Our Nostalgia Candy Shop # 7 by MurderWithMirrors
Via Flickr:
Not sure if I have the name of the set correct, but I’ve been looking at this set for years, & finally decided to buy it. This set is a perfect example of how different Japanese food is from US food. This is a deep fried shrimp cake. From a candy shop Not really my idea of candy LOL. I used Google translate (so of course it’s iffy) on the insert, & the rest of the items seem to be Rice crackers Cochin love birds Oyo jam Pick up jam Mandarin orange No idea how accurate this is, or what some of these things are, but the package has a picture of what I think is a King, & he’s holding 2 cooked turkeys(?) so I guess that the cochin love birds? Candy turkey? No idea.


And then there’s my favorite purchase from Gen Con. 

It’s a small house that I have to punch out the pieces and glue them together and then paint it. and some guy gave me a dollar since i was fishing for a long time to get out one more dollar since they took tax on it…. he was like “here. enjoy the con!” but mostly i think he didn’t want to wait anymore.  for some reason a lot of places did today. none of the others did. i had purposefully avoided cards since you can avoid taxes and fees…. But I’m so excited. but because of my exhaustion level, after i bought it i was like “but… i have to put it together… and paint it” but then i was like “but like I love that stuff???” but yeah i’m really excited!!


k this is not directly related to houses but hear me out - there is a whole huge community for miniature mid century modern furniture, especially chairs, and i am deceased. they are so cute and i’m already planning a miniature chair shrine in my house. some of these are paid affiliate links but dear god trust me i would be posting this even if they were not. 

blue rocking chair || white leather lounge chair || yellow seashell chair || clear dinner chair || cow print therapist recliner || A GODDAMN MINIATURE EGG CHAIR || red lips sofa 


I did my #GBBO miniatures for the last 2 years running and I won’t be doing them this year, I need a rest! I had a blast and got to meet AMAZING bakers, thanks everyone ❤️ I am taking custom orders now, so if you have a mini food request get in touch👉