When you have a loving partner that encourages you–that supports you, you go even further than you could ever imagine.
When you get a friend who doesn’t want to hold you back or wants to propel you forward,  you go further than you could ever imagine.
When you have a parent who encourages you instead of discourages you, you go further than you could ever imagine.
—  R. Smart

So a thing happened this past weekend; I performed my first ever Recital!
My Junior Recital to be exact!
I’m so proud of myself for pushing myself past my insecurities and self doubts. I’m proud of the work I’ve done and the progress I’ve achieved this past year. I’m so grateful for the people who came out, ( @bitter-crossbows ily) and for my new voice teacher who gave her all every week to make sure I was doing the same.
So enjoy my singing faces!

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If Nico were being honest, he'd thought about sex with Will. Sometimes, he'd wake up in a sweat, thinking of those blue eyes and blond curls. But they hadn't done much other than chaste making out and gentle kisses. And besides, Will hadn't ever seen Nico without his shirt on or many layers over his unbound chest. Nico gave Will a smile, sensing tension leaving his body.

Will stutters for a moment, and Nico finds that adorable. He’s pleasantly surprised that he can get that kind of reaction out of Will. “You’re so on, di Angelo. But if you win, no shadow-travelling. Call your chauffeur or whatever.” Nico nods. “Pinky promise, Nico.” Nico rolls his eyes as he locks pinkies with Will. It’s childish, but he wouldn’t expect any other promise from Will. “Now, deal out the cards again. I’m ready for some Go Fish.” His boyfriend is a dork, but Nico loves it.
Nico pulled all the cards back together, pulling them out from underneath their legs and shuffling them again. Will watched him quietly, seemingly mesmerized by the movement of Nico’s fingers on the cards. Nico kissed Will’s lips quickly and Will jumped slightly in surprise. Nico laughed quietly for a moment before dealing out the cards. Will grinned at Nico as he held his cards. “You’re going to need to find a basket to carry all the strawberries in when you loose and we go on our date, Neeks,” Nico resisted the urge to lean over and kiss him again. “Don’t get so cocky there, Solace,” but Nico was smiling, enjoying the bantering. “You can start.” Nico nodded at Will.