Monstrinhas (os) o que você acharam desta edição da SDCC? Deixa as opiniões de vocês nos comentários. Quando houve a Toy Fair deste ano, jurei que gravaria o primeiro BooAsk do canal. Mas infelizmente não deu. Agradeço aos que enviaram suas perguntas. Mas agora pretendo fazer uma edição sobre a SDCC. Então quem quiser enviar perguntas para eu responder no vídeo. Aqui pelo tumblr, podem enviar pela minha página do ASK. Obrigado =)

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prompt: alpha gabe witnessing omega jack beating the shit out of an alpha badmouthing his Man

Last prompt! Thank you all for sending in stuff to help me through raid :)

Gabriel only manages to catch the end of the fight, but just that is enough to convince him further that Jack Morrison is perfect. First off his form is excellent; slinging the punch with his entire weight, knees shoulder-width apart as his feet brace against the ground. His spine curves into the motion, flinging his momentum forward and into the single impact point of his fist smashing with pinpoint accuracy into the tip of his opponent’s nose. A storm rages in his eyes and anger pulls his lips into a tight frown, but his fury is ice-cold as Gabriel’s blood runs hot.

“Let me make something clear,” Jack says, thunder looming in his quiet voice. “If I hear you saying ANYTHING else like that about Commander Reyes, I’ll break your nose so bad not even Dr. Ziegler will be able to save it.” 

“Yessir,” whimpers the man crumpled on the floor, picking himself up as blood streams from his nose. “Yessir,” He says again, as he ducks past Gabriel. 

Jack blinks and the storm clears; his smile is bright and sunny as he says “Hi Gabe! Sorry you had to see that!”

Gabriel swallows. “Sorry I didn’t see more,” he responds, and tries his best not to sound too starstruck. 

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Person A casually calling B sweetie or hon or something for the first time and B just being like (•///•) with Hana/Caddy if possible please.

ahah i’m sorry i’m not doing these in order, it’s just when inspiration strikes! i actually had a lot of fun with this one, ehehe.. 
also i don’t know if Caddy even plays MTG but hey i do so i can connect w/ it shhhhhshh

“I’d be fine with it if they didn’t fucking cheat every time!” Caddy huffed, arms crossing tightly as they made their way back to Hana’s room to pick up some things.

“Well..” Hana began slowly, pursing her lips in thought for a moment, “how do you know for sure they cheat?”

“Because you can see their cards being switched!” He growled shortly, not at Hana, but in general. “Plus there’s no fucking way they would get double rares in one set! That’s bullshit!”

While Caddy continued to rant about Mystic the Grouping, Hana unlocked her door and lead him inside. He instantly plopped down in their extra chair, arms still crossed and body tense with anger. Hana, however, was turned away from him at her desk, putting away a few textbooks and papers, and putting a few other things in her bag for their trip out that evening.

When Caddy next took a second to breathe, she immediately cut off his ranting with, “Sweetheart, calm down.”

They both froze.

It was entirely normal for him to use pet names on her, as he did so fairly often– and she still blushed every time, but for her to use one on him? That was just unknown.

“I uh..” She turned around slowly, face red and obviously worried she’d messed up. Caddy’s face was a surprised blank, until he broke into a giant grin, and soft giggles began to erupt from him.

“Hana, my sweet little angel! You’re so adorable!” He jumped up and ran over to her, enveloping her in the gentle warmth of his arms.

Hana sighed softly, burying her face in his chest, giving a shy, embarrassed little smile into the grey of his club jacket. “I didn’t intend to say that but.. I guess I’m glad I did?” She looked up at him and received a gentle kiss on the nose.

“I’m incredibly glad. You’re the cutest thing and I’m always happy to be reminded that you’re my cute thing!” He chuckled, giving her a last gentle squeeze before letting go, so she could finish grabbing her deckboxes and dice.

She turned away, cheeks ignited with a heavy pink, much like her hair, but didn’t respond. She tossed the rest of her nerd gear into her bag and slung it over her shoulder, glancing back at Caddy.

“R-ready to go show those cheaters who’s boss, h-hun?” She chirped happily, stumbling over her words a little bit. She wasn’t sure if pet names were the type of thing he liked when towards himself but hey, she could sure try.

From the way Caddy’s face darkened into a matching deep blush and he eagerly jumped up, she took that as a positive. “Y-yeah! Let’s go!”

