What the conservative caricature of “safe spaces” gets wrong

The short of it: Allowing safe spaces doesn’t mean that whole campuses are cordoned off as places devoid of any controversial or challenging ideas. Safe spaces are, instead, a specific place where people of certain groups — racial, religious, and so on — can go temporarily to talk to and hang out with peers in a similar place without having to do the kind of cultural translation that a more diverse crowd might require.

I might be that debby downer or whatever but as an dedicated emison shipper, there is no way i can be all excited from this summer finale. This is basically EXACTLY like 5x05. 

  1. Emily comforts Alison
  2. They have a basic kiss for like 5-10 seconds before we get cut off with an Ezria scene
  3. Then they act like nothing happened for the rest of the episode.

The only difference is that we actually saw them sleeping AND ALISON IS PREGNANT.

Sorry, I’m not excepting this with PLL ending in 10 episodes.

The concern in that last post impacts my relationship with every single man in my life and if you haven’t seen a literal CHILD express things about women that deeply horrify you and have closely considered that you can do all you want as an individual influence in his life and he has no reason to respect your opinion because you’re a woman (funny trap right) or watch a really genuinely sweet kid grow into a piece of shit partly because he’s basically been abused since birth into shutting off all of his feelings and expressing mostly those which are about how much he hates women and because he has no idea how to cope with having feelings without causing women pain, like. You don’t know what women are talking about.

BOOK REVIEW: Lords of Asia Minor: An Introduction to the Lydians by Annick Payne and Jorit Wintjes

AS an introduction to ancient Lydia, some discussion is far too technical for a general reader. However, the clarity and conciseness of discussion on Lydian history and culture alone (Chapters One and Five) should be sufficient reason to consider purchasing and reading this work. While some discussion of ancient Lydia may be confusing, especially the Lydian language, it is still by far the best introduction to ancient Lydia.

In Lords of Asian Minor, Annick Payne and Jorit Wintjes provide a wonderfully clear and accessible introduction to the Lydians. Through the succinct exploration and presentation of five major aspects of ancient Lydia, the reader is left with a solid, introductory knowledge of Lydia’s history as a minor regional power, then major regional power, and as a forgotten, mythologized people group. More nuanced discussions, namely on archaeology, inscriptions, civilization, and legacy, more fully illustrate the nature of Lydia following a historical overview.

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Book review by William Brown on AHE

i’m actually sobbing tbh i can’t believe i never knew how tall eeez is (or is it eaze? the little boy who travels w/ tyki in any case i’m too upset to check) 

he’s 110 cm. 3'7. and he weighs 19 kg. that’s like 41 pounds. he’s like eleven and he is t i n y and i’m so upset tyki needs to take him and put him in a big house where he can grow and not be homeless and near death and god just let this teeny child rest

pilferingapples  asked:

♢: Forehead or cheek kisses, Bahorel and Prouvaire?:D (also this is the best meme ever)


This takes place a few days after the events of Fellows In The Firmament (Jehan is recovering from a concussion received at the hands of the police).

…well, this got away from me a bit. Whatever emotions you’re having, I promise I’m having them too. Let’s flail about it?

Bahorel dragged his feet up the stairs to of his building, flicking water from his hands as he did. He’d been walking home from an absolutely dreadful class when the skies, which had been threatening rain all day, had seen fit to dump a frankly rude amount of water on him and his favorite black coat. He’d been planning to wear it again tomorrow — it complimented his red-and-gold waistcoat quite nicely, and tomorrow definitely felt like a red-and-gold waistcoat sort of day — but now that plan needed to be amended, and if there was anything Bahorel hated, it was amending his outfit plans.

He reached the top of the stairs, flung water droplets from his hair one last time, and threw open the door to his rooms to find Jean Prouvaire on his sofa with a book in hand.

“Oi!” yelled Bahorel as Prouvaire tried to shove the book under a nearby pillow. Before he could, Bahorel strode across the room, snatched it from his hands, and held it aloft. Prouvaire turned a deep, fiery red and crossed his arms.

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Elea-Tiri, Lady of the Slow Path

Domain(s): Elea-Tiri presides over growth. She blesses home gardens, be it an entire yard or a single planter, and grants focus and clarity to those pursuing knowledge.

Offering: After planting your seeds or before studying, leave out an extra cup of tea near your work. (Must be hot.) Come morning, the cup will be empty.

Appearance: The Lady of the Slow Path is heard more often than seen. When you hear a familiar voice whisper in an unfamiliar language, you have encountered this spirit.

Her symbol is written thusly:

Dudewrath the Exalted

Domain(s): Dudewrath is a minor luck deity who confers solace and good fortune to those who seek his favor. He delights in puns and clever wordplay.

Offering: Leave some rice and your loose change at one of his shrines, along with a note of your request.

Appearance: Dudewrath takes the form of a great Irish elk or more rarely, a dire wolf. His symbol is a circle with six rays, arranged thusly:

MinieMode, She of the Black Mirror

Domain(s): MinieMode is an aesthetic spirit. Invoking her blessing grants clear, healthy skin and flawless makeup application. She does not suffer fools.

Offering: Draw her symbol in chalk, then speak words of affirmation to another. In two days’ time, you will receive her blessing.

Appearance: MinieMode has many aspects, often appearing as a young woman, and can sometimes be glimpsed in the reflection of device screens. 

Her symbol is written thusly: