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don't know if you watch pd101 but if you do could you pleaaaase write a kang daniel college!au? he has effectively ruined my life 🙃🙃🙃🙃

i do!! ill write a mini one for him ^^

  • major: public health + paramedic certificate because he wants to work as a part of an ER response team
  • sports: dance team, football team
  • is essentially the school sweetheart and everyone knows him as the guy who’d give you the shirt off his back if you asked
  • quite literally,,,,jisung played a joke once and asked daniel if he could borrow his shirt because his next period class was SUPER cold and daniel,,,,,,,,,,literally took off his shirt
  • rumor has it some chick fainted from the sight of his bare shoulders but no one knows if this was confirmed or not (seongwoo claims it totally is true)
  • but like he really does his best to try and help others out,,,especially freshman or younger students in the course who seem to be struggling with adjusting to like college life
  • he’s like the reliable big brother who is smiley and soft and will teach you silly dance moves on the quad
  • but is also super serious about helping people and isn’t scared of anything, from jumping into a fire to save someone in need of medical assistance to carrying people who’ve broken legs,,,,,,,
  • also let’s take a moment to imagine daniel in the paramedic like get up like the uniform,,,,thank u 
  • everyone thinks its super adorable that daniel’s first rescue story was saving his cat who got stuck in a tree
  • like how TYPICAL and CORNY but also,,,,,,he’s an angel who walks the earth amiright
  • seongwoo is always like “my bestfriend is going to be the next iron man~ captian,,,,where did you study again my dude??? canada?? captain CANADA” 
  • and daniel is like embarrassed but also,,,,,he loves his friends and is happy they support him but seriously captain canada thats worse than when jisung got the football team to refer to him as quarterback cat-lover
  • you’re actually one of the TAs for one of the tests in the paramedic course and there’s a requirement of paramedics being able to carry at least 125 pounds by themselves and you’re supposed to be checking off who can pick up the human dummy and who cant
  • and so you’re going down the list and ur like “next,,,,kang daniel?”
  • and you don’t look up when he steps over you just motion with your hand toward the dummy and you’re like “pick him up and walk three laps around the room”
  • and when you look up you almost drop your clipboard because ,,,, this handsome boy smiles and is like sure!! and uve never seen someone so happy to drag around a plastic human before
  • but there he is,,,,hosting the dummy up like it weighs n o t h i n g
  • and he turns to u and is like “can i try carrying two?” and ur like ,,,,uh,,,,,s,,,sure???
  • and once again he baffles you,,,picking up the other dummy and going on his merry way
  • and in what seems like the shortest period of time than everyone else you tested he does his three circles and stops in front of you
  • carefully setting the dummy’s down and wiping at his forehead,,,,that pretty grin on his face
  • and he’s like “all good??”
  • and ur like,,,,y,,,yes,,,,um,,,,,,,,yes you’re good
  • with a bow he says thanks and leaves the room and you’re like what,,,,,,who,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you look down at his name again and you’re like “kang daniel,,,,,,,are you superhuman/!??!?!”
  • for the next week you can’t get him off your mind,,,and you’re sure it’s because he’s not only strong and cute but because you’ve been a TA for the program for this whole semester and no one has ever just looked that happy to do the tests
  • and one afternoon you’re eating lunch with a friend in the campus cafe when you spot daniel,,,,at a table with his health books stacked up near his tray (which is also stacked with food)
  • ad at some point ur friend is like heY,,, hEY stop staring you’re going to DROOL
  • and ur like !!!!!! WOOPS but they also nudge and are like “kang daniel huh? he’s cuuuuute~ go talk to him!!!” and ur like HA,,,I ,,,,,,,,wasn’tlookingathimiwaslookingathis,,,,,sandwich
  • and ur friend rolls their eyes but when u look back daniel???? is staring back at you
  • and when you make eye contact he perks up and waves and ur like ?????????? looking around and then pointing at urself and he nods and waves u over
  • and u get up and ur friend lets out a whistle as you go to sit beside him and ur like ,,,,hey,,,, and he smiles again and the way his cheeks go up and his teeth show is SO DAMN CUTE
  • and he’s like “not to sound full of myself but i noticed you were looking at me for a while, whats up?”
  • and you,,,,,,almost dIE of embarrassment on the spot because oh frick he saw you
  • but you’re also like o,,,oh i ,,,i was just,,,,,um,,,,,,ur the guy who carried two dummies at the test a week ago??? and i was like oH is that you or not you you kno-
  • but daniel just chuckles and closes his book 
  • and he’s like “yep that was me,,,,,but i dont think thats why you were looking.”
  • and you feel ur mouth go dry and you’re like i,,,, um– but daniel just points to your friend with his pen and is like “do you think they’ll be ok with me stealing you away for a little date to the movie tonight?”
  • and ur like!!!!!!!!! ,,,, o,,,oh and u look at ur friend who just shooting hearts and thumbs up at u
  • and daniel is like lol they remind me of jisung but ur also like ,,,, i,,,i think ,,, they’ll be ok with that
  • and daniel winks,,,handing you the pen and rolling up his sleeve
  • and he’s like “here, write your number down and ill call u to set up a time”
  • and u cant believe it as you’re scribbling down ur number,,,,,but it’s true he calls u around 7 and u guys go see a movie and it’s adorable and daniel is a gentleman through and through paying for everything,,,,,telling you he likes the way you look all serious during the dramatic scenes,,,,holding your hand when he takes you back to your dorm
  • even a light kiss on your forehead,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s a dream come true
  • dating college!daniel: he is really good in all his classes but he tends to be LATE so he’s always rushing in the morning but he never fails to send you a ‘good morning, i love you’ text, doesnt really like coffee so u get into the habit of buying him smoothies and he thinks its cute how u remember this about him also those smoothies are really good for his vegetable intake u are so thoughtful, you and daniel adopt the newest paramedic trainee woojin, daniel is suchhhhh a tease he always sneaks up behind you when ur studying to wrap u up in his arms and kiss on your neck, jisung always makes faces when u guys pda but tbh he loVES seeing daniel so happy with you, seongwoo is like “im his original soulmate” but he’s just joking hehe, daniel sends u pics of cats he sees on the street, you guys get matching rings like a month into it because kang daniel goes HARD for love, favorite dates range from laser tag to night fireworks on the beach, thinks its cute when you wear his flannels to class or during finals because u guys are both studying and u cant see him so often but they remind you of him, daniel takes you with him to get his first tattoo and u hold his hand the whole time, he’s kinda bad at realizing he isnt invincible so sometimes ull find scrapes on him and have to bandage him up, did anyone say morning after laughter under the sheets: yeah i did for KANG DANIEL who loves skinship and YOU 

