ok so here’s how my schedule is shaping up, since i’ve been kind of MIA on here with replies lately (and spoiler alert; that’s going to continue for a bit, sorry):

- friday (today): work, and minimal activity like normal
- saturday (tomorrow): work, then home to pack and watch!!!!! the prINT SHOP!!! ePISODE
- sunday: flying home, but bringing my laptop (mostly mobile, w/minimal to no activity)
- monday: flying back to nyc (mostly mobile, w/minimal to no activity)
- tuesday-friday: normal minimal activity work week
- saturday: doing a modified second/third shift so i may be on, may not be.

tldr; my schedule’s a bit hectic for the next week or so, plus hopefully we’ll be moving very soon, so i may be a bit MIA. if you need me, i’m on discord at jamiefraser#5040. (please let me know on here via message if you’re adding me otherwise your request will be denied.)