This is why I’ve been so quiet these days, working meticulously on some new fairy crowns! This Green Fairy Queen Crown will be available this Saturday morning, June 24 at 6am PST.
It features mini Salome fairy wings with gold toned veining to match the metal filigree, emerald jewels, crystal drops & beads at the ends of gold wire tendrils, green/purple color changing Swarovski crystals, and green flowers tinged with lavender and blue. More will be posted throughout the week :) Use the link in my profile to get there.

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Hace unos días una personita hermosa me recordó esta serie que es divertidísima y como un pequeño regalito les traigo este especial para divertinos un ratito ^- ^ 

Los signos en Fairy Tail son “espíritus celestiales” que pueden viajar desde su pequeño universo hasta el nuestro con la ayuda de los Magos Celestiales, quienes usan llaves para abrir las puertas de cada uno de ellos. 

Si ya vieron la serie seguro soltarán más de una carcajada, si no, pues les recomiendo que lo hagan xD y sorry por los mini spoilers

> Ofiuco <

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I know some Lolita dresses are twirlably full skirted, can they work for Fairy Kei?

There’s actually a way to combine the style! By mixing lolita and fairy aesthetics, you can create a super magical style of lolita which often gets referred to as fairy lolita. Salopettes, socks, and mini skirts ideal for fairy kei are often produced by brands~

OTT sweet lolita (ahh, the 2010-2011s!) coords were very heavily inspired by fairy styles, because they use all kinds of dreamy accessories; Pastel and Chocomint galoreeee~

image source: @mahoudolly

image source: KERA Magazine

image sources: PastelRaindrops

I hope that inspires you!


{large terrarium ring featuring dry preserved fluted bird’s nest fungi, teeny tiny orange mushrooms, 3 miniature ferns, and goldenrod florets}

this gem of a ring has been marked way down since I first listed it. it’s a one-of-a-kind piece that would make a unique holiday gift! ^_^

I really want a friend who likes the same stuff i do, all my current two friends just insult the things i like when i bring it up, and these things such as anime and twenty one pilots is whats helping me with my depression and for them to insult it really hurts. Ive never had a friend who i can talk to and fangirl about and it hurts alot. I know no one will see this and im just a stranger on the internet and no one will care. I just really need a friend.

she flashes the lantern across the valley, one, two, three times, then a long pause, and one, two, three times, then waits impatiently before one, two, three more times

she sets it down carelessly and in breathless anticipation she flies to the mirror to tease out her thick black hair, tweaks her neckline. she grabs the flowers from the vase and tears their petals from the stems, tossing the fragrant blossoms onto the bed and flinging the thorny stems into the fire. they pop and hiss.

she runs to the window again, sees a shadow in the sky. it’s nearly time! she sweeps a pile of drawings off the window seat and shoves them carelessly into the corner. she spies another bouquet and, watching out the window, she twists and knots the dying blossoms into a coronet.

she bites her lips in anticipation as the beating of leathery wings grows nearer. she sets the flower chain gently on her cloud of hair just as a huge shadow sweeps past her window, circles round, and comes back. just as the dragon reaches the window it transforms suddenly into a flame haired maiden who tumbles into the bedroom, rolls onto her feet, and, laughing, pulls her lover close for a kiss.