So, for many of my friends and mutuals, finals are either underway or approaching fast. I’ve done headcanons about the Pines family’s study habits and rituals before. Now, I’m going to be sharing some end-of-the-school-year IZ headcanon shenanigans with you all. xD

I recall that, in ‘Mopiness of Doom’, Zim voluntarily missed school for weeks. This is basically truancy. Not to mention, he’s…not the best student in the world when he DOES attend class…xD

Imagine him finding out that, since he’s missed so much school and his grades are not great, if he doesn’t do better on the remainder of his assignments (particularly the last few tests of the year), he’s going to be stuck in Ms. Bitters’ class for summer school, or worse yet, for ANOTHER ENTIRE YEAR. Not only would he never want to set foot in her class ever again because she’s MS. BITTERS, but he also would hate to be in a class entirely separate from Dib’s or be stuck in class for three more months while Dib is free to do whatever (because he’ll have 'far fewer opportunities to destroy him that way and then the DIB-STINK will have time to plot something that’ll thwart the mission’ or something. Right, yes…THAT’S the only reason…xD).

Who’s Zim’s go-to tutor, you ask?

Dib, of course.

The obvious reasons for him choosing Dib aside (*cough*frenemybondingtime*cough*), who else in the school would be smart enough to give him any sort of useful advice, after all? xP

After much bickering between the boys and Dib finally giving in (only because 'he needs to keep an eye on Zim as much as he possibly can and that can’t happen if Zim’s stuck in summer school/they’re in different classes’, he claims), allllll SORTS of shenanigans ensue, including, but not limited to:

🌟 Zim getting ridiculously frustrated with “FILTHY EARTH MATH” and Dib having to sit and explain things to him bit by bit (but not before Zim threatens to LITERALLY BURN IT WITH FIRE…xD)

🌟 GIR tagging along for homework sessions, being quite intrigued by what the big boys are up to, and Zim having to continually shoo him out of the room like a big brother would do with his little brother

🌟 Zim not just keeping GIR entirely out of the way (or leaving GIR at home when it’s Dib’s turn to be the study session host) because he honestly enjoys GIR’s company when he’s not being outright distracting, and his little bro-bot offers him emotional support when he needs it (when it comes to math, the poor guy will probably need a l o t)

🌟 Imagine Zim having an immensely hard time getting the right answer for a problem. GIR comes along after a while and, since he’s somehow managed to pick up on problem solving techniques Dib’s been teaching Zim, ends up saying something like, “Wait, but wouldn’t the right answer be 7?” Dib looks over his own notes and says, “…Oh my God, he’s right.” Zim just gives up, throws his papers in the air, and plops his head down on the desk in utter defeat. xD

🌟 Zim deciding it’s best to have GIR and Minimoose leave the premises and go buy snacks for themselves or something so he and Dib can study in peace for an hour…but this one-time thing goes from using snack runs as a distraction for the bots to the bots making snack runs not only for themselves, but for the boys as well, every so many hours (especially on nights where it’s crunch time and there’s a big assignment due the next day)

🌟 Dib mentioning mnemonic devices, Zim somehow mistaking this for 'that horrific Earth disease that’s capable of making your own lungs suffocate you to death’ (pneumonia), and Dib being so completely and utterly done for the week that he just puts his head in his arms and tries his best to keep his composure for a minute before attempting to calmly explain what 'mnemonic’ actually means

🌟 Dib then teaching Zim said mnemonic devices so he’ll remember all of the pointless Earth history he needs to know in order to pass the last social studies test of the year

🌟 Zim thinking he’s above using them at first, but he ends up finding them quite fascinating

🌟 So fascinating, in fact, that one spring day at school, Zim is trying his damndest to finish his social studies quiz before the bell rings for recess, but he can’t figure out what on Earth (or Irk) the answer to the last question could be…until all of a sudden, he remembers and just blurts out, in the loudest voice possible, something like 'IN 1492, COLUMBUS SAILED THE OCEAN BLUE! :D’. Of course, this outburst gets him sent to detention, since he essentially helped the other kids in class cheat by doing that - but not before Zim inadvertently admits that Dib’s responsible for teaching him that mnemonic device (like, he actually didn’t even MEAN to get Dib in trouble that time; he was justifying his actions by saying something like, “But you don’t understand; the Dib helped Zim 'GET’ this pitiful class by having me do that!”) and gets Dib sent to detention as well (because…well, let’s face it; Ms. Bitters just has it out for Dib on a regular basis. Poor kid).

🌟 Detention shenanigans would then ensue after class. xD

🌟 Zim studying/doing homework on his own and having cute, silly little conversations with his baby bro-bot in between subjects

I may expand this post in the future if any more school-related IZ silliness pops into my head…xDD

Feel free to add to this if you wish!

(Please do not tag ships. Thanks.)

Closed RP with aliiienation


It had been bad enough that GIR had screamed until Zim agreed to let him outside, but he had dragged Minimoose along with him, leaving Zim alone in the base all day.
The silence had been nice for a while, but after four or five hours, it started to seem a little suspicious. Neither GIR nor minimoose had contacted him in anyway since they left, and neither were exactly good at blending in with the humans…
What on Irk were they up to…