(181018) Minhyun & Guanlin at VIP Premiere of ‘Rampant’

JR dressed as squirtle and did a bugi Tour of all his birthday ads! 

This is so adorable. JR went around on a Tour to all his birthday ads to thank loves. He said he only did this to thank fans and none of it is filmed. The way he walks in the costume is seriously so cute lol. Well done for loves for keep a respectable distance and wishing him happy birthday!

(c- lovelee-eom)


6 years with the strongest boys, the group that went through a lot and never gave up, the group that went on a survival show because of their company’s bad managment and gained many more fans. Thank you for always taking care of your fans and showing how much of a family you 5 are. Happy anniversary and let’s go for many more years together! 💘



happy 23rd (24th!) birthday to the most considerate, consistent, ethereally handsome, and downright weirdest person i’ve had the pleasure of supporting! from debuting with wanna one, cleaning up after ten (10) new children, flaunting your butt-dancing charms, watching your nu’est bros succeed alongside you, singing your first solo stage, getting the bod of your dreams, and touring all around the world… you’ve had a hell of a year and deserve all of the good that’s come to you. stay foxy.



Aron thanking his members at the end of the final ‘Double You’ concert in Seoul while sobbing 

I can’t even imagine how much his members mean to Aron. They were his only friends when he came to Korea. For the past seven years they’ve been by his side. He goes out of his way for them. From leaving his family to join NU’EST, to waiting for his NU’EST family to comeback late every night from Pd101 recordings and cooking for them. He’s been holding all the pain inside for years and it breaks my heart seeing him sob in front of his mother and sister. I hope he can be confident now, and realise we don’t love him just because he’s in NU’EST, we love him cos he’s himself, he’s Aaron.