Rainbow Lattice Sunstone


Well this is lucky. Apparently for this FossilFriday I’m starting with ammonites in stuff.

This is a look at one of our favourite ammonites, prior to the outer matrix being polished. These ‘Cannon ball’ nodules (rocks) are thought to be exclusive to the Yorkshire Coast, found nowhere else in the world. They rarely contain fossils, but when they do, they typically contain an Eleganticeras sp. ammonite. This fossil here is featured as found. When prepared, the outer pyrite coating of the nodule will be polished, to achieve a golden mirror effect.


OMG Laboradorite tables - already sold, i might have to watch for more of these though.

One of the most beautifully unique kyanite cluster I have ever seen.


Color: Blue to blue-black, sometimes streaked; also white, green or gray

Luster: Mother of pearl, vitreous

Hardness: 4-7 (Depending on directional stress)

System: Triclinic