Minimal Surface


“ The ΦTop - Golden Version: spinning things have surprising physics! This unique top is made of solid brass in the shape of a prolate elIipsoid- and the name of the top is derived from the following design requirement: the ratio of the semi minor (short) axis to the semi major (long) axis is made equal to the mathematical constant the golden ratio φ (phi). Invented by astrophysicist Kenneth Brecher, this top stands up vertically (when spun with sufficient rotational velocity) due to physics similar to that of the tippe-top. The concave mirror keeps the top from wandering off and the glass surface has minimal friction allowing the top to spin for a long time- this video shows various stages of 8 minutes of total spin time. ”

simple home cleaning

Forget the Febreeze, Windex, soap solutions, and other chemical alternatives for cleaning your home. You only need four ingredients to efficiently clean the surfaces of your entire house: baking soda, vinegar, bar soap, and essential oils. I keep a spray bottle of vinegar cleaning solution and jars of baking soda and rags at the ready in kitchen and toilet cabinets. Cleaning becomes easy, simple, and quick.

Baking soda

I use baking soda for removing grime on porcelain surfaces such as the tub, toilet exterior, and sink. Baking soda is mildly abrasive, so it removes stuck-on dirt like burned residue on your gas stove efficiently. Further, baking soda neutralizes odors and leaves surfaces clean, which is why it’s great in the kitchen and bathroom. I also sprinkle a little bit of baking soda in bags or shoes to remove odors. Leave a small bowl of baking soda in the fridge and freezer to remove smell.


Vinegar is a versatile disinfectant. Use it for cleaning surfaces, disinfecting electronics, cleaning the toilet seat and bowl, cleaning the sink and shower, washing windows and mirrors, and mopping floors. Additionally, vinegar can be used for disinfecting handkerchiefs (soak for a day in vinegar) and as a softener in the laundry machine. 


For minimal environmental impact, use a multi-purpose bar soap such as Aleppo, Savon de Marseille, or castile. Buy a bar that comes unpackaged, rub it against a moistened cloth or brush, and use on dishes and surfaces

Essential oils

Forget the Febreeze. Use essential oils in a diffuser to freshen the air, or open windows to let in some fresh air.

Cleaning tools

Use cloth rags from discarded garments to clean surfaces around the house, including the kitchen and bathroom. Dedicate a bin for dirty rags, and soak in vinegar before laundering to disinfect. For dishes, you can use rags, brushes, or natural sponges (sea sponge, loofah are some examples). For hard to reach places such as lid grooves, I use an old toothbrush. I also own bottle cleaner (horse hair and metal) and a copper rag, the latter for removing minimal rust from metal surfaces or scrubbing off labels on jars.

Recipe for an All Purpose Vinegar Cleaner

Mix ¼ vinegar with 1 cup water. Add a few drops of essential oils for fragrance (lavender, orange, eucalyptus, or lemon are some options). For cleaning windows and mirrors, use pure vinegar to avoid streaks. Think the smell of vinegar is too overwhelming? Windex doesn’t smell any better. The fumes from vinegar dissipate quickly.

This all purpose cleaner can be used for the bathroom, kitchen surfaces, floors, and other surfaces. Use warm water instead of cold water for cleaning the floors.

The Zero-Waste Checklist

- Compost natural sponges when they becomes mouldy. 

- Dispose of unusable rags responsible (natural fibres go in the compost, synthetics in the trash).

- Use upcycled jars for storing vinegar and baking soda.

- Buy products unpackaged as much as possible. Baking soda that comes in a cardboard box can be recycled or composted if cut into small pieces.

Morphology (‘15-'16), Kalliope Economou, Mari Kroin, Sebastian Lopez, Sharvari Mhatre, Anna Oldakowski, Brandon Spinosa, Gabe Yi, Elizabeth Austin, Ariana Cohn, Dina Elfaham, Haven Gordon, Arie Salomon. Faculty: Haresh Lalvani . An exploded sectional diagram of the one-sided hyper minimal surface plexi model. Each Part was sized so that it could be lifted by 1-3 students. Originally designed for OMI Architecture, Ghent, NY, the structure is now being fabricated in alucobond for installation on Pratt’s Main Campus. 📷: @pratt_ces_morphology

The Signs as Things My Math Teacher Has Said

Aries: “If you mess this up, I will take you outside and scream at you. And then I will set you on fire.”

