Team Dragons Blood AU
Artist: @minomotu
Writer: @hewho-recollects
Beta 1: @snowflakeofberk
Beta 2: @joxulfrosti

Fic link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/7217746
Word count:11,201
Genre: canon Au
Characters: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Jackfrost, Toothless, Stoick the Vast
Warnings: none

Summary:  Dragons blood is a two part Au set right after jack has come back and when hiccup is still a bit younger. Jack’s powers are starting to go out of control and it’s causing an unending winter for miles around him. Hiccup meets jack when he gets lost in the storm. Hiccup wants to help, thinking he’s lost too not realizing jacks the cause. Time passed and Jack starts to he able to control his emotions/powers but one day disappears. Years later Jack finds his way back to berk but things aren’t the same. Hiccup is different, something is changing him and Jack doesn’t know what it is. (Basically when the dragons attacked his village when he was young he became infected the with blood of a dragon. And after years of it slowly affecting him he becomes sick and starts having blackouts.) One of the art pieces will be of Jack and hiccup meeting in the storm and one of older hiccup being consumed and changing because of the dragons blood.


“The day will come when your journey will end as well.”
“Your greatest adventure will be over and you will make your way home”

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon


Its been a while since I have worked on something so detailed. I still love this game to this day and I really hope people still enjoy it~

art© Minomotu


KatsuBug - Miraculous Cosplays
Katsucon 2016 - Garylord Hotel and Convention Center

Part 1 / 2

Featuring: Ladybug, Cat Noir, AUs, Adrien Agreste, Marinette Cheng

If you see yourself or your friend, please tell me so I can add / tag your urls to the right picture and to this post!
I’d love to add you here and give you credit for such awesome cosplays!
Also, make any new friends too if anyone wants :D

Edits (in order of appearance L to R):

1. Cat Noir and Ladybug @minomotu @riyuski

2. Fem!Cat Noir @snozzbearart

3. Ballgown Ladybug @creepykawaiifangirl

4. Black Kigu Ladybug and Cat Noir @marixbug @ask-gallows-callibrator

5. Punk Ladybug and Cat Noir @falloutdumbass  @thatmartiniguy

6. Cat Noir is @queentaiga

9. Ladybug is @cosplayotashi

10. Marinette Dupain-Cheng @starryfrost and Adrien Agreste @byactions


Katsucon hall shots! I need to start taking more photos at cons Most of these are ladybug lol tag yourself

Edits in order of appearance

@riyuski and @minomotu are the first Ladybug and Chat Noir

@thepehbat is Hawkmoth and @cosplayaway and @thealchemicfox are the Ladybug and Chat Noir fighting him

@shanacosplay and @jack-and-pax as the second to last Ladybug and Chat Noir

@falloutdumbass and @thatmartiniguy as punk Ladybug and Chat Noir


Tracer: Minomotu
Dva: @fumeister
Mei: @extremelele

Hall photo© manaknight photography
Arcade photos© @yenra

More overwatch photos! Some older ones from Colossalcon and some new ones from Anext(with some upgrades to my cosplay).

Anext was super fun and I’m so glad I ran into some friends also in overwatch cosplay! I can’t wait to cosplay overwatch again and to see all the photos and videos from the weekend!


“Taako I need you to do something for me.”
“I need you to give me a really good day, like the best day ever if you can swing it.” =====================
Taako : @minomotu
Lup : @riyuski
📸 Felix Wong Photography

Day one of CCE and we got to spend it adventuring in the woods and doing this lovely shoot with lovely people~! There are very few cosplays I feel confident in the first time I wear it but this is one of them~ I cannot thank my photographer friends for taking such amazing photos for me!