Hmm? What am I doing? Oh you know, just collecting pictures of the biggest dork in the series. 

Like I know people don’t like to hear this on here, but,,, Exercise does temporarily relieve anxiety and/or depression and chronic exercise has even been known to reduce catecholamine and cortisol levels in the brain when a stressor is presented to an individual,,, Lots of research has been done specifically on exercise and anxiety and, like, aerobic exercise is best (running, walking, elliptical, etc.) whereas strength training and the like can actually increase anxiety momentarily. Meanwhile, in depression, any form of exercise helps.

I know y'all don’t like it when neurotypicals present exercise as a form of treatment but (especially w anxiety) it’s been clinically shown to work just as well as medications. Also, like, you can trust me,,,I study this ish and suffer from (diagnosed) anxiety and depression. I’ve been working out and exercising since January and I see an overt difference in my quality of life (ESPECIALLY where my anxiety is concerned).

If you don’t have time or the motivation, then fine, but all the posts I see on here about how exercise doesn’t help just aren’t,,,true. It does help. Even just walking for 20 minutes will help if you do it three-to-five days a week. (Eating well also helps. Couple exercise w smaller portions of foods and/or more veggies and fruits and you’ve got yourself a helpful anxiety and/or depression treatment!)

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yknow what I found sad in P5? Whilst the girls are bad at cooking gag is happily gone, theres no side group scenes like it. Plus other than two times, there arent any real celebratory events to really sell the friendgroup dynamic like you got in P4.

There was the scene where they all made stew, but that quickly turned into a pretty sad scene, rather than a fluffy one. 

Really, I enjoy all the drama in P5, but it could really have needed more fluff between the Phantom Thieves. The way the School Trip Event was only brushed over was kind of a shame. 

But Yusuke’s lobsters are still immortal. Bless the first beach trip. 

“Malcolm Gladwell wrote this book where he basically said in order to be an expert at something you have to do 10,000 hours. And he kind of looked at it across the board of all these different professions, so whether you’re a tennis player or you’re a surgeon or you’re a neuroscientist or whatever. You know, he decided that 10,000 hours was like the magic number. That’s what it takes to be an expert at something. And I remember George [Saunders] telling me—and this is at a point when I was really struggling with this novel—he said, Rahul, you’ve done your 10,000 hours. He’s like, you’ve done your 10,000 hours you just need to just trust yourself now.” –Rahul Mehta

Ten thousand hours. I think we’ve all put in that amount of time for something, and not just sleeping and eating necessarily. 

On Underage Smut

As a 18+ roleplayer, I should NOT have to consistently remind minors over and over and over again that absolutely under no circumstances will I roleplay smut and anything relating to smut with someone who’s underage. It’s illegal. You’re going to get me trouble with the fucking law. Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t, and I’m not going to go spend time in jail because you just had to write porn.

“But I had to lie about my age! No one will RP with minors anymore!” 

Well gee fucking willikers! I wonder why that’s a thing? You think it has something to do with the fact that minors don’t care about the well-being of their adult partners and jump through hoops to get in on that saucy, naughty fiction?

Bitch all you want, but there’s a reason 18+ rpers won’t write with minors much these days, and it has everything to do with smut. Now how do you fix this? Just wait the next few years out and, when you’re finally legal, you can start sending in NSFW prompts. But, until then, keep it to yourself.

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if you're old enough to be an asshole to people, you're old enough to be called out for it. sorry 'bout it, minors. your age is not a golden ticket to being terrible without repercussion

Ding ding, exactly. Also, you’re supposed to be at least like… 14 to be on this site? Maybe 13. At any rate, “not being an asshole” isn’t hard, even at a young age (though “being foolish/idiotic” can be a challenge)

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Everyone goes on about protecting minors and not holding them accountable. But fuck that! If a minor is in a place meant for adults, and gets an adult in trouble, then the minor is just as much at fault as the adult. You see minors on the internet all the time in adult spaces, you see them catfish adults for free shit all the time, and faking their age to access sexual content online. These types of minors aren't innocent, they know what they're getting into.


For Young Witches 

This post is for ‘young’ witches for the most part. If you’re currently living in your parents’ household and you practice magick, this post is for you. Ok, so I guess you probably know by now that magick is for you. I guess you now know that magick is your “Home”, you now know that this is YOUR path, you know that you’re at the right place. Good. But you cannot practice as much as you want to or you probably do not really have the freedom to do so. 

You may be living with religious parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents who are not really fond of magick, let’s put it this way. So you come on here and you see all these incredibly beautiful posts, all these incredibly beautiful pictures, photos. Tools, rituals, spells, you name it, it’s all here and you know that you cannot do any of that for the time being. Many of you cannot even purchase any tools whatsoever. Don’t be despondent because of this!

I used to be exactly like you but not anymore. You won’t be a teenager for the rest of life. You won’t be living with your parents for the rest of your life. You won’t be a minor forever. So chin up! Like, now, smile and chin up. I know what it’s like but please know that you’re not the only one. I know how brilliant and beautiful people’s tools can be, their books of shadows, tarot decks, candles, herbs, incense, athames, and so on and so forth but 


 There is only one thing you need to do magick. Know what that is? It’s you, love. It’s you. It’s always been you. So don’t let the fact that you don’t have any tools keep you from practicing magick. Don’t let that bring you down one bit. 

  • You are a creator.
  •  You are THE creator.

 The tools – all of them without any exception whatsoever – can only help you with your magick. No tool can do it for you. No tool can do magick for you, no tool on its own can bring about change, results, manifestations. You are the one who brings about change through your thoughts, emotions, and intention. 

Besides, you can always craft up your own tools. I’ve seen some truly wonderful tools here on tumblr, all of them hand-made, all of them incredibly beautiful. Don’t have any magick books or can’t afford them? No problem! There’s tons of books that can be found online. So don’t give up. Don’t give up on your path. Don’t give up on your practice. Don’t give up on yourself just because your parents do not support your choice. You may respect their choice, respect the fact that they have different beliefs than you but don’t let that affect you too much. 

If you have done your ‘’soul-searching’’ and you have reached the conclusion that magick is for you, just do it anyway and again, BE CREATIVE! Eventually, you will leave your parents’ house and you will live on your own and let me tell you there’s nothing in the world that could top that off. Nothing. Just imagine it. Imagine having your own apartment, your own place. You could set up as many altars as you wish, you could do magick whenever the hell you’d want, you could do whatever you want, whenever you want it. And you WILL!

And when this happens you will be free to practice freely. You will be able to get as many tools as you wanna get. You will be able to purchase as many books as you want to purchase. For all I care you could even turn your entire apartment into an altar room (or two… or three… or more!). Gosh, I’m so guilty of that. I can still remember that day… the day I got my first tools, my athame, my first tarot deck, my crystals, my wand, altar clothes. I was literally shaking. I couldn’t breathe. That day must have been one of the happiest days of my life. I was so happy that I was gasping for air. I just couldn’t stop smiling and that day will come for you, too. But until it does, please smile, please be patient with yourself and keep practicing. Keep reading, keep expanding your horizons and your knowledge! Keep learning, keep studying, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing. Don’t give up! There is Hope. 

~~That day will come, you know it will and when it does you will be the happiest person on Earth. Smile and CHIN UP my fellow witches. ~~

*shouting off the top of a building in a crowded city*