Her hand slipped hesitantly into his, their fingers lacing together sweetly. With hands joined and matching blushes on their faces, they made off towards the station, ready for their night of nerdiness.

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Kakusu x ________

whooo buddy i went with my girls Kakusu and Mai bc honestly?? they just fit so well together in my mind?? like actually
(also i kinda wanna make a pt. 2 to this someday)

She watched the other girl, at first because she was the sidekick of the pink-haired girl, but later because she was so… confusing? Her speech patterns and actions were highly recognizable among their peers, loud and vibrant and chaotic.

Kakusu didn’t understand Mai, but she wanted to.

She began to hang around her and Hana more often, and found their conversations thrilling, full of information she’d never known in her databases. And over time, they began to notice her hanging around, and accepted her into their friendship, as long as Mimi was excluded, which she hadn’t understood for the longest time.

Apparently Mimi’s take on things and her actions were not the normal among the other teenage girls?

She began to discover that quickly. Where Mimi talked badly about their peers, and often times loudly, so that passersby heard her, Hana and Mai talked quietly, behind closed doors to only each other (and Kakusu occasionally) about them. Their tones were rarely negative, and even when they were, they weren’t “mean”.

Had she been going about being a normal teenager wrong?

Eventually, she confided her suspicions in Mai, who was more than willing to listen. They sat in Mai and Hana’s dorm room, soft music crackling from their radio and soft, setting-sunlight drifting in their window. It was peaceful, which was confusing, as it was Mai in the room.

Mai gave her a look, tilting her head and blinking softly, a small smile lighting up her face. “Sooo, what’s up? You wanted to talk about something?”

Kakusu noticed how Mai’s hair was no longer very straight, little strands waving and curling wildly all over. She noticed how Mai’s skin shone softly with sweat, from being at volleyball practice just a little while ago. She noticed how Mai’s face was still red from it, and how it complimented her red hair and green eyes wonderfully.

They were weird things to notice.

In any case, Kakusu tore her sight away, letting it settle on the window and the dust particles dancing in the soft light. “Yes. You and Hana frequently talk about other students but you are not very open about it?” She glanced back, brows drawn in confusion about many things.

“Well, I mean it’d be rude to be open about that stuff!” Mai laughed softly. “Besides, that’d be like spreading rumours, and we don’t do that. It’s rude.”

“Rude?” She was even more confused, which seemed to amuse Mai.

“Yeah, rude. Spreading stuff that isn’t true or spreading things to influence other people’s opinions about someone or something is awful! Why… do you ask?”

“Mimi did that a lot.”

“Oh.” Mai fell silent, and seemed to think about this for a little while, planting her chin in her palm and resting her elbow on her knee, staring out at the slowly setting sun. “Kakusu?”


“Mimi never said very nice things about people, did she?” Mai’s intense green gaze turned to her, though it wasn’t harsh and fiery like when she was angry.

“No..” Kakusu began slowly, her mind literally whirring with thought. “Mimi is always very bitter about people. She does not talk about herself much, also.”

She got a nod in response, before Mai turned away again, and realized the tone of conversation was much colder and stiffer than usual. Had she done something wrong? Oh no, had she messed up the friendship? She couldn’t mess up the friendship!!

In a quick motion, her eyes slightly wide, Kakusu reached out towards Mai, her surprisingly warm fingers brushing against Mai’s arm for just a moment. Mai’s eyes snapped back to her, surprised, and she jerked her hand back, surprised at her own human-like behavior.

“I’m… I’m sorry, for doing something wrong.”

Mai looked confused, her brows knitting together and mouth opening slightly, before she seemed to come to a realization, and laughter began to bubble out of her and her face broke into a wide grin. “Oh.. Oh, Kakusu!” She giggled happily, “You’re so precious!”

“I… what?” Poor Kakusu didn’t understand any of this.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, I’m sorry! I’ve just had some bad blood with Mimi- you know about it, right?- well I was just thinking that she never used to talk to me, either! You didn’t do anything wrong, I promise.” Mai wiped a tear from the corner of her eye with the back of her hand.

Kakusu didn’t understand why hearing Mai laugh like that, and seeing her smile like that, made her internal cooling system kick on. She didn’t understand a lot of things about Mai, or things about being around Mai. Even after she’d updated some new information to her databases.

