I hate this so much. I will never understand why 2NE1 was forced to disband. There was no reason for them to do so. Yes, Minzy left (and broke my heart in the process) but the other three members were very much still invested and dedicated to go on. I would understand if 2NE1 was a group that was becoming irrelevant or did not sell well and did not bring in profits. But they’re literally none of those things. Every time 2NE1 makes a comeback, they are welcomed with open arms and people love their music. They sell well, very well in fact. They’re one of the best selling girl groups in the world.

 I would understand if the girls did not want to stay together, did not have any new music, or just did not want to be 2NE1 anymore. But, once again none of those things are true. The girls see each other as family, they’re sisters. Time and time again they show each other their undying support. They tag themselves as “2NE1 DARA” “2NE1 BOM” etc. CL has always said they’ll always remain together. Dara just recently told us, CL wrote so many songs, they recorded the whole album, and set the tracklist, yet the album will never be released. So I DON’T understand. 

Some might say, the public doesn’t like them anymore after Bom’s scandal, but that’s literally bullshit. (Her scandal is a whole other rant so I won’t go into it.) Korea loves Bom’s voice, her singles have always topped every chart and she is still on top in YG as for digital sales for solo releases. Haters will always hate but that’s no reason to keep them away. Anytime she tweets or uploads anything, the response is crazy. When she steps outside the crowd around her is all because of the love they have for her. 

2NE1 will always be a force to be reckoned with in KPOP. They’re one of a kind, there’s no other group like them. They came out in a time where girls were singing about their oppas and telling people to love them because they’re so cute, but 2NE1 literally said screw that and sang about ditching boys and having a good time amongst themselves. They are the epitome of girl power. They showed a different image because they weren’t all “pretty” by societal standards, but they said fuck that, I’m beautiful and I’m strong, and I am the best. They showed their different charms and went on to capture everyone’s hearts. 2NE1 showed girls everywhere that it’s okay to be yourself, and it’s okay to be vulnerable at times because everyone is like that, but at the end of the day you have to be true to yourself. You have to love yourself. 

I will never forget 2NE1 and I’ll never stop being a Blackjack because once a Blackjack, always a Blackjack. They’ll always remain to be the best group with the best music and the most epic name, in my heart, and they’ll remain in history as the most badass girls out there. They’ll also remain as the girls who had hearts of gold and nothing but love for each other, their fans, and music. Thank you. 

It’s all just crap. I know 2ne1 made fewer projects because of Park Bom’s ancient amphetamine drug scandal which was by the way dismissed by the court in 2010 and only became a big issue when dumb k netizens suddenly brought it back up 4 years later. YG felt bad for Bom and wrote an open letter himself on his blog and showed evidences that it was a prescribed medication from her doctor in the States because Park Bom actually went through an awful trauma and became mentally ill. International fans helped supporting it by scavenging archives of newspapers and they actually found an article about a member of a High School women soccer team (which Bom was a part of–yes she played soccer) who died during the game. Park Bom who used “Jenny” as her American name, was there and witnessed her friend die. Then she moved to Korea and started taking an alternative medication because she knew the drug is unlawful in Korea. But it didn’t work for her. Now, spineless dimwits did nothing but badmouth her just because she got bailed out after ordering amphetamine through FedEx while this man (idk who tf he is) was sentenced years in prison. They say it was special treatment because YG is so powerful and such. THAT’S CRAP! The case was already closed and dismissed because there was enough evidence to prove she was innocent. Bom’s current variety show then (Roommate) was ruined. I’ll admit it was because of her. She left the show and soon she just disappeared. No traces anywhere. Dara and CL still thrived with their solo activities. It was all and well. The other problem was, Minzy didn’t have anything to do. She enrolled herself into a university and fans thought it was a great way of spending her time and she was really good at it. She even opened up her own dance academy. She made noises by her own efforts. Still, she didn’t have any projects while the other two members were hosting their first show or preparing for an American debut. Two years passed and it was about time Blackjacks would expect for a comeback. Especially because Park Bom started revealing herself back to the public eye. Liking posts on instagram or twitter here and there and even tweeting to support a fellow YG colleague. Everyone thought she was getting better and she is actually. The year end of 2015 came and everyone was anticipating for MAMA. Blackjacjs were just waiting for CL’s performance when all of a sudden all four of them popped out of the stage. Christmas was extra merry for us. We took it as a sign for a comeback. That they were finally coming back. Maybe not now but it will be just around the corner. Minzy looked extra ecstatic. She poured years’ worth of energy and hunger to perform again on stage. She wanted to perform and it was sad that she did not get to after all these years. Everyone was crying at seeing Bom actually on stage. It looked like light shone over the stage just for them. CL was very proud to bring her members back together on that fated day. It was a glorious and emotional day. We all got to face New Year with wishful hopes of seeing them again. We were guessing they could finally debut in the States with CL in the lead after all that fuss of recording an album with Will.I.Am during 2ne1TV season 2. Wishful it was indeed. All of a sudden Minzy did not renew her contract and left. I was especially in a daze. I wasn’t expecting any of it. I thought they would stick together till the end. If I did think of a member leaving, I never would’ve guessed it would be Minzy. Maybe Park Bom because she was the one who’s most messed up at the time despite the fact that she had recovered. I was threatened at the thought of them coming back as three. Like what happened to MBLAQ. Ironically, Dara’s brother left MBLAQ too. Trio 2ne1 did not last for long though because now we are here. And I feel so lost at every news I get to read. Nothing made sense. I was mad at the effort of releasing a farewell song for closure. I never wanted them to perform as three—I think no true Blackjack ever did—but then YG thought it would be a great idea to squeeze money out of grieving fans with this incomplete single. And then he claims he made 2ne1 disband to protect Park Bom’s health? Dara said they were forced to disband. Bom said she’s not sick at all! So who am I supposed to believe now? Bom was able to perform that night. Why would you say she’s still sick? This is just the same stupid thing about Nam Taehyun’s mental health too. Nevermind. Everything was already in ruins when you forgot about Minzy. You were careless and just wanted nothing but Bigbang. Fine! But you can’t keep Bigbang forever either.

I mean… Just what Happened Sajangnim? You promised us a lot but it never happened. Now it can never happen.