Reward Boxes Package Design by Charlie Isslander

“Charlie had a pleasure to work on unusual packaging for a client in 2012. The pack contains 3 base packages, from Golden to Bronze as a rating of each customer with royalty program card at the restaurant. The golden one contains $1,000 bottle of red wine, signed certificate and couple of propagation items, such as badges or other collectibles. The box is made from black chalk-writeable paper with a foil press on logo and ½ of it.”

Born & raised in Czech Republic, Charlie Isslander was genuinely influenced by Austrian, German & Croatian ancestors. Over 6 years in business, He’s had a chance to work on variety of projects, with agencies, companies or even individuals. Custom work is his territory, branding, web design, UI/UX design, print design & of course any offline design. Synthesis of his creativity & the understanding of task are his keys to create award winning experiences

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