Taurus: “Have you ever seen Let’s Get Creative? No? How have you had me as a homeroom teacher for over a year and not seen this video? Okay, one second, let me get it turned on -”

Gemini: “I could get fired for this - and I know I say that a lot, but really, I am so going to get fired - but -”

Cancer: “I had some weird friends in high school. One time, a girl friend - as in a friend that was a girl, just so we’re clear - got hit by a car in the school parking lot. The dude was freaking out until the girl got up and started wiping her blood on the car, screaming, ‘You hit me, you bastard!’”

Leo: “Hey, we do not critique people for making mistakes in this class. Everyone makes mistakes. Except for me. I’m brilliant.”

Virgo:  “Isn’t senpai a weird word? It seems so creepy. Like, ‘Oh, senpai!’ It just seems so stalkerish. Don’t ever call a teacher that, by the way. It sounds entirely inappropriate.”

Libra: “If we ever did have a shooter at the school, I want you all to pick up a Calculus text book - because they’re bullet proof- and hold in front of you like a shield, then turn to the side to minimize your surface area, while throwing scissors over your shoulder at the attacker. I’ll fight the gunman, because for one I love you all, and two, I have a death wish.”

Scorpio: “I listen to emo teenage music. They’re like, ‘We’re angry and teens!’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah! …Except, I’m like, 30.’”

Sagittarius: “A manbearpig is half man, half bear, half pig. Like the human centipede. Here, let me draw one on the board.”

Capricorn: “Hey, watch it! Don’t get blood on my carpet! It’s dripping off your chin - !”

Aquarius: “Wow, wow. Ship, as in like, relationship? God, I’m stupid. I always thought that it meant, like, you shipped them together. ‘Here you go, guys! I’m just going to package you in a FedEx box and ship you off to a nice house together!’ Or put them on a ship together. Or something.”

Pisces: “I don’t drink water or sleep. I derive my energy entirely from Mountain Dew. [But I drink a can every few hours so my energy levels don’t drop!]”

emilyenrose  asked:

luthien and feanor in the AU where thingol and melian didn't miss the boat and thingol and finwe forced their kids to have playdates

this is the dinkiest au rabbit hole i’ve stepped in, for tolkien, so congratulations, me. and to a lesser extent you. but mostly me

  • who steals french fries off the other’s plate: feanor does like… strategic guerilla attacks on luthien’s, engineering distractions, making his hands into claws to minimize deflectable surface area. luthien reaches over and takes a giant fistful
  • who jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couple: NEITHER OF THEM WOULD EVER RISK IT, SEE: FINWE’S DOODLED BETROTHAL-CONTRACT DRAFTS. although luthien is extremely brave so maybe like, once a straightfaced cheek peck that feanor didn’t at first notice, and the icy negative chemistry made the asker fake their own death. maybe the asker was miriel
  • who has to bust or bail the other out of jail: the valar exile feanor to formenos and luthien never visits
  • who gives the other advice/comfort about dating issues: luthien is the most hilariously useless about nerdanel. “write her a song, girls love songs.” “have you ever spoken to daeron” “do i need to, you fixed his alphabet”
  • who shamelessly cheats at games by reaching over to cover the other’s eyes: LUTHIEN it drives feanor SO UNIRONICALLY NUTS once he angry-cried. well, teared up.
  • who immediately calls dibs on the top bunk: feanor… it’s sort of irrelevant though since if luthien wants you to sleep in a given location you sleep in that location. and wake up with a weird spell-hangover. but she’s generally fine with the bottom bunk after that incident where thingol tried to trap her up telperion
  • who starts and who wins the pillow fights: feanor, luthien. sometimes: luthien, luthien. feanor wins pillow fights when he practices pillow maneuvers alone in his room. … logically i guess he also invented the pillow but only after the corruption of morgoth entered his mind
  • who says “your pants would look better on their floor” to the other’s potential crush: luthien specifically does this to nerdanel in a way that suggests feanor runs an unsafe smithy, it delays nerdanel and feanor’s marriage by fifteen valian years