EXO Rection to Their Crush Liking Them Back


Minseok would be so excited. He’ll scream, shout, and jump around with the boys but that would increase tenfold if he found out directly from you. If he found out directly from you, he will hug you so tight and scatter your face with so many kisses and not let you go for the rest of the day. Miseok won’t be able to stop talking it either.

“(y/n) likes me back! I can’t believe they like me back!”

“Minseok… I know. I am (y/n).”

“But still! You like me back!”

“And these are the times I question why I do.”


Lu would claim he wasn’t surpised but whe all know he practically died inside when he heard that you liked him back. He’d just look at you with a smal eyebrow wiggle and is just “well, who wouldn’t like me back?” You’d roll your eyes and the moment you show him affection, like a kiss on the cheek or a hug, he’d melt and get all giggly and squirm against you.

“You’re such a girl Lu.”

“What? No, I’m a manly man (y/n).”

“You giggled and blushed like a schoolgirl when I held your hand.”

“I don’t remember that. You must be mistaken.”


When Kris finds out you like him back, he will try and do something sexy or try and seem seductive but it ends up making you laugh. He’ll laugh out of embarassment and wouldn’t be able to face you, wondering why he even did that. The embarassment would increase when you walk over to him, motion him to lean down to your height, and kiss his cheek. R.I.P Kris Wu.

“Kris. I need to tell you something but you have to look at me.”

“Is it that I’m an idiot?”

“Well, if you come closer maybe you’ll find out.”

He leans down and you kiss his cheek.

“Yes but you’re my idiot though.”


Junmyeon would be absolutely speechless to find out you like him back. You’d probably confess yourself instead of someone else telling him and you’d have his hands in yours as you look at your feet. You’d have to repeat it because you muttered it the first time and when you look up, you’ll see his jaw open and his eyes wide. It took him a minute before he cupped your face and kiss you everywhere he could minus your lips(he wants to make that one special).

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this.”

“Well, if you were the one leaving me all those love letters then I know just how long.”

“You have no proof that those were me though.”

“I know your hand writting Junmyeon. Don’t lie to me. Besides, they were sweet.”


Yixing would hear that you like him and would go to you to ask you out immediately. He’d do it with flowers and everything, becuase you only deserve the best and sweetest. He’ll take your hand and place a kiss on the back of it before pulling out the flowers and asks you to be his. He’s been waiting a long while for a hint that you like him back and he’s not going to let you go now that he has you.

“Yixing, I-! What are you doing?”

“(y/n), I heard that you liked me so I was wondering…”

He rubs the back of his neck shyly as he pulls out the flowers.

“Will you be mine?”


No matter where he heard it, Baekhyun will just end up grabbing you and just cuddle you on a couch or a bed. He won’t let you go for the rest of the day, just burying his face in your neck and gushing about hou much he loves you and how glad he is that you like him back. Baekhyun will just be a needy puppy after finding out you like him so don’t expect to be going anywhere or doing anything that day.

“Baekhyun? Where did you come from?”

“I love you too jagiya!

“What? Where did you even hear that?”

“Doesn’t matter becuase I know it’s true and I’m not letting you go now.”


Jongdae being Jongdae, he will yell at the top of his lungs in victory of winning your heart. He will get just as excited as Minseok did and would soon be bouncing off the walls. The moment he sees you after he finds out, he’ll be so excited that he’d just grab your face and kissing you then and there. You would be hella confused but wouldn’t object in the slightest.

“I heard yelling, is everything okay in here?”


“Yes Jong-”

You didn’t even find out why you heard yells but you coud care less at that point.


Chanyeol would be beyond happy and would end up doing an excited little dance. You’d find it the cutest thing it the world and end up wrapping your arms round his waist, burying your face in his chest. You two would end up just standing there, hugging each other.

“You’re too cute for you’re own good Yeolie.”

“That’s not a bad thing is it?”

“No. No it is not”


Kyungsoo gets all flushed and blushy around you. He’s good at hiding his crush from you and everyone when he was unsure of your feelings towards him but now he can’t even stop smiling when someone mentions your name. It’s even worse when he’s around you. Kyungsoo won’t be able to even make eye-contact with you.

