Dreams are awesome!

Minnions visited my dreams today, it was totally awesome! I mean I was still pretty depressed even in the dream but… First Troposphere was there talking with me and trying to cheer me up and @gaemmel arrived as well and they contacted someone, I’m not sure who, but suddenly Lazy8 arrived and dragged me over to their house just so I wouldn’t be all alone and isolated, but I was allowed to just sit in a corner in silence and be all sad and stuff and it was… nice. It was nice to know that no one judged me for feeling down and for wanting to hurt myself and that while they didn’t want me to do that they still didn’t take my sharp stuff away from me (which actually helped me not to do anything stupid). Anyway, I hung out with Lazy8 for a while, and then Lazy8 contacted @relfanalae and they came over as well and we went for a walk in the pretty spring weather!

It was a very nice dream, even though I still had all those bad feelings, because friendship. Minnions, I love you people <3