As promised, here are other photos from my walk along the 3rd Avenue bridge yesterday.  The top one is the final color version of the B&W photo I posted yesterday, and the others are just some other shots I snapped while on that walk.


This was the kind of day I had today: survived a snowy and super slippery drive, ripped my favorite tights so I bought a doughnut to make myself feel better, devoured 112 Eatery's coffee-spiced quail for dinner, had a nightcap at Marvel Bar with adorable maneki-neko coasters…It started out miserably but it ended pleasantly. Maybe there’s some truth to the phrase “good things come to those who wait”?

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P.P.S. Marvel is nominated for The Munchies food awards. You can vote daily, so you should totally vote for them everyday.

Coffee House Press partnering with Emily Books

I was pretty psyched about Emily Books when it was launched in 2011 by Emily Gould and Ruth Curry. I’ve long been a fan of Emily’s writing, and I liked the idea of a Book-of-the-Month Club for the 21st century.

I interviewed Emily and started what I think might have been the first non-NYC Emily Books book club. Later, Emily interviewed me for the Emily Books blog, and she rightly called me out for not having any women writers on my nightstand. (I have six now!)

Needless to say, I was glad to contribute a soundbite to the video for the first Emily Books Kickstarter campaign. Emily and Ruth are seeking 40 large to reboot the Emily Books website to foster a more interactive community and to move towards their goal of publishing original books. Contributor rewards range, appropriately, from e-books to coffee talk.

The buried lead in the campaign, though, is that Emily Books is partnering with Minneapolis publisher Coffee House Press to create a new imprint for original books to be acquired by Emily and Ruth, published both online and on paper. The first title will be Problems, a debut novel by Jade Sharma.

The goal, says Emily in the Kickstarter video, is to make “these sometimes transgressive books more available to more people. We’re doing it…but we could be doing it better.”

- Jay Gabler


Today in St. Paul, MN we did our first black brunch. There were only about 12 of us but our presence was great! We went to every restaurant, store, coffee shop, etc…that was along our route. We saw so much white uncomfortableness and so much hatred but also occasional moments of support and appreciation. Police were called at most if not all places we went but never showed up until our last location. Ultimately it was a very powerful and energizing action that hopefully woke some of the white community up. I have a feeling it won’t be long until #BlackBrunchMN is stirring things up again. 
Shoutout to stayw0ke for helping me organize this event and actjustly for leading chants and always showing mad love and support. 
Follow our organization, The Black Liberation Project, on twitter @blklibmn to see what else we are up to. 

Photo credit to the talented bleakandblooming(hers are in black and white) and minnieleephotos(hers are in color)! Check out their work on their blogs.