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Maybe it's a personal interpretation or I'm super gullible, but I did think Bran, Rickon, Theon and Davos were really dead,and, with the exception of Theon their coming back did feel awfully cheap. Most of us are brought into this series being told that characters "are killed off for real", and that's actually just not true for a lot of them. And knowing that on top of that we still have all the really resurrected characters to worry about just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I feel cheated.

In that case, I’m very much afraid I can’t help you, anon.

I’ve always found GRRM to be very careful about character deaths. First in terms of certainty - when a character dies for real and we’re supposed to know it, he doesn’t pull any punches. Arya might look away, but Sansa sees Ned’s severed head lifted to the crowd. The knife that cuts Catelyn’s throat bites red and cold. All of Quentyn was burning. Jon feels three knives, but never the fourth. Syrio Forel’s death isn’t so visceral in its physical depiction, but everything else in his mini-arc (and Arya’s major arc) screams “this man is dead! Here is his end!” When there’s a major character death, for real for real, GRRM gives us immediacy, emotional or physical.

By contrast, Arya in AGoT sees a knife heading towards her face, Theon was backhanded in the face and saw the stables burning, the axe rises above Asha’s head. Bran and Davos we just get reports that they were dead. These scenarios have a lot more distance to them.

Second, GRRM is exceptionally careful to make his character deaths serve a purpose. It’s not just big plot-turning deaths like Robert or Ned or Tywin or Catelyn or Robb, where the thematic purposes and greater plot GRRM wanted could only be advanced by the deaths of those characters, I’m talking detail. All through A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings, GRRM was killing off every member of the Night’s Watch who could possibly be an alternative candidate for Lord Commander. He looks to be doing a similar thing with the Freys and Lannisters in more recent books. Tyrion’s supporters are likewise killed or sent away at the end of A Clash of Kings. Even in battle situations, GRRM gives us enough detail to tell us things like Roose Bolton firing on men in service to his regional rivals.

