*:・゚✧MIND STRENGTH ✧・゚*:

*This is a special zodiac potion for sagittarius but anyone can use it.

This potion is perfect for things like studying for exams, learning something new, concentrate on a certain thing to see it clearly, before you are going to do something important and you want to be as sharp as possible ✧ it all depends on the intention you make

we will be posting about the others soon!! 

baratkat  asked:

All the jokes aside, you know that I am and will continue to be here for you right? I know I joke around a lot and send you dumb ass memes but all I really do all day is talk to you because you make me genuenly happy and I trust you a lot, possibly more than I trust in anyone else in my life right now. I hope that you feel the same at least on some level and know that you can always went to me alright? I love you loads Barlow and my arms are always open for you and I'm ready to listen okay 💕

thank you for making my life more bearable and filled with laughter. i feel the exact same way mint, i trust you with everything, even stuff i don’t talk to anyone irl about. i love you so much and i’m always here for you too. thank you u wonderful lil bean i love you even if u do listen to kpop i forgive u