“Kyungsoo, are you okay? Why won’t you look at me?”


“I couldn’t hear you, what did you say?”

“I said I like you too (y/n).”

“I’m glad the feelings are mutual but I’m going to kill Byun…”


Honestly, it’d be surprising that you two wouldn’t be a couple already because Tao makes his feelings as obvious as he can. He has no shame about having a crush so he’d be surprised it took so long for your feelings to be returned. Even so, he’d be ecstatic to hear that you like him back after so long. 

“Took you long enough.”

“Tao, don’t make me regret liking you back.”

“You know I’m joking with you. But I have been waiting a long time to hear that from you.”

“Yeah, you’re very bad at hiding that you like me.”

“I wasn’t trying too.”


Jongin will get all flustered and shocked, taking a few steps back as his face gets all red and he gets all giggly. He’ll try and tell you that he likes you back but he’s so happy that he keeps stumbling and shaking from excitement. You’d get concerned and ask him what’s wrong and the only way he can figure out to show you what he’s trying to say is to give you a quick but sweet kiss.

“What is it Jongin?”

“I… (y/n)..”

“Are you okay? You’re shaking.”

He cups your face and places a small kiss on your lips.



Sehun, being the child he is, will get so happy that you like him back. He won’t be able to sit still at all after he found out and woud justcling to you. He will do anything to keep your attention on him, getting all whiney when you start talking with someone else or won’t pay attenton to him. 

“Sehun… I’m happy you like me back but you don’t have to be this clingy.”

“Yes I do.”

“I was texting my mom and you threw my phone into my closet.”

“You’re suppose to only pay attention to me.”

“It was my mom.”

“I don’t care. No one takes my jagiya’s attention from me.”

