All set up for Paradise City Comic Con! Find me and @theawkwardgnome at booth 2018 near loading dock door 5. :D

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DIY Inspiration: Miniature Hidden Potion Books from EV Miniatures.

Make Miniature Hidden Potion Books using miniature decorative bottles and DIY handmade books. *I searched Etsy and a linked site trying to find if these were still for sale - and had no luck finding this seller.

You can make the DIY miniature handmade books from tutorials I’ve already posted (see roundup below) and combine it with this super easy DIY Book Safe from Wikihow

My 12 Favorite Miniature Book Tutorials here.

8 - For more pictures, build-list, and process

This will be on display at @galoogamelady and @bryborg table next week for Kumoricon!

Thank you to all my amazing and intelligent friends for the support and suggestions they gave along the way. This has been my favorite project to date. <– Requested pictures


Finally finished the full batch of @gamegrumps Pokémon Art ACADEMY figurines! Feels great to finally finish this project. All of these are based on artwork by @rubberninja and Barry Kramer from the fantastic Grumpcade series, and they are made using Fimo modelling clay!

Thank you so much to the Game Grumps, the @fyeahgamegrumps page for sharing my work, and errbody who’s followed me during this wacky project! I will be posting closeups of every figurine in waves of ten, following this post.