Tottoko Taisho-kun 2001 Epoch. Very nice to have this toy in Japanese packaging. I bought all these Hamtaro figures in NA packaging as a child. Actually I recently saw a lady selling the western ones NIB at a car boot sale. She had so many different ones, nostalgia! I wanted them… But unfortunately, I decided against it due to pricing.

Anyway here’s Boss. Love the selection of comic style ‘posters’ along the top. The back has a little diagram labelling the tools included, the shovel goes into the bucket. And there’s a list of all his friends!

Updated my old egg and toast charms! These new ones will be available in this weekend’s shop update. :)


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DIY Inspiration: Miniature Hidden Potion Books from EV Miniatures.

Make Miniature Hidden Potion Books using miniature decorative bottles and DIY handmade books. *I searched Etsy and a linked site trying to find if these were still for sale - and had no luck finding this seller.

You can make the DIY miniature handmade books from tutorials I’ve already posted (see roundup below) and combine it with this super easy DIY Book Safe from Wikihow

My 12 Favorite Miniature Book Tutorials here.