EXO: boyfriend Chen
  • oh boi this is my soft smol dirty minded boi
  • like before you even started to date, he’d make your day every single day w/ his adult humor and tbh this is probably one of the reasons you finally fell for him
  • aka don’t lie we’re all dirty minded 
  • :’))))))))
  • so when he realized that he’s starting to fall for you, this would really shake him up man
  • he was sure as hell he didn’t want to be stuck in the friendzone 
  • bc like……..he was 500% sure he was never going to feel the same way about someone if you were to reject him…………….ur his best friend man
  • so he told you straight up what the deal was 
  • and if it was any other person you’d think it was kinda hostile how he kinda cornered you and basically stated all the reasons why he loves you and gave you a choice whether to love him back or not and it’s like ??? 
  • but it’s Jongdae so
  • you were like…………deal
  • but also you probably can’t help but kiss him bc his satisfied smirk is unreal
  • okay now we got that out of the way
  • dude he is nOT a morning person
  • and whenever he’d pull you back in his arms when you want to get up, he feels bad about it afterwards ??
  • “y/n I am so very sorry I put you in this situation here today”
  • “ok so why are you still cuddling onto my leg”
  • “………………….it’s warm and also have I told you I loved you yet ;;;;;;”
  • but when it comes to making breakfast foods, he’s hella ready
  • w/ his ‘kiss the chef’ apron and spatula and everything aw
  • however there won’t be much kissing going on bc he’s deadly serious about perfecting those eggs and cook the sausages at the right temperature
  • afterwards he’s like “aren’t you glad your boyfriend is a great cook who spoils you every morning ;))))”
  • “jongdae it’s literally almost noon”
  • *feeds u a sausage* “shhhhh
  • in front of the other members, he will not hold back on his affections for you
  • he’s straight up french kissing you in their dressing room before a show and you won’t even realize how long you’ve been on the dresser until the members get agitated and call for him
  • “listen we know ur both like little lovesick bunnies but our company’s gonna literally kill us if we’re late to another show is2g jongdae”
  • he’s dead set on making you learn exo’s routines and honestly it’s so amusing
  • mostly bc you’re always complimenting him on his dancing skills 
  • “Aw baby you were dancing so great, you should join the dance line and leave all the singing to minnie”
  •  you probably will regret that bc he won’t stop belting off his high notes for the whole day bc you still low key hurt his feelings 
  • “no, baby, you gotta move your legs like this but keep your hand at your shoulder!!!!”
  • “babe look, I don’t think any normal human being besides exo can get the monster routine right just let me live”
  • “ok time for call me baby, then :’)”
  • he’s literally just always clinging onto your arm or waist 
  • and it’s kinda comforting bc you just have to turn your head and tell him a joke or something that just popped in your mind 
  • and he’ll always laugh and poke your sides 
  • and kiss your forehead all softly and probably makes you blush hella 
  • ohmygod I’m soft for him 
  • sometimes you’ll just be cuddled into his side as he plays w/ your hair and working on writing lyrics at the same time
  • and so he’ll absentmindedly hum along 
  • and freaks out when you speak up all of the sudden and tell him his voice is so soothing 
  • but now he’s screaming as he usually does bc you scared him lmao
  • he whines cutely in your ear a lot bc he knows it amuses you
  • he’s willing to slow dance w/ you anytime, anywhere 
  • like if he just hears a slow song or……….”Your song” playing, he’d pull you flush against his chest and leans his forehead against yours 
  • and the world just kinda slows down when you’re stood right here w/ him, so it ain’t all that bad 
  • always hyping him up over texts when he’s away and he happens to suddenly send you a selfie 
  • “OMFG that’s the loml?????? how is it legal for u to look like that in a suit when i’m not there ;((((”
  • but seriously tho he looks so fine in a suit
  • and he’s always dressing up and taking you out to fancy dates, but tbh all you’d care about is sneaking pics of him as he’s ordering or just staring at you without knowing
  • but he knows afagshdjkflglh
  • he loves taking baths w/ you and does it often after he’s worn out after practice 
  • and he’s such a gentleman like 
  • he’ll get out of the tub before you and hold up a towel and assist you when you step out omfg 
  • also always buys you flowers for no occasion ??? like he’s just 
  • “it’s what every boyfriend should do :’)”
  • jongdae pls
  • leaning your head on his shoulders as much as you can bc he’s so smol and soft and he loves this 
  • he’s just so cuddly in general like I don’t think you understand 
  • and also you should know that once he starts kissing you, things go downhill and neither of yall wanna stop anyway so
  • life’s good w/ dae 
  • so take care of him and love him and cuddle him 💛

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44335557! (17)

Part 17 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 2,488

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16

A/N: I said I would never be creative again, but I broke the promise because I feel like I got super creative today.

You NEED to click “Minseok’s link, it’s part of the fic”

If it doesn’t work for you let me know, I’ll upload it separately tomorrow morning anyway. Enjoy :)

Hey, I know where Ana is.”
You had Minseok on loud speaker as you were still sat next to Jongdae in the chicken shop. His head shot up at the sound of Minseok’s voice.

“Where? Where is she!?” Jongdae bounced up from his seat as he looked at you intently; tears pooling in his waterline.

She’s at the old abandoned lot up north.” Minseok breathed as Jongdae flicked his eyes towards the phone again.

“How do you know this?” Jongdae sniffed, wiping his runny nose with the back of his sleeve as his body began to tremble ever so slightly.

I…I was on my way to go see Chanyeol just now and I overhead these two woman talking about a girl and her boyfriend heading towards an old abandoned lot; their description sounded as though it were Ana, they said she was crying and they assumed that the couple had a fault out.”
You quirked your brow and you looked down at your feet, Minseok was lying and you knew it. You weren’t sure what was going on and what he knew but he was definitely lying.

“Well let’s go and find her, what are we still standing here for?” Jongdae asked as he ran towards the doors.

Fine, meet me at central station.” Minseok hung up the phone.

