This was supposed to be cute but ended up sad…

However I’ve been thinking since Erwin lost his arm, he was pretty much feeling useless. He even told a soldier at the battlegrounds to leave him there and take Eren, calling himself replaceable. 

I’d like to think that Levi and the others keep trying to dispel this whenever they can, trying to prove to him that he, Erwin Smith, is completely and utterly irreplaceable and will never cease to be so.

TL;DR: Erwin you rock and if you ever think you are worthless I will break your nose

This is honestly one of my favorite scenes early in the manga

because first, we have Gray acting all cool and trying to impress Lucy:

Next, we have Lucy practically flirting with Gray:

Then we have Natsu who was eavesdropping and appears uncomfortable with how Lucy is looking at Gray and their whole conversation in general (jealousy?) :

And then we have Gray admitting he was trying to be cool and Natsu putting him down while Lucy blushes:

I think this scene proves that Gray did have a little bit of interest in Lucy and also Natsu doesn’t like Lucy giving other guys special attention ;)


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