MUSIC MONDAY 4/7/14: 1,000 shirts in 1,000 days

On July 11, 2011, this music nerd set out to see how long he could last, wearing a different music T-shirt every day and writing his stories behind them. He started with an ALL shirt that he bought in 1990 with stolen money, and has continued to scour the Earth for rarities, classic gems, and fresh designs. (Look, he also got a tattoo!)

Isac Walter has since devoted himself to merch booths, eBay, and his screen printer, celebrating his favorite bands and designers. His message to the world: “Keep enjoying and supporting music and the bands you love. And if you see me out don’t be scared to say hello and get nerdy about shirts with me. I may look like I’m mean but I am as nerdy and dirty as the rest of you.”

Happy 1,000 T-shirts, theminorthread. And many, many more.


I love Minor Thread.  Almost all of Isac’s posts are great - typos, misspellings and all.  His passion and positivity about music and life in general is refreshing.  A couple of recent posts I really liked are this one about the origins of a Texas Is The Reason shirt and this one about Red Fang.

(Top image is Isac’s tribute to the Minutemen’s classic ‘Double Nickels on the Dime’; bottom image is of course the original.)


Day: 1713
Shirt: Car Seat Headrest - Hugs (Reproduction)
Color: Red
Brand: Jerzees
Source: ….every one in a while you hear a new record that you just get stoked on and listen to 20-30 times In a row. A friend tuned me on to this dude and it just reminds me that I feel like some people were set on this earth to write songs, and play music. I believe it is streaming now on the innaNet so go check it out, and thanks to an Internet snafu you buy it early. I wanted to buy a shirt last week but the site only has had smalls forever so I made this one myself. Sorry @notcarseatheadrest I bootlegged your shirt but I did give you money on band camp and ordered the shirt from Matador 😁. If you need more shirts let me know


I just picked this shirt up from the Minor Thread. 

It looks great and especially for a repro its top notch. The best part of this shirt is when it get washed it will look great when it is faded. He does some of my favorite repro designs. When I wore that Black Flag Loose Nut shirt (his first one, not the better looking one now) at the Excel Reunion in hollywood, young people were bugging out. Thanks again Issac, it was def worth every penny to buy this New Order t shirt!



Day: 1735
Shirt: NOFX - S&M Airlines
Color: Tan
Brand: Gildan
Source:  Saw NOFX last night on the same night that Iron Maiden was in town. kept seeing pics all week long on Instagram of Ed Force One and couldn’t help but think what if NOFX had their own plane called S&M Airlines!  yeah right.  no way in hell i would fly on that motherfucker, ESPECIALLY if Fat Mike decided he wanted to be a pilot.  i mean i am sure he could fly that thing, cause when it comes to taking care of business that man can do it in any state he is in, but that would be one hell of a scary ride.  

Mercyful Fate – Minor Thread repro

Another great repro design from the Minor Thread. Ive seen Mercyful Fate once and it was at the Bayou (rip) in DC. Typo O Negative and Shelter opened up for them at the show. My friend Rich was working there at the time and got us in for free. This was in 1994. I was obsessed with Shelter and Type O Negative and really didnt appreciate King Diamond’s band at the time. Great show and honestly Mercyful Fate was incredible live. 


Day: 1723
Shirt: ALL - Percolator Summer Tour 1992
Color: Blue
Brand: Fruit Of the Loom
Source: you may think, hey he posted this shirt before.  in some respect you are right.  but as a nerdy collector guy, you are wrong.  its being the nerdy collector that makes you take note of the slight differences that happens between tours, or designs, or reprints.  

while the front this shirt is identical mostly it is the back that just has a few minor discrepancies.  

One, the lack of White ink.  perhaps to save money, perhaps someone forgot it was two colors.  you never know.  

Two, the routing either changed or dates were added and moved around.  so this shirt was like printed after the tour was confirmed and started.  its a tiny difference, but its what makes this collecting game interesting. keeps you looking for the little details.

needle and thread (chapter 10)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Be sure to read the notes at the start of this chapter as they include a content warning and a note on a (minor!) change to the previous chapter.

Guerrero-Marquez has summoned every Las Rojas leader in the western world to his ranch for a little powwow. There’s a chance they’ll off Martinez just for causing all this, but Grant’s not willing to take it.

And, frankly, he’s really looking forward to being the one to do it. Not only did this guy come after him, he came after one of his people. Tejada clearly had orders to not only kill Jemma, but kill her brutally. Grant’s taken issue with that. At least when he dropped her to the bottom of the ocean, if she’d died it would’ve been from oxygen deprivation. But cutting off her head? Nuh uh. Unacceptable.