The train ride there was silent and awkward. Jongdae’s leg was shaking uncontrollably; you were assuming that he was thinking about Ana; whilst Minseok was sat on your right-hand side eerily quiet something was definitely up with him but you weren’t sure that now was the right time to ask. You got off of the train 20 minutes later as Minseok led you up an alleyway which was considered the short cut to the abandoned lot. You could see the lot now; it was scary to say the least, a dark aura pouring from the area. Jongdae rushed ahead but Minseok pulled him back roughly by the wrist.

“Wait Jongdae. We don’t know what we’ll find in there, we don’t know who may be in there. We need to think this through.”

“I don’t have time to think shit through Minseok, Ana’s in there and God only know’s if she is even still alive!”
“Give me a moment.” You looked over to your side and ran into the bushes; you rummaged through for a while before emerging with a thick branch. “Weapon?” You shrugged your shoulders as you handed it over to Jongdae. He bowed as he accepted it from you and then ran off into the direction of the lot. Minseok rolled his eyes as he began to run after him.

“Come Y/N let’s stay close okay, whatever you do don’t split up.” You nodded as you followed him towards the building. Your heart beating at the base of your throat.

It was pretty dark inside and you could hardly see anything apart from what seemed to be a kerosene lamp at the end of the hall. You all walked wearily towards the lamp and what appeared to look like a figure sitting a chair.

“Oh my Goodness! Ana!” Jongdae called as he ran towards the light.

“Slow down kid.”

You jumped as you saw a dark figure move into the light from behind Ana’s chair, her eyes were opened in fear as she looked at Jongdae, trying to mumble over the tape on her mouth. You stilled in your spot as you focused on the emerging figure. The voice sounded as though you had heard it before.
“What do you think you’re doing?” You could hear the smile in the person’s voice. But you couldn’t see their face as they were wearing a black mask. “You don’t just get the girl back like that. I mean come on now, that wouldn’t be fair on us would it.”
You breathed out slowly as you saw Jongdae walk closer to the individual.

“Jongdae…” Minseok whispered shakily as he stepped a little closer. You heard a muffled cry come from Ana as she struggled against the ropes that were holding her down to the chair.

Jongdae walked forward towards her chair.
“It’s okay Ana I’ve go—”

“What do you think you are doing?!” The person pushed Jongdae backwards roughly in the chest and soon he was hurtling towards the ground; losing a grip of the branch. “Like I said you don’t just get the girl back like that.” The individual dipped there hand into their pocket and pulled out a swiss-army knife flicking it open. Your eyes widened as they lunged downwards at Jongdae, slashing his thigh. “You’re being selfish Kim Jongdae.”

You screamed as you saw blood beginning to seep through his jeans. Ana screamed as well as her eyes widened further.

“Who- who are you?” Jongdae hissed through the pain as he pressed his hand down on the wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding. But the individual didn’t reply.

“Y/N get out!” Minseok shouted as he pushed you backwards. “Don’t get hurt, please get out!” He ran towards the masked individual and jumped forward at them tackling them to the ground. The pair scuffled against each other as you started to hyperventilate scared that Minseok would get stabbed in the process. You wanted to move and do something but you were paralysed in your spot, staring fearfully at the commotion unfolding before your eyes.
Jongdae let out a loud painful groan as he reached for the branch and slowly and forcefully dragged himself up to his feet.
The masked individual had somehow gained the upper hand in the split second that you took your eyes off of the pair.
Now the person was on top of Minseok holding the knife close to his cheek, allowing a little bit of blood to run free from the split through his skin.

“Bastard!” Jongdae shouted as he brought the branch down hard on the back of the masked individuals back causing them to scream out in pain allowing Minseok to push the masked individual off of him, he then manoeuvred his body on top and began to repeatedly punch the individuals face. “Y/N, please get it together! Help me…Help Ana!” Jongdae wheezed sinking to the floor as he clutched onto his thigh. You blinked as you nodded your head slowly and made your way towards Ana, your legs felt like jelly and you felt as though you would drop any moment.
You creased your brows together as you struggled against the ropes tied to Ana’s wrist, ankles and torso. She slowly pulled the tape away from her mouth and let out an ear-splitting shriek.


