How I View Doll Fandoms

Barbie: We’re too ignorant to recognize other dolls

Bratz: We didn’t die in 2008…right? RIGHT?

American Girl: Our oldest collector is ten!

Dollfie: Anime + BJD

Azone: Really anime + BJD

Minifee: We’re a bit more than a mini fee

Blythe: We hate pullip. 

Super Dollfie: We are the best

Licca-chan: Please don’t look at our website!

Pullip & Friends: We hate Blythe…sort of.

Monster High: Slaying Barbie since 2010

Momoko: Stop confusing us with Licca-chan!

J-Doll: Are we still a thing?

Ever After High: What is our fan base, anyways?

Luts: You have to be a millionaire to even consider being one of us

Pukipuki: What do you mean you’ve never heard of us?

Bluefairy: We are so worth more than Luts everybody

Fulla: Malibu Barbie goes to UAE

Moxie Girlz: Soccer moms love us

Sindy Dolls: Someone reroot us please!! We beg you!

Lammily: The patriarchy and Barbie must die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kuhrn: 我们采取了西方世界与我们的娃娃!

Lalaloopsy dolls: Let’s just all be friends.

Custom BJD: Maybe if we post our dolls on Flickr we’ll be famous!

That’s all that I’ve got for now. DM me if you want another brand added. 

Shout out to ojamajomary for pointing out Fulla, Moxie Girls, Sindy, Kuhrn, and Lammily


Love my girl! She poses so good! Must admit the shoes make it a bit harder because they’re not completely flat on the bottom, so I had to hold her hand in the last picture. But without the shoes she can stand like that on her own (see my previous post).
In my opinion, the Minifee Siean head fits better on the @dollits D.K.D body rather than on a Fairyland body. Siean is a more mature looking head, so I think she fits better on a more mature looking body. Gorgeous faceup by @studiodarjeeling ♥️ Wig by @frappzilla! 😍


Autumn Witch Set for Minifee par Squishdellia

Hi everyone, its been way too long since I lasted posted any news about the shop. Things have been a bit hectic the last several months, and I can’t believe 2017 is over half way done!

Today I’ve added a few new items to the shop so please make sure to check them out :)

Here are some other new things added and/or soon to come!

* New Size option: SD17 boys (I now have my first and only boy BJD at the moment; a Switch Hwahui on the Luts Senior65 body). Starting today, I will be accepting requests for BJD boys who have similar measurements. I’ve updated the listings for all the tops in my Etsy shop to include an option to purchase clothing in SD17 size. Please give me some time while I slowly expand my patterns and also make designs specifically for boys.

* Chibi Unoa: You may now request for items to be made in this size so you’re welcome to message me on Etsy about this starting today!

* Return of Lati Yellow, Pukifee and Littlefee clothes: The reason why I stopped making clothes in this size was mainly due to the fact that I found it stressful to sew large quantities in small scale. So now I’ve decided to sell ready-made clothes in small quantities every other month or so. I’m hoping to have some sets ready by the end of September.

* Pullip and Azone Pure Neemo: I’ve decided to include these types of dolls when I make ready-made outfit sets so please keep a watch for this too!
* Chibi Unoa: starting today, I will start taking requests for items to be made in this size so contact me on Etsy if you’ve been waiting! :)



Autumn Witch Set for Minifee da Squishdellia
Tramite Flickr:
Autumn Witch outfit set for Minifee. I hope you like the final design! They will be ready in time for Halloween this year too! My doll Juniper is happy to be the model for this set, she is claiming it as her own!