MUSIC MONDAY 4/7/14: 1,000 shirts in 1,000 days

On July 11, 2011, this music nerd set out to see how long he could last, wearing a different music T-shirt every day and writing his stories behind them. He started with an ALL shirt that he bought in 1990 with stolen money, and has continued to scour the Earth for rarities, classic gems, and fresh designs. (Look, he also got a tattoo!)

Isac Walter has since devoted himself to merch booths, eBay, and his screen printer, celebrating his favorite bands and designers. His message to the world: “Keep enjoying and supporting music and the bands you love. And if you see me out don’t be scared to say hello and get nerdy about shirts with me. I may look like I’m mean but I am as nerdy and dirty as the rest of you.”

Happy 1,000 T-shirts, theminorthread. And many, many more.


I love Minor Thread.  Almost all of Isac’s posts are great - typos, misspellings and all.  His passion and positivity about music and life in general is refreshing.  A couple of recent posts I really liked are this one about the origins of a Texas Is The Reason shirt and this one about Red Fang.

(Top image is Isac’s tribute to the Minutemen’s classic ‘Double Nickels on the Dime’; bottom image is of course the original.)

Day: 1309
Shirt: Father John Misty - Father Tad Misty
Color: Black
Brand: American Apparel
Source: went to see Father John Misty last night at the Roxy for the record release of his new album , “I love You, Honeybear”.  there is this thing about FJM that i cannot put my finger on exactly about what i like about the guy.  Yes of course he has a great voice and can write a good song but there is this something about him personally that i find interesting.  I feel like this shirt kinda sums it up tho. a giant picture of Sub Pop Grunge master Tad in a very Jack Nicolson The Shinning kind of face.  what would posses FJM to make a shirt like this?  i think the answer is really because he can, and why not?  most people will never even know who this guy is and will probably go over a lot of fans heads but i think thats the point i am getting at, FJM doesn’t give a fuck.  

I mean sure he gives a fuck but its on his terms.  a lot of that is what makes his songwriting so unique.  he has no problem telling you how he feels, and I’m sure at times even making fun of fans to their face but with a smile and some swagger.  to me its funny and refreshing, you can only write so many songs about Love, drugs and rock n roll, but how many times do you hear a song like “the Night Josh Tillman came to Our Apartment” where clearly he was just fed up with some certain behaviors of people and decided to funnel it into song.  a song with almost an ironic lullaby sound to it, but the reality is he is just venting.  it just takes on a whole new tone.  

enough writing tho.  if you want the shirt its in the Sub Pop Mega Mart HERE, and I’m sure you can grab it on tour this year if you catch him live but I enjoy the mail-order myself cause its always nice to get a package from Mudhoney’s Mark Arm.  


I just picked this shirt up from the Minor Thread. 

It looks great and especially for a repro its top notch. The best part of this shirt is when it get washed it will look great when it is faded. He does some of my favorite repro designs. When I wore that Black Flag Loose Nut shirt (his first one, not the better looking one now) at the Excel Reunion in hollywood, young people were bugging out. Thanks again Issac, it was def worth every penny to buy this New Order t shirt!



Day: 1305
Shirt: Converge - Dark Days Greet Us With Teeth With Claws
Color: Brown(ish)
Brand: American Apparel
Source: today marks the day i clocked over 50,000 Tumblr followers today.  

Kind of a big deal, right? its worth mentioning at least.  i mean in the grand scheme of things its its value is only determined by what its worth to me.  its no Bitcoin but ill take it.  its a cool feeling to know that my shirt goes through 50,000 peoples feed everyday.  maybe it inspires someone, maybe it doesn’t.  like i always so tho, it only takes that one person to be inspired and to channel that into something great to make it all worth while.  so here’s to 50K

Lets celebrate with a lil Converge.  and a big thank you to everyone who gives a shit about music and reads this blog.  i really can’t imagine a life where there is no music playing a big part in my life.  


Black flag loose nut tour 85 shirt on black

Got this from my favorite t shirt collector the minor thread. Ten bucks and on a regular t shirt not soft spun! My orange one gets tons of compliments but this one looks better. Thanks again Isaac ! Please remake those dag nasty dog tag tour shirts. The ones Tim kreependorf did are on soft spun so no thanks.

Btw black flag is touring with mike v…. That legacy is destroyed in my opinion.