“Let’s get the fuck out of here!” Minseok shouted as he stood up from his space on the floor.
The other body was still, though you could still see their chest rising ever so slowly.
You grabbed onto Ana’s wrist as you dragged her out into the open with you, whilst Minseok swung Jongdae over his shoulder. “Who has a phone?” Minseok panted. “We need a hospital and I can’t carry him all the way. We need a taxi.”

Where did you run off too?” Sehun slurred over the phone. You rolled your eyes, he sounded helplessly drunk. You had just left Jongdae and Ana at the hospital; you and Minseok decided that the two of them needed some time to themselves. You and Minseok had parted ways soon after leaving, although you believed there were many things that Minseok needed to share with you, you decided to leave it for the time being since now wasn’t a great time. “Listen I drank so much, I drank myself into oblivion, I think I might die.”Sehun laughed drunkenly and it was making you feel dizzy and sick. “She called me. The bitch called me; my mum she fucking called. She said the divorce has just begun and she told me I’m a fucking disgrace. How dare she the stupid bitch!…” You heard him take another sip from the bottle, his lips popping away from it again. “I loathe her. I loathe them all…and Mei and Baek…and you! Where are you?! Get here or I might kill myself.”
you frowned as your heart began to bang against your chest, your palms becoming sweaty with fright and anxiety.

Don’t say those kind of things Sehun, that’s not funny.” You breathed down the phone, you looked up at the clock tower in the city central, it was already 11PM, you had better text your mum and tell her you were at Baekhyun’s you thought to yourself. She’d be okay then.

Who said I’m fucking joking…I’m not.” He took another sip from the bottle. You were tired, overwhelmed and honestly still shaken up, you wanted nothing more than to just go home and sleep, but you couldn’t take the chance, whether he was bluffing or not. You had to help him out. You groaned inwardly as you turned back to the direction you were coming from waiting for a bus towards Sehun’s direction. Your feet were sore and the thought of taking your shoes off was making you much more excited than it should have been.

Just hang on Sehun…you idiot.”

Around 20 minutes later you found yourself staring at a drunken, dishevelled Sehun who was sprawled out on the kitchen floor, still shirtless. The way that you had left him when you went to go and look for Ana. He was half way through the final bottle of alcohol and at this point you could only feel pity at how helpless and stupid he looked. Rich people had problems too.

“So you decided I was important enough, to come back to.” He scoffed as he stuck his middle finger up at you. You rolled your eyes as you walked over to him and grabbed him up by his arm.

“Get the heck up Sehun. Go to bed, I really don’t have time for this shit.”

“But you had time for Baek?” He raised his brow at you. He snaked his arm out of your grip and then proceeded to grab your wrist in place; dragging you towards the bedroom with him. He dropped down on the bed. His eyes were red as he looked up at you; his hair an absolute mess. “Sit.” He commanded you as he pointed at the space beside him.

“You’re s—”

“I said sit!” He cut you off as he shouted the command louder this time. He looked at you with an emptiness in his eyes, but it was a different type of emptiness, one that you had never seen before. His breath smelt heavily of alcohol and his hands were trembling ever so slightly. “My parents are getting divorced. They’re actually doing it…Why aren’t you comforting me?” He breathed heavily as he looked at you darkly making you lean back a little bit. “Baekhyun joining Reiji was voluntary. My parents getting a divorce, on my behalf, was involuntary. So why is it that you’re paying attention to the one with power in his hands. What the fuck do you like so much about that short fucker anyway, did you date in the past or what?”

“No we di—”

“I don’t care.” He cut you up again. “I never loved Mei.”

You creased your brows together in confusion as you looked at Sehun; he was jumping from topic to topic and now he was saying things out of the ordinary.

“You’re drunk you need sleep.” You pushed him backwards in an attempt to make him lie down on the bed but he slapped your hand away violently.

