Let’s Play - Minecraft: Confessions

Gavin: Jeremy, do you wanna have your mind blown?
Jeremy: Uh, sure, what’s up?
Gavin: You used to be a fan, right?
Jeremy: Yes.
Gavin: Little quiz, who won Wool?
Jeremy: Who won Wool? Geoff did, and all you needed was ink.
Gavin: You wanna know the truth?
Jeremy: What’s the truth there Gav?
Gavin: I won Wool.
Jeremy: Uh oh. What’s the story there?
Gavin: Well, back in the day, I used to help Geoff build a lot, right? Had a little advantage sometimes, ‘cause I built it, and I actually won Wool after like 25 minutes, and it was too short. So I just hung out, with my squid ink, I think I hid it in the chest. And then Geoff was like, “Oh, I’ll tell you when it’s long enough to win.” And then Geoff won.
Gavin: So if you ever wondered why I was just absurdly angry at the end of that video even though I lost fairly, that was why. Did you know that Jeremy?
Jeremy: I did not. Blew my mind.
Geoff: It’s entirely possible that that’s accurate.
Gavin: And it’s entirely possible that that’s not the only time.

Jack: Ryan, do you have a buttfor?
Ryan: W-what?
Jack: A buttfor.
Ryan: Buttfor what?
Jack: No, do you have a buttfor?
Ryan: I don’t know, do I?
(frustrated sighs)
Jeremy: Jack that joke’s not gonna work buddy.
Gavin: Ryan’s one of those people.
Ryan: What does that mean?!
Jack: Ryan, do you have a buttfor?
Gavin: Now I’m worried that he actually doesn’t know this joke.
Jeremy: I don’t think he does.
Jack: He doesn’t.
Gavin: Ryan, were you never on a school playground in your life?

[Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 249 – Mo'Chievements: FUPA]