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We present to you a short film featuring @CROIG.co. It’s been an incredible two years growing with the motorcycle community and we are excited to move into 2017 with our eyes pressed forward.
Watch the FULL FILM ONLINE now. Link in bio. || bit.ly/croigvid
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Sound & Music
#croig #caferacersofinstagram (at Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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hi so if anyone in the minneapolis-saint paul area wants to help an autistic nonbinary person avoid homelessness please let me know. i’m going to need a place to stay in about a month.

even if it’s just a couch or a closet or something, it’s better than being out on the street.

i probably wouldn’t even be around most of the time, honestly. i mostly just need a safe place to sleep at night.

i’d be able to pay a small amount of rent if you needed—i have a (part-time) job but i don’t make much—and i could help out with things around the house if you wanted. i’d want to be productive and give something back in some way.

i don’t know what i’m going to do…