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Anyone out there have information/experience with interrogating and arresting a minor? Like, if a 16 year old were suspected in a disappearance, what would be the process/legal red tape in interrogating him and arresting him?

Interrogation of a minor works the same way it does with adult suspects: they have all their constitutional rights and have been made aware of their Miranda rights. The only difference is a parent or guardian must be present during any interview. Interrogation can happen either in a police department or outside (hospital room, child’s room, etc).

When a minor is arrested and taken into a police department, they are kept separate from adult offenders at all times. If there are no adults in the booking room (a room where people are placed for processing after being arrested), the child can wait there. Otherwise, they must be moved to another location (usually an office). If they are reasonably suspected of being responsible for a criminal act, they must be placed in a cell or lockable room (regardless of whether the room is locked or not). The suspect can only be held for six hours and must be monitored at all times. If no one can be contacted regarding the care and shelter of the child or the adult refuses custody, the police can submit a request to detain the child for the safety of the child. 

A separate record log is kept for juvenile holdings. Anyone under the age of majority who is detained for any amount of time and any reason must be recorded in this log book. A copy of the log is attached to the case report.

Any minor charged with a crime has their fingerprints and photo taken. When this information is entered into the police database, the record gets a “juvenile” designation. A parent or guardian must be contacted and informed of the whereabouts of the child, the reason for their arrest, and the police’s intentions for further action.

To release the child before a court date, the police issue a summons, a formal complaint, and a promise to appear form, and the child must be released to a parent, guardian, or other appropriate person or agency. If the child is almost at the age of majority, the officer can choose to release them “into his or her own custody,” though the forms are still given to a parent or guardian. If the officer cannot reach a suitable adult authority, the forms are sent to the parent or guardian’s home address.

The officer can also choose to send the child immediately to a juvenile detention center if the crime is a “serious juvenile offense” (see below) or there is already an outstanding warrant or court order for arrest. If this is done, the police will not issue a summons, and processing of the minor is handled by the detention facility.

Of course, depending on the type and severity of the crime (such as murder or gang-related activity), it is possible for the child to be tried and convicted as an adult.


ayominho says: In most states it is NOT true that a kid can’t be interrogated without a parent being present. Cops generally have to tell a kid they can consult with their parents before they can question a kid. Check the state laws where your story takes place people. Laws vary.

the-littlest-daisy added: this isn’t true, i was arrested before and i wasn’t read miranda rights, they tricked me into believing i was picking up my stuff they took from my house after they arrested my brother

Offenses that fall under “serious juvenile offense” include:

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And this is why all children should read The Handmaid's Tale

[TW for abuse, anti-choice rhetoric]

In most states, in order to obtain an abortion, a teenager must go before a judge and request an exemption from the parental notice requirement. Usually, the young woman requesting such exemptions is terrified of what her parents will do to her if they found out she was pregnant – i.e., her parent(s) are abusive, she’d be disowned, kicked out, punished, etc. Nevertheless, the law refuses to trust these young women as to what is right or true in their own lived experience, and demands that they somehow skip school, find transportation, pay the filing fees, wait an indeterminate amount of time to go before a court, and appear before a judge whom will evaluate whether or not they are eligible for an abortion (specifically, whether or not the individual is exempted from parental consent prior to obtaining an abortion, which effectively amounts to the same thing). If a judge finds that the young woman is too irresponsible or immature, the request will be denied.

…Think about that.

If a court finds that a young woman is too irresponsible or immature to have an abortion, she will be forced to bear a child.

If a minor is deemed too puerile to understand the consequences of abortion, they will effectively order her to have a baby.  

If she is too juvenile or emotionally unstable, she must then become a mother.

THIS is the vision of justice and the joy of motherhood under these abortion regulations. THIS is what happens when we don’t trust women to be the ultimate arbiters of their own lives. THIS is the logic of the pro-natal state. 

Welcome to the Republic of Gilead.

That's it, I've had it.

k, seriously I am sick of not having the same rights and privileges as adults. I tired of being treated like I am stupid and irresponsible because I am a teenager. most of all sick of being expected to act like an adult, but being treated like a child. I can prove that im not stupid or irresponsible if this country would give us a chance. instead we only have like 4 god given rights…none others. one of them doesn't even count because when you are a teenager, no one care about your freedom of speech or what you have to say, just because they think we are STUPID! I cant believe that after how far our nation has come with bringing equal rights to everyone, minors have been completely left out of the picture. Movement in the making.

Top 1% of Earners by Major

View the breakdown the top 1% of earners by their college major.

I was surprised by a few of them. Mathematics, Physics, and Accounting are surprisingly low considering people usually see them as the top earners. Art History is higher than one would expect based on how people seem to view the major. But then again, I didn’t expect Political Science to be as high as it is either. 

Greg, it came to my knowledge that you have started conducting weird polls on your onision.net site so I decided to look it up. One of the first questions you asked your fans in those recent polls was how old they are:

Once again, it is confirmed that your active fan base clearly is underage, by their own words, just like this poll also showed:

With that in mind, you clearly know how old (or how young) your active fan base is and in that the fans who are voting in your polls. 

With all those things in mind, and the fact we all also know that you are a man soon to hit his 30s, I wonder why it is that a guy who’ll hit 30 next year has such an interest in the sexual activities of underage (mostly female) fans who look up to him and even idolize him? Why are you so interested in the sex life (or lack of one) of young, underage girls around half your age?

Things like these are what I’m talking about:

These polls were made a few days ago but it isn’t the first time Greg has taken an inappropriate interest in the sex life (or, again, the lack of one) of his underage fans, as you can see below.

You’re a grown man, Greg, you’re not supposed to be interested in the virginity of your underage fans! Why are you?

It really disgusts me. Many of those people are young vulnerable girls who look up to him and for him to take advantage of that is honestly alarming in my eyes, especially with his history. 


Here. Have a cheatsheet for legality involving minors and smut RP. It’s pretty concise, if you have questions, reread it, and/or check the definition of porn. (That’s anything marked R to NC-17 to XXX.)

This goes for anyone. Are you under 18? Then your partner is in trouble. Are you both under 18? You’re both having unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Look I asked lawyers. They said it’s prudent. Deal with it and stop looking for loopholes. If you or your partner or both are under 18, no smut. Period.