Between those two factors, I just couldn’t believe that GRRM would kill off major characters in outright defiance of their story arcs and his own patterns of storytelling, and got annoyed when he tried to fake me into thinking that he had. Consequently, when GRRM really did bring back characters, both times thus far treating it as a serious magical mystery and depicting the effects on the resurrected person’s psyche, the resurrection still landed for me.

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ok! (after calamity ganon's defeat) so basically, botw link has ptsd. he often has nightmares/night terrors and wakes up in either a cold sweat or in tears or both, and usually needs comfort from zelda, like getting a hug or just holding her hand. whenever he sees something familiar (aka like deja vu, or something in his past life 100 years ago) he has mini or major flashbacks which get him really shaken up. (1/3 i think)

(cont.) If something like this happens on the road, they stop at stables or inns so they could talk or so link could pet horses and/or puppies/dogs to calm down or to remind him that not everything’s bad anymore. zel and link often go on walks or they talk about what he’s thinking or what he’s feeling; plus, if he goes to certain places like the twelve (technically thirteen) spots that trigger memories, he might just break down and start crying or act irrationally, etc. (2/3???)

(cont.) basically, after calamgan, link is really sensitive and emotionally frail for a time. zel also has ptsd, but it’s relatively minor compared to link’s; sometimes, whenever she sees link hurt or sleeping she thinks of when he “died” and starts crying or trying to wake him up, expecting him not to. when he does he understands and wipes her tears away or gives her a hug too like she gave him and holds her hand and they talk too. they’re both very supportive and helpful for each other (¾?!)

(cont.) if a touchy subject for either of them is brought up, the other immediately rushes them away or changes the subject. they care a lot for each other and are very mindful of the things that may trigger painful memories. zel gives link hugs and kind words like “it’s okay” “it’s all over” “we’re safe” etc. and talks to him and calms him down and holds his hand or sleeps with him (for comfort). she knows it’s really hard for link b/c he had to fight ganon twice (4/5 i’m sorry lol)

(cont.) link gives zel hugs and kind words that he speaks to no one else, and bouquets of silent princesses for “HIS silent princess” and holds her hand too and forehead kisses for comfort/reassurance/affection. calamity ganon made things really hard b/c they are always reminded of their first “failure” and then their painful success and then all the things they have to do to rebuild hyrule and the fears and nightmares they had/share, but they’re in it together. (5/5. end!)

this… is some real quality content holy shit

Why My Minis Are Amazing

           Over the past few years the standards for young dancers have been increasing. Today it seems like there are so many amazing mini dancers on the competition scene. Minis who can do 10 pirouettes, minis who can lift their leg up to their ear, minis who can do leg hold turns, scorpion turns, and leap 5 feet off the ground. It feels like it’s not uncommon to see 7 to 9 year olds preforming a routine with the maturity and quality you’d expect from a senior. There are so many little kids out there that are amazing. But here’s the thing:

You don’t need to be amazing when you’re eight years old.


If you are, that’s great. But the reality is, the vast majority of minis dance because it’s fun. It’s extremely important for me to keep my classes fun and entertaining for my younger dancers. As a teacher it’s so easy to get caught up in this craze of pushing your dancers to dance beyond their years. You go on YouTube and search “mini solo” and you find videos of little kids dancing like they’re adults. And it’s so easy to start expecting that of your students, and it’s so easy for your students to start expecting that of themselves, when it’s the image of mini dancers you’re surrounded with. My minis have technique. My minis have technique, quality of movement, and repertoire that is appropriate for their age. My 7 to 9 year olds don’t dance like seniors, but they don’t need to, because they’re 7 to 9 year olds.

           Over-training is very much something that exists. I could push my minis to train 10+ hours a week, to develop new skills rapidly, and to gain immense flexibility. However, I choose to make the most of the 1 hour a week I have with my minis, out of the 4.5 hours they train. I choose to train safely, spend at least half the class on technique, but still incorporate elements of play. Because the reality is, those amazing minis you see on YouTube train at least 10 hours a week, most train more. Even if this is safe training, I truly believe that 9 times out of 10, it will lead to burnout. Young dancers who train that many hours will become exhausted, they will be more susceptible to injury, and they will be taught discipline that is beyond their years. The 7 to 9 year olds you see doing the amazing solos on YouTube are also the 7 to 9 years olds you see taking classes with their knees taped and their ankles bandaged. Minis don’t need sport induced injuries. Minis need to train safely and reasonably.

