Mini me


Dio III: Motor je sastavljen. Unutrašnja instalacija je zamjenjena bez skidanja table. Sve je pregledano i sve fino radi. Paljenje je nevjerovatno, poput novog auta. Montirana je ukruta na šoljama te je izduvna grana umotana titanijum termo trakom.

Part III: Engine is completed. Inner harness is changed without removing the dashboard. Everything is checked out and works very well. Ignition is amazing, like the new car. Strut bar is mounted and the exhaust manufold is wrapped with titanium thermo wrap.

We purchased a small TV and an Amazon Fire Stick for Mini Me to use. I wrongly assumed that the same purchasing restrictions and pin requirements would be in the new Fire Stick. Mini Me ordered $112 worth of movie rentals, movie and TV show purchases, and apps. Thankful the guy on the other end of the phone at Amazon customer service was understanding.