Mint literally just gets lazier

They belong to @askthechara

No, i never get tired of drawing these evolutions, they’re my life

Choco = Pure dark

Mint = A snorlax


i forgot to add, each one of these is based on a song uvu

Choco: Pagan poetry - Bjork

Mint: All by myself and Pogo - Data Picard

Downtown Las Vegas, 1980, well before they put a lid on it. Las Vegas is a side trip for a lot of 66ers, who make the 100 mile trip from Kingman. Just be sure and make the drive back to 66 and continue on to California.

Link to this image in my American Cities Gallery: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/las-vegas-1980-6-frank-romeo.html

Other Galleries to explore: http://frank-romeo.pixels.com/

Infinite Mint

Spearmint is a great reason to be alive. And the good news is you can make as many baby mint plants as you want with just one mint plant (or with just one generous (absent) neighbor with a spearmint plant).

I made a lovely bouquet of mint last Saturday.

As pretty as it was, I’m actually more interested in what’s going on below water level.

Tiny Roots!

The roots grow from the “knuckle” of the stem, I just plucked a few leaves off and submerged in filtered water with a sprinkle of root hormone.  You don’t need the hormone, it just takes a little longer without it.  Don’t forget to change out the water daily.

I used some coconut husk to line the bottom of the potting tray for better drainage without losing soil. I can neither confirm nor deny that I found the tray in my generous (absent) neighbors’ trash last week.

The little babes should take off as long as I keep the soil moist and give them plenty of shade. This time I cut up some stems with NO leaves on it but with roots at the knuckle. We’ll see if they grow!

Low fat yogurt with mango, raspberries and walnuts. 😋 Nice idea for a healthy breakfast 🤗💕
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anonymous asked:

Mint (this is not mint who even is mint what)

who even is mint you (not mint) ask?????? mint is my main bitch i love her so much she is pure sunshine and i feel so lucky to have met her through this hell site like wtf how did i even cope before???? she is my fave humans and i love her pups and she’s so great and also the word ‘mint’ is slang in my area for amazing, and honestly i think that sums her up pretty nicely, mint is mint and i love her

send me names and i’ll share my personal experience