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He was confused when he first opened his eyes. He knew he was lying on the floor of his entry way, and he twisted his head to the side to see his glasses smashed. He took a deep breath, only to feel his lungs fill with smoke. There was a ringing in his ears that he only associated with battles.


His house was in flames, his glasses were smashed, and Lily…


And in a rush, his hearing returned as he started to scamper up the stairs. His heart thundering in his ears and his ragged breath only reminded me of how long he had been in hiding.

He reached the door just in time to see Lord Voldemort murder his son.  


The second time he woke up, he knew he was in St. Mungos. He was in a white wash room with a thin covering. His breathing sounded strained in his own ears and he felt as if the right side of his face was burning. Or melting.

He tried touching the wound, but the healers had casted a spell that prevented him from touching it. Probably infected. Most likely a burn from the house.

Though, as James settled into the pillows, he was thankful for the pain. His brain starting to cloud his other thoughts. The pain was something to focus on other than the image of Lily’s lifeless eyes staring up at the ceiling while Harry wailed and Lord Voldemort pointing his wand at a baby.


The third time, James was jolted awake. Not by a person or a feeling, but as if his dream pushed him out into the unforgiving reality of his life. He sprung up in his bed and casted a wide eyed look around the room, startled by the fact that one of the two chairs was occupied by Remus Lupin.

The other chair was over turned, most likely by Sirius Black. 

Remus, the insomnia of the group, looked up from his book; no doubt a muggle classic. 

“James?” Remus asked quietly, closing his book as James’ breathing started to relax.

“I’m awake.” James mumbled, rubbing his eyes and looking around the room. As if it would provide clues about the new world.

“You-you woke up a few times already.” Remus said, shakily, as James shrug his shoulders. He was known to be a light sleeper.

Lily was a deep sleeper.

“How long have I been asleep?” James asked, drawing his eyes down to the blanket in front of him.

“Only for the day. It’s still quite early in the evening. But, you know.” Remus said sheepishly as he threw a glance at the overturned chair, as if hoping that Sirius was there for this moment.

“Right.” James said, shaking his head.

There was a moment of silence. In which, James had no idea how to handle. The entire room felt like a dream, that any moment, Harry would wake him up. And Lily would hide under the blankets to get ’30 seconds of sleep’, which James knew was really, ‘half an hour more’.



“You do know-you know about them, right?” Remus asked, his voice ending on a higher pitch as James let out a sigh.

“That they’re dead?” He said in a deadpanned voice, that only made him wonder about the potions that he was fed.

There was a moment of silence. James heard Remus suck in his breath, puffing out his chest as he was about unleash something. He knew his friend after all.

“He’s not.”

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Characters from my WIP supernatural comic concept. I need to draw them more. From left to right: Burn Minstry, B.O.G.A.R.T., yet unnamed lesbian couple, and Otto Richter. 

Edificio del Banco de México, (hoy Secretaría de Hacienda), Antonio Rosales esq. Segunda de Obregón, El Centenario, Hermosillo, Sonora., México 1950

Arq. Gonzalo Garita con Leopoldo Palafox Muñoz y Gustavo Aguilar

Banco de Mexico Building, (now Minstry of Finance), Antonio Rosales at Segunda de Obregon, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico 1950

[ I didn’t know exactly how to approach Rizley’s backstory, as the character Rizley stems from much older stalk than GW2. Born from a child hood sketch based on a song by the Minstry, his name would be applied to my Khajiit Thief in Morrowind, and would continue to hold that name and job for the rest of the time that he would be a sneaky, thieving cat. He’s evolved into his own world, but his character has been applied many places, and so molding him into Tyrian Lore was a tough thing to do. Needles to say, sorry for the following paragraphs. Please don’t hate me. :c ]

Rizley :: Thief and Solidier, Outcast, Spy

With no certainty as to whom Rizley was born to, a Vigil warrior and a Priory Scholar, while passing by the Elder Vale in Frostgorge Sound, heard his cry from within a small bush, near what looked to be the remains of a male Charr who’d died from several arrows to the back and showed grave scorch marks across his body. The area had been seeing a great deal of Flame Legion attacks, and it wasn’t an uncommon sight, though it never stopped being a grisly one, at that. The moment they realized the sacrifice made by this lone charr to protect this cub of what could only be from an assuredly destroyed Warband or possible Charr outpost left a deep impact on the couple, and with no way to effectively idenitify who the male Charr was or of what Legion he belonged to, the couple made a decision, then and there.They would attempt to raise the young Charr under their roof, and hope that when the time came, they could find the right Fahrar to put him in. 