           That’s not to say there aren’t minis out there that are self-motivated, and choose to train extensively in such a manner. That’s not to say there aren’t minis that are willing to give up so much to perform amazing solos. But those kids are few and far between. My minis don’t do crazy tricks, countless turns, show off immense flexibility, or dance like seniors, but I still think they’re amazing. I think my minis are amazing because they dance like minis. They dance like minis, yet every class they still show me that they are attentive, passionate, and happy. They’ll dance like seniors when they’re seniors. But for now? They’ll come to class and have fun.


School Supply Haul! 

So this weekend I decided to go ahead and grab my school supplies for first quarter at the oh-so-lovely Target! Here’s a list of each item I bought:

  1. It’s a Shore Thing 13 Pocket Accordion Folders (2) 
  2. Greenroom 3 Subject Notebook
  3. Yoobi 1 Subject Notebook
  4. 3 Moleskin Mini Lined Notepads
  5. Swingline Mini Stapler
  6. Paper Mate Eagle Ballpoint Pens (blue and black)
  7. 8 Pack Assorted Sharpie Highlighters
  8. 50 .07 Lead Up & Up Mechanical Pencils 
  9. 6 Assorted Smudge Free Up & Up Erasers
  10. Post-It Assorted Flags
  11. 6 Large U Brands Binder Clips
  12. 16 Small U Brands Binder Clips
  13. 100 U Brands Paper Clips
  14. 400 Assorted Post-It Notes Cube

I didn’t realize just how much I got until I started listing it, haha! My most expensive item was no more than $8 (I lost my receipt so I can’t give you exact prices I’M SORRY) but I know that other than the accordion folders and Moleskin mini notepads, the majority of my items were less than $4. I highly suggest Target for your Back-to-School (or College) shopping. They have adorable and affordable items. Plus, they tend to have great deals! I’m really excited to start my first year at DePaul and I’ll be sure post a picture of my desk and how I organize all of this once I move in at the end of August. 

xx Schy

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whenever you talk about your daughter via her nickname of 'the major,' i can't help but imagine you some day helping her make a kid-friendly version of the major's costume. might be cute, actually. give her a pink tank top and black pants and a little black jacket and maybe give her a purple wig and there you go! mini-major!

I have actually talked to Mrs. Murphy about that, and at first she shut it down, only knowing of Motoko Kusanagi wearing the one outfit, skin-tight outfit with leather jacket.

But I like her in her tactical outfit more. I showed the wife THAT picture and she was on board.

Incidentally, the reason we call her The Major is because her initials are M.A.J., my love for Ghost In The Shell was just a bonus!

Mini 7x05 review

* Major SPOILERS **********

*Let’s begin with the most important thing. Gilly read that Rhaegar annulled his marriage with Elia and married Lyanna the SAME DAY. Ok, she did not technically read that. She pronounced it Raggar, but we are meant to understand that it’s Rhaegar, Elia and Lyanna she is talking about. This is a terrible idea on D&D’s part. I get that making Jon a son born in wedlock instead of a bastard is a good conflict the wonderful OTP that’s Jonerys can argue over, but it makes Rhaegar and Lyanna look even worse. Not only did they start the war, he even turned his two children (for the sake of his unborn child) into bastards. 

*an annulment is not a divorce - if the marriage was annulled, that means legally he and Elia were never wed. So Rhaenys and Aegon become bastards who can inherit nothing, let alone the throne. By doing this, D&D are further victimizing Elia. Without even really mentioning her. The last time we heard her name was when Ellaria said it to Doran. Really, she was only discussed in season 4. Creepybatfingers mentioned her to Sansa when they spoke of the tourney at Harrenhall (while standing in front of Lyanna’s statue) but that scene was not really about her. It was about Lyanna and Rhaegar “kidnapping” her (i’m 100% sure the show will portray R and L as perfectly consensual which is weird because the power imbalance is crazy in that relationship). This development kinda makes Lyanna look like a terrible person and it makes Rhaegar a bigger douche than words can convey. This development actually made me sad because I used to love Lyanna. Perhaps if we find out that Elia’s kids weren’t turned into bastards that might ease the sting a little. I still love book!Lyanna, but I’m going to be seriously side-eyeing the show version. I used to hope for Robert’s Rebellion and the Tourney at Harrenhall flashbacks, but I dread them now. D&D, why? 