She might to have to ask Hana about it later, maybe she felt the same around Mai? Maybe it was just a Mai-thing?

In any case, she was glad their friendship wasn’t ruined. She liked their friendship. She liked it a lot. Mai made her feel normal and safe.

“I… I’m glad.” Kakusu slowly smiled as well, mimicking a gentler version of Mai’s. It felt nice.

Hard to be happy about my overall this weekend knowing a fellow racer isnt with us anymore. Godspeed Jantz96. You've got a lot more laps in you up there in heaven.

We’re all praying for you and your family.

The motocross world lost a great kid. We’ll miss you, bro.

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I think I need more of that sweet sweet Sparklingsalt (pbg/jared) B). here's the prompt: person A proposing to person B in the most elaborated, flamboyant and sparkly way :3

okay like im actually so sorry this took forever i feel like shit for this taking so long i’ve just been busy n lazy n shit i’m so sorry goddam mit dus k y

i’ll also include the shitty art i made for this while i was procrastinating writing it even though i’ve posted it before

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Será una animación o un mini cap ? Podría decirse así :v por qué si es así ya tengo que ir preparando mi voz chillona :,3

XD si yo recuerdo, tu eres Springbonnie, asi que te ocupare XD

. acting as a good boy and a good girl .ㅡ w!chaerin

Poucas pessoas conseguiam convencê-lo a mudar a expressão carrancuda que o caracterizava. Entre elas estava essa noona em especial… Talvez por conta do que os ligara de imediato antes que criassem qualquer tipo de vínculo. O problema era que ele não a via há muito tempo, sem falar que na última vez estava tão drogado que sequer se lembrava das besteiras que havia dito. A culpa? Talvez a onda de sentimentos ruins que o arrastava. 

[ Quadra. Agora. Eu sei que você não está fazendo nada. ] 

[ Estou carente. ] 

Mentira, ele não sabia, então fingiria que não se importava por ela não ter aparecido, caso acontecesse. E seguiu pra lá, com a bola de basquete que havia chorado para a irmã comprar e incomodando-se com o sol forte. Gostava de contradizer. Então perdera as contas de quantas vezes vira a bola acertar a cesta, o celular no bolso junto da cartela de cigarro e isqueiro, mantidos ali o zíper da própria calça de moletom.


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Is the event thing still open? If so, could you write Murasakibara + musicbox (male s/o if you don't mind!)

Yes! the event is still open! I’m not even sure when I’m closing it to be honest, because I’m enjoying this a lot xD. But I can definitely write this for you!

“Ne, ____-chin…”

You hummed, looking up from your video game, only to pale when your boyfriend finds your antique music box.  Forgetting to pause, you scramble up, snatching it from him carefully, and hold it to your chest, red tainting your cheeks.

Murasakibara blinked, an eyebrow raised at your behaviour, before scratching his head.

“I… I was going to say… your music box is pretty.. But.. if you’re that embarrassed by it..”

Your breath hitched, and you quickly placed it down, running to him and giving him a hug, feeling him freeze slightly.

“I.. No.. It’s not your fault, Atsushi..” you swallowed, patting his head, “It’s just.. not many boys have one.. and usually people think of it as a ‘girly’ thing..” you bit your lip, grabbing his hand and rubbing it softly, “But knowing you’re okay with it, makes me very happy.”

He was about to ask about it, wanting to know more about it for some reason, when a voice yelled ‘game over!’ and you looked at the tv with wide eyes as you died.


FOR  THE  NEXT  THREE  DAYS  (   july  20 - 22   )    my  activity  here  is  going  to  be  even  lower  than  usual    (   if  that’s  even  possible  lmao   ) ,  bc  i’m  gonna  be  in  new  york  city  to  meet  an  old  rockstar  see  a  concert    &    do  college - related  things  that  i  can’t  do  digitally .  SO  even  though  i’ll  have  my  laptop  with  me ,  i  may  only  be  on  at  night / on  my  bus - ride  there    &    back    (   should  the  wifi  be  working …   ) .  i’m  going  to  try  to  get  some  drafts    &    starters  queued  up  tho  so  my  activity  isn’t  completely  dead  xx  i  should  still  be  lurking  on  mobile ,  or  on  skype    (   hcwlinwclf   )    if  u  wanna  talk !