Rizley would age 3 years before he would be interred into a Fahrar, and at this point, many declined to take him in, speaking against the Norn’s ability to effectively raise a Charr cub, let alone teach him of the societal norms and nuances of command and loyalty. His talents, developing at an noticably early age, had shown a great understanding of hiding, or moving without being seen. It caused a great deal of trouble for the two, and though the Scholar was wary of the cubs instinctive nature towards violence, the Warrior saw in the cub the ability to understand the world from a different view than what was generally taught of other Charr his age. It would take months of effort to finally find an Ash Legion Fahrar that would accept young Rizley into their fold, and from then on, it would be the last time he would see his adoptive parents for the next 14 years.

During that time he would endure the hardships of trying to maintain what he learned in his upbringing while remaining loyal to newly found warband. He’d be scrutinized, name-called, and generally disliked by many of those developing warbands, though in time he would be accepted as one of them, his ability to coordinate with others seemed to be lacking. He was a loner, a wild tangent in a group that needed order, discipline, and teamwork, and though he had great potential in him, his talents would be wasted being forced into groups he did not fit into. His primus refused to allow him further participation in his current warband in light of his lack of cohesion with said Warband, and was thusly marked a Gladium pending review. The bonds that made a Warband did not hold, and as a young adult, he found himself out of work and with no certainty of any future ahead of him.

Then old Musgrave Shatterblade got a hold of him…

It seemed almost like a breath of fresh-air for Rizley, though the intermitent turbulance of this old Ash soldier’s stubborn nature and cold realist views put a great deal of strain on Rizley’s otherwise care-free attitude towards life. Musgrave had a much broader perspective on the world, putting aside the animal for the thinker, to show Rizley that his talents still needed development before they could work effectively with others. He’d learn to identify the way others moved, to observe, and to put his mind outside himself so that he could follow orders, issue them, and build plans that valued the whole of a team equally. It seemed like Rizley would finally be the soldier that the Legions needed, what they expected, and what they demanded.

Musgrave would continue to keep Rizley under his tutorship for a time until he was deemed ‘ready for duty’ .. he was still without a warband, but his display of skill in the field as something of an 'internship’ with other warbands who were running short a member, showed he could handle himself in a team, as well run on solo missions making him an acceptable candidate for invitation to any Ash Legion Warband willing to accept him. He was given special permissions to come and go as he pleased within the Black Citadel, as well as duties under the Ash Legion, and at times, soft-jobs for “the Order”, when they ever needed cooperation and willing participants from the Black Citadel. Even if he was living on the fringes of Charr society, all he needed was an in within a Warband he could respect and work with, and life would become much, much easier …. or so he thought ….


Thought I’d take a poll as to which comic project you guys would be most interested in seeing completed!
1) Sly & Doc: a character-driven, surreal & comic sci-fi dystopia-themed story about a guy & his chimp caretaker investigating strange occurrences in in their city (such as: random monoliths, a wandering astronaut, some mysterious lights) while operating outside the law & also logic.
2) Roswell Kids (working title): A couple of friends living in the bleak NM desert find themselves at odds w/ some strange paranormal occurrences. “Monster-of-the-week” format; all based in true events & accounts.
3) B.O.G.A.R.T.: Rogue FBI agent Burn Minstry rescues an experimental alien/human hybrid from a government facility. On the run, they team up w/ some conspiracy nutjobs & a government cleaner. (Art/designs are dated).
4) Untitled Horror Story: A junkie living on the outskirts of a small town discovers an underground system filled w/ inexplicable experimental life-forms. (Body-horror galore, concept-heavy). (Art/designs are dated).

Please feel free to shoot me the number you’re most interested in through chat or inbox. :^)

When you are tempted to get discouraged, remind yourself that according to God’s word, your future is getting brighter; you are on your way to a new level of glory. You may think you’ve got a long way to go, but you need to look back at how far you’ve already come. You may not be everything you want to be but atleast you can thank God that you’re not what you used to be.
—  Joel Osteen 

John 1:12-14, “Yet to all who did receive Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.”

You too can become a child God. This adoption is pricless; and, therefore not for sale. You can not work your way into God’s good graces. Works can be good, but are not the key to Salvation. You can not con your way into His favor, for He is no fool. Sound daunting, well it is not.

Believe it or not all it takes is faith. Faith to repent of your sins, believe that Jesus is the Son of God who died and rose again for you, and receive Him as your Lord and Savior. God will welcome you into the family of God as His son or daughter by your faith.


Michael Henry


and I punched things to this track because nothing makes you want to hit things more then Al Jourgensen Gibby Haynes together. #MInistry & #TheButtholesurfers #Perfection

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