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It’s been getting cold where I live. So that it made me come up with this mini comic. Rose likes knitting as a pastime and as she was doing so she though this mite be a good time to make some warm clothing for the crew so they don’t get sick. Seems like the crew loves it except Black hat. He doesn’t like that happy atmosphere. Rose knew he was going to act that way so she gave his privately. Looks like he really doesn’t know how to act so she just helps him put it on to see if it works for him. So yeah for those of you who live in cold weather, keep warm and don’t get sick!

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is kind of a weird question, but... to what extent are tiny top hats considered bad/ita/embarrassing these days? Would it be bad for me to wear one?

 It depends on what the hat looks like and how you wear it. Some mini hats are great while others aren’t, just like any other item. The overall quality of the item is very important first of all including the materials used and the quality of the construction. Then there’s the matter of the overall design. A bad mini hat is usually one that doesn’t look proportionate. While mini hats can be varrying sizes, a bad one might be too skinny, too tall, too short, or just overall too tiny. It should look like you took a regular top hat and just shrunk it down but if it’s too tiny it will just look silly. You should also avoid the kind that looks like a sort of V shape because they tend to look costumey (If it has a slight hint at this shape that’s fine but it’s easy to overdo it). There’s no reason to avoid them all together, but there are a lot of factors that can make them good or bad.
Here are some bad examples:

And some good examples:

You can see more examples in my mini top hat tag.


I think the Charles Crown from Innocent World in Green is the most difficult dress I have to match in my wardrobe. This shade of green is so difficult to find. So, the most similar green I found at fabric store I bought to make those hats. I was planning to twin with Fay, but for some reasons we couldn’t twin yet.

and this was the day 31 inktober art work - parasite au! When I got time I’ll color this and reblog it :3 

But happy belated haloween my dear boos! I was busy with assignment all day and didn’t celebrate it - but still you know? I hope y’all had a great time that day and night!