“No! I said I never fucking loved her!” He lamented profoundly as he pushed your shoulder. “Aren’t you fucking listening to me? Don’t you ever listen? I’m always telling you to not touch me but you do! Goodness! I said I never loved her, she was just high enough in class to please my parents and she’s a good listener so she’d listen to all of my problems, that’s it. Oh- and she was great in bed. Now that’s the end.” He laughed as his eyes struggled to stay open.

“Sehun you need to sleep.” You said softly, trying to keep his mood calm and level.

“You remember that day that we were about to make out in front of you. I was so proud of myself. Your face…you looked so hurt… you looked so upset…I wanted to make you so fucking jealous.” He shifted closer to you as he lay down and wrapped his left arm around your waist. You looked down to see him still staring up at you intently.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” You frowned. “And get off of me.”

“I said…I wanted…to make you jealous. I wanted to make you jealous as fuck. Seeing me and Mei like that, I know it drove you mental.” He slurred as he smiled at you sadistically. “You wished you were Mei I know you did. Why were you so bothered otherwise.” He squeezed your hip as he let out a snort. At this point you were aware that Sehun was heavily intoxicated and you were trying to carry on reminding yourself that. “If it makes you feel better babe, you’re cuter than my ex. You’re a thousand times sexier, physically and physically sweetheart.”

“No, that’s it. I’m leaving.” You pushed his hand away from your body as you rose from the bed.

“Why!” He screeched. “Why you bitch!? You just got here. Are you scared you’ll enjoy it too much if we sleep together, you think it may lead to something more. I can’t promise it won’t” You looked over your shoulder at him; his smirk was lewd and it made you want to vomit blood. “Why are you fucking running back to Byun Baekhyun! He’s the one that got you fucking injured in the first place!”

You turned on your heel as you looked at him with wide eyes.
“What are you talking about?”

Baekhyun’s P.O.V:

Baekhyun’s eyes were large with anticipation and anxiety as he began typing frantically on the keyboard.
Who is Kim Minseok’, ‘Kim Minseok’, ‘Ten Lee’ but nothing was showing up. There were so many Kim Minseok’s and Ten Lee’s and he couldn’t seem to filter through it all.

“What the fuck, why can’t I find anything?” Baekhyun whispered under his breath. He needed answers and he needed them quickly. He had been searching for a while and now and still nothing was coming up, until finally he had had enough. Rushing to his room to retrieve his phone he began to message Minseok:

Baekhyun: Who are you Kim Minseok?

Minseok: Just stay away from Reiji Baek.

Baekhyun: I said who the fuck are you Minseok?! I can’t find anything.

Minseok:  -Minseok has sent you a link-  
  //503- Ten Lee- Breaking news! #28371900#_”

Minseok: Click it.

Minseok: And don’t you breathe a word.

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me watching exo @ the soba awards:

the eve

- hi where the fuck is chanyeol :,)

- did suho just do chanyeols part in the eve

- im starting to suspect that pcy is not in the building

- when kai runs his hand down himself

- when baek was still in his “소리가~” zone and you see him realize he held it for awhile and in a split second switch back into a straight face as the camera pans out >> it’s adorable btw

- kyungsoo is looking real good in this HAT COME ON NOW

- how is the camera gonna pan up from kais inner thigh like that i nearly hfucking spilled my drink

- because of the # of members they couldn’t do the paired up arms thing :(

- every time minseok is highlighted i’m convinced angels exist

- here we go again with kyungsoo and the fuckig hat i think i just got knocked up

- chens aggressive knee lift


- again where the fuck is chanyeol


- shimmy shimmy kokobop i think god exists because id been praying to see the eve/kokobop preformed live again and this is what i got

- did sehun just do chanyeols part because this is the most i’ve ever heard this boy during a performance (i was just blessed)

- kai did the lil booty pat too late but guess what….. he still pat that booty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- minseok might be wearing black but im still convinced this man is an angel made of the purest heavenly light 

- did chen just fubcking dab i thought we were over this i saw no dabs at the very end of kokobop promotions but if the long boy pcy isn’t there….. at least one dab is required

- on a serious note i really thought pcy appeared at just the end of the choreo thx to that dab

- anyways baby boy sehun really killed it today :’)