Day: 1739B
Shirt: Prince - Lovesexy 1988 Tour
Color: Black
Brand: Gurney
Source:   midday shirt change to show some respect to the MN rocker, the purple Prince and his early demise. You gave us great songs and sadly got sucked up into the vortex of 2016 musicians that left this earth too early. Although I get the feeling Prince left this earth a while ago, cause he was on another plane

open to: males. 

          ❛ sorry what ?? — what do you mean you booked a table at olive garden? i booked a table at olive garden. ❜ heather thought she knew the man, but apparently not. to her he was known for being a little forgetful, or not caring for valentine’s day. she’d accepted that and not talked about it much but still decided to surprise him by booking a table for dinner. she knew he was free but somehow they had now double-booked themselves apparently. ❛ i just — i didn’t think you would, so i did. ❜


Day: 1713
Shirt: Car Seat Headrest - Hugs (Reproduction)
Color: Red
Brand: Jerzees
Source: ….every one in a while you hear a new record that you just get stoked on and listen to 20-30 times In a row. A friend tuned me on to this dude and it just reminds me that I feel like some people were set on this earth to write songs, and play music. I believe it is streaming now on the innaNet so go check it out, and thanks to an Internet snafu you buy it early. I wanted to buy a shirt last week but the site only has had smalls forever so I made this one myself. Sorry @notcarseatheadrest I bootlegged your shirt but I did give you money on band camp and ordered the shirt from Matador 😁. If you need more shirts let me know


Day: 1556
Shirt: Kurt Vile and the Violators - A Philly Wedding
Color: White / Red
Brand: Tultex
Source: (10/14) this kinda shirt was the whole reason I started this whole project. When rad people who make art team up with musicians you love the music from it just makes for a great final product. Went and saw @kurtvile last night, great fucking show but his new album is fucking good, so it was much like this shirt. Just a good marriage of the two. Stoked for my man and fellow shirt hoarder @perryshall who did the art for this hoagie of a winner. Great unique design. I can honestly say it’s the first musician sandwich shirt I have ever seen. Perry is a great illustrator and also takes amazing shirtless photos when he is not at home drawing. Good stuff
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Day: 1317
Shirt: Radiohead - Stanley Donwood Cat Drawing
Color: Black
Brand: Gilden Ultra Cotton
Source: (Wed) it’s easy to love or hate Radiohead they are a band that is just so massive it’s easy to write them off if they are too big. But goddamn if they don’t keep making interesting music. Every record is a level above the next. They push it to new limits both musically and in the business of music. So for that alone I commend them.

Day: 1117

Shirt: Violent Femmes - Gone Daddy Gone

Color:  Black

Brand: Hanes

Source:  This is from yesterday.  i was kinda busy all day in a 2-Day Screen printing Workshop to tighten my game up.  so this is what was going down on my body.  I got no sleep, had to ale up super early and drive far to take this class so i was too beat to write up yesterday.  but…This first album.  so good, must be nice knowing you made such a great piece of work.  


Day: 1676
Shirt: Chk Chk Chk - !!!
Color: Baby Blue
Brand: Fruit Of The Loom Heavy
Source:   Bands that you like that are from your hometown, but only materialize after you get the fuck out of there.  i coulda had Chk Chk Chk, but instead i got Cake, and Deftones.  the Later i can deal with but the former (Cake) i coulda done without.  

Day: 1363
Shirt: Black Flag - My War 🔪 (90′s SST Superstore Version)
Color: Turquoise
Brand: Oneita
Source: (yesterday)  a wonderful acquisition from @tadkeys from back when SST used to have a store in LA you could go shop in. BUT more importantly today’s post is dedicated to those unique people you meet or just start following on Instagram. Like this guy from Japan named @mywar_yuichiro who has been wearing a different My War shirt since Dec of last year. There is that part of me that appreciates just how much work it takes to do something like this and stick to it. Go check him out its pretty rad. Good job Yuichiro!🎉👍🔪


Day: 1293

Shirt: Metallica - Damage Inc. (‘94 Issue)

Color: Black

Brand: Giant

Source:  It’s easy today to write off these dudes with some the stuff they have going on these days.  then you remember they put out albums like Ride the Lighting and Kill Em All.  then you quickly forget about everything except the music.  the music is always first.  


Day: 1110

Shirt: NOFX - Punk In Drublic

Color:  Heather Grey

Brand: Brockam

Source:  It is easy to forget how good this album is.  I love this band but for some reason this album will not be the one i reach for at times when i think of NOFX, but jesus H Christ it is hammer after hammer after hammer.  fits a fucking modern day punk rock masterpiece.  there is a reason this band is so fucking big, and has laster for 3 decades almost.  no fucking line up changes.  i mean in the beginning but once they found their stride it just works so well.  fuck i can’t wait for Backstage Passport 2.  gunna be so good.  

NOFX is playing all over this summer and i think they are doing this record here and there too…makes me think i need to get off my ass and make sure i go see it one more time.  

Day: 1273

Shirt: Parquet Courts - Sunbathing Animal  

Color: Natural

Brand: Gilden Ultra Cotton

Source: (Yesterday) this is ironically one of my more favorite albums for 2014 but one of my least fav shows.  its a lot like the Liars where i am in love with the album and i don’t think the live show holds up to the album.  Its not to say the live show was horrible by any means, because it wasn’t.  but i I think when you have such a good album, the companion live show should reflect that albums efforts.  i dunno its just my opinion.  sometimes i think a lot of bands think the live show is what it is and i think sometimes that couldn’t be more wrong.  a little lighting goes a long way.  A few great props or a good visual compliment to the album behind stage does a lot too.  

Regardless the album is still great and perhaps i am projecting here on what i think should be instead of what actually is.  listen to this band anyways and enjoy them next time they come to town.  

Day: 1252

Shirt: American Football - House (2014 Tour)

Color: Heather Green

Brand: Canvass

Source: went to see the American Football anniversary show last night.  this album didn’t have much legs when it first came out.  i remember it.  i liked it a lot but i think this album was just too far ahead of its time.  sometimes i think a really good record isn’t something you love right away but keep coming back to over and over but you are not sure why.  could be that you need to grow with the music to really able able to appreciate it.  this album is just a great example of that.  the live show was a perfect compliment to this album especially since i didn’t get  chance to see it the first time, that i know of at least

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I guess I’m saying, kudos to Kinsella for doing justice to an album that is a decade old and is now finally being appreciated.