Anyway, onto other stuff. 

*Winterfell - Hated this part too, to be honest. Why can Creepybatfingers one up Arya so easily? And Sansa and Arya mistrusting each other is just awful. Yes, yes, tv needs conflict. That doesn’t mean they should be butchering characters left and right to force drama. Disappointed that we didn’t see Brienne. 

*Daenerys - I don’t think she was being a Mad Queen when she burned the Tarlys. She gave them a choice, and it’s not like she enjoys killing people. War is hell. She has no other way to rid the realm of Cersei. Her scenes were all interesting and the ones she had with Jon were excellent. I’m still rooting for Dany and I still adore her. Team Daenerys!  (Before anyone asks, I love Jon Snow too. I root for them both. I’m certain they’ll be the most badass battle-couple ever. Theirs is the Song of Ice and Fire)

*Jonerys - I loved the Jon and Dany interactions. The way Drogon went up to Jon was incredible! That was practically the only perfect scene in the episode. The way Dany looked at Jon when he said he was leaving was everything. 

*Gendry - Oh, yes. The other good scene. I liked all of Tyrion’s and Davos’ scenes this episode. Varys was good too. Loved how he uses a hammer to fight. Also loved his conversation with Jon. Come to think of it, Jon was having a good episode. 

*The Hound and the other semi-forgotten characters - TBH, I really don’t care about Sandor or the Brotherhood people. But that’s ok because they will all die anyway. It was kinda cool how they went out beyond the wall, but I don’t care if any of them makes it, except for Jon, Davos and Gendry. Well, I care about Tormund a little. More than the Brotherhood people and the Hound.       

King’s Landing- That was weird. I don’t know what was the point of giving Cersei a pregnancy. It wasn’t a bad scene, I just don’t like characters being pregnant. Jamie and Tyrion and Bronn were good. 

Oh, the Places You'll Go – Chapter 3

a/n: oh my god this hasn’t been updated in almost two months how did i let that happen that’s such a disgustingly long amount of time. i wouldn’t be surprised if everyone has forgotten about it lmao but im gonna try to get back on track with this bc it literally went on an unintentional hiatus wow

summary: Dan Howell, an awkwardly pessimistic teenager with a passion for nothing, has always lived in his famous brother’s shadow—not wanting any attention or fuss. But when his family hires his brother a new agent, Phil Lester, will he help Dan to change his views on fame…and maybe himself, too?


“Well. Don’t you look like shit.”

The familiarly sarcastic voice of my best friend, Mini, causes my head to snap up from my phone, and I glare at him as I turn into the bus stop. I hadn’t previously been paying attention to my surroundings because I was pretty sure that I was half asleep and running on autopilot on account of the fact that I hadn’t had any sleep last night, so I’m amazed that I actually managed to make it to the bus stop instead of wandering off into the next town. Although, judging by the minutely small size of the village I live in, that wouldn’t be too hard to do without noticing.

Sighing, I sink into the metal bench at the bus stop. But, like always, the task is quite difficult because Mini takes up the majority of the already-small bench, leaving me perching on the end with a strong possibility of falling off. Honestly, I might as well sit on the ground when Mini’s around; it would be easier for both my comfort and my health. And again, like always, Mini notices the inconvenience I’m battling with, and says his usual, “Sorry, Dan! I’ll move up a bit!” as if he’s actually surprised that I’m having difficulty with staying on the bench. And what he really means by ‘moving up a bit’, is that he’ll attempt to shift his mammoth-sized mass a few millimetres away from me, only for the force of gravity to inevitably cause his weight to spill back and push me off the bench again.

And when the inevitable does happen, I stand up again and smile at him, shaking my head.

“I’ll stand,” I say politely. “Thanks, though.”

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It's not about wrong. It's not about right. It's about power.


For months now, the clues have been dropped, the dreams were haunted, their footsteps watched, all leading up to this moment. Something has been messing with them, with all of them. And it somehow led them all to the city of Cleveland, a known hellmouth. Supernatural activity has been flaring up more than ever, but this is something even bigger than that.

This is the thing that created that. The first. Not the first vampire, or the first werewolf, but the first evil that created them. He has led them all here, to his home. The Slayer and her friends, the infamous Winchester Hunters, the Beacon Hills pack, the notorious vampires of mystic falls, and the original vampires. 

