mints, jelly beans, vitamins and many other edibles. Also for paper clips, buttons, safety pins and many other household uses”

Oddities Note: I posted your previous submission of this but I like the added description.

A tiny babby joins the fray!

Her name? Minty fresh
Her style? Nonexistant
Her bag? Probably has a sketchbook, a pencil case, her fav stuffed animal AND a 3DS, but not a phone
And her situation??? Lost in 2001 Italy please send help

Her stand on the other hand is Hot Milk (this name will change from time to time cause god names are hard) it’s ability is to control Inertia.

For example if someone were around to punch her, she can make it either so that the motion cannot be stopped or it cannot follow through! It also works with thoughts in that if you switch from one train of thought to another you forget the first one. 

Sadly it only works on people who aren’t determined and don’t have everything planned out, so this ability wouldn’t work on say, Jotaro, but it WOULD probably work on Okuyasu.

This poor lil child sadly also has NO idea how to control it yet, so it mostly works on her. Tough life.

Now that thats over with… Please help me I’ve been lost for like 7 hours and I can’t find my dad and im hungry and I’m going to CRY-

Gardening dealt with.

Oregano got it’s third trim this year, and is probably going to have a fourth harvest at some point. Anyone want some dried oregano? (If you want your own hell-spawn, you’ll have to buy it yourself. Oregano is a mint, and oooh boy! does it show.)

The catnip got it’s first trim, and it was a minor one. Same with the orange mint.

Lemonbalm got it’s first trim, and it was a nice harvest.

Cut back some of the thyme around the walkway down next to the house, so I’ve got some of that to dry.

Sage got left alone, as it has been fighting weeds all spring. Peppermint also did not get trimmed because it’s still a compact little thing that is currently arguing with the oregano about whether or not it should live. I’m doing my best to help it survive the oregano’s attempt to be the big bag of the garden.

The cucumber vine has sprawled all over the fucking place, is still attempting to eat a strawberry plant, is fighting with the lemonbalm for the lemonbalm’s corner, and is inching toward the catnip plant too. It has two cucumbers on it that should be ready by the weekend, and a lot of flowers that will mean lots of cucumbers.

The strawberry plants are still setting out flowers and fruit, though less that I’m getting to before the birds. Not too fussed about that at the moment.

And that’s the sum total of the garden this year. Next year: adding lavender and thyme. Butternut vine for the vegetable, maybe some onions or garlic.

Gonna go tie the bundles up and hang them to dry now. And today’s to do list just went to “fuck everything, I’m done”. (I did also get a drainer of dishes done, if only because I needed a clean mason jar for the last harvest of oregano to be stripped into.)