The first, while powerful and almost all knowing in some ways, is incorporeal, meaning it can not take physical form. It can only take the form of someone who is dead. It uses minions and manipulation to extend it’s arm instead. For months now it has been appearing to these warriors as their missed loved ones, taunting them, leaving them clues that lead to this city. But what does the first want with them?

The first can see the darkness in all their hearts. He can see great potential in each of them, potential to aid him on his dark endeavors. But he can also see the strength in them to corrupt his plans. Here in Cleveland he will put them all to the test, to see which category he will put them in. He will get inside their minds, test their attacks, their defensive.

But the First has another trick up his sleeve. Somehow, someway, The First has brought back some friends we have thought were long gone. He has resurrected those it felt could aide it on this mission. With resurrected friends and enemies, how will anyone know who to trust? And are those who have been resurrected by such a powerful evil really to be trusted?

But nobody likes to messed with. Alliances will have to be made, and broken to see who will come out on the side of true evil, and he may just become heroes. 

 Beyond sin, beyond death. I am the thing the darkness fears.

Rules, Notes. Ect

  • contact xbuffysummers we would like to join. 
  • You do not have to be familar with all fandoms to join.
  • Open to OC’s as well, but contact xbuffysummers to sort out bios and why your character is in Cleveland
  • Set Buffy s7 au, TVD post s5,  The Orignals post s1, Teen Wolf post s3, and Supernatural post s5
  • The first can take appearance of any character that has died (which means vampires as well).
  • While ATS, Post s2 TW, and post s5 SPN characters are welcome, please contact xbuffysummers to sort out how your character is in Cleveland
  • All characters require a mini bio. Nothing major, just something that states who your character is, their species, and why they are in Cleveland. You can include their past or connections if you like, but it does not have to be a huge bio
  • This is a large group verse. While I do not expect everyone to be super active all the time, others, including myself have other obligations. But I would like everyone to be semi active. If you are inactive for a long time, you will get a warning message.
  • The First will be a sideblog, found here thefxrstevil
    ince it is a side blog, you will not get a follow from it, but it will interact and post starters and such.
  • Please track the tag v: it’s about power
    his will be where all starters, bios, events, and such will be posted.
 You think you can fight me? I'm not a demon, little girl. I am something that you can't even conceive.


The Scoobies

  • Buffy Summers
  • Faith Lehane
  • Willow Rosenburg
  • Xander Harris
  • Rupert Giles
  • Cordelia Chase
  • Angel
  • Spike
  • Drusilla
  • Anya Jenkins
  • Tara McClay (Resurrected)
  • Dawn Summers
  • Glory (Resurrected)

Winchester & Co

The Beacon Hills Pack

  • Scott McCall
  • Allison Argent (Resurrected) 
  • Stiles Silinksi
  • Derek Hale
  • Lydia Martin
  • Malia Tate
  • Kira Yukimura
  • Laura Hale (Resurrected)
  • Jackson Whittemore
  • Deputy Parrish
  • Peter Hale
  • Issac Lahey 
  • Liam Dunbar
  • Chris Argent
  • Melissa McCall
  • Cora Hale
  • Ethan 
  • Aiden (Resurrected)
  • Peter Hale
  • Kate Argent 
  • Braeden
  • Erica Reyes (Resurrected)
  • Vernon Boyd (Resurrected)

The Mystic Falls Gang/The Originals

  • Elena Gilbert
  • Katherine Pierce (Resurrected)
  • Stefan Salvatore
  • Damon Salvatore (Resurrected)
  • Jeremy Gilbert
  • Alaric Saltzman (Resurrected)
  • Bonnie Bennett (Resurrected)
  • Caroline Forbes
  • Vicki Donovan (Resurrected)
  • Matt Donovan
  • Anna (Resurrected)
  • Tyler Lockwood
  • Lexi Branson (Resurrected) 
  • Enzo
  • Marcel
  • Silas (Resurrected)
  • Liv Parker
  • Rose (Resurrected)
  • Kol Mikaelson (Resurrected)
  • Klaus Mikaelson
  • Tatia (Resurrected)
  • Rebekah Mikaelson
  • Elijah Mikaelson
  • Hayley Marshall
  • Jenna Sommers (Resurrected)
  • Davina
  • Camille