what’s really neat about tango this season is that he’s finding so many ways to incorporate other hermits’ talents in his base? the piston door from mumbo, the piano from beef, wiley coyote from cleo, the doofenschmirtz jingle from etho, the interior from bdubs, and now the mystery machine from keralis (and there might be more because i’m not fully caught up on him yet)

like!!! they’re such fun and organic ways to showcase the other hermits’ abilities while also completely tricking out his base according to its theme and i really love it

ahhh lemme talk abt dream team’s voices cus i have a lot to say

dreams voice is probably the most ‘’’normal’’’ but like…. it srsly matches his vibe and adds to his comedy. like it really suits him. his kettle wheeze is also The Best Thing. also in his unsolved mystery series he sounds allll spooky and like !!!! man, he could talk abt anything and everyone’d listen

george!!!!! geroges accent!!!!! ahhh!!!! but srsly his accent is so nice. hes really interesting to listen to and his voice such has a rlly nice quality to it,, idk i cant describe it. also his screams r scary but funny

and finally sapnap!! hes sso underrated and so is his voice. its my favourite outta the bunch. its such so!!! warm soundin and his accents nice n like dream his voice rlly adds to his comedy. good voice for being wholesome and chaotic. also can kinda sing and can speak greek??? im dead

and best of all,,, u can actually tell them apart 😳

h a Superhero au angst

Nobody asked for this but here’s some angst. 

  • When Dream was younger, his control on his power was horrible 
  • He would find himself teleporting everywhere whether he wanted to or not.
  • Some days it would take hours or days to find his way back home
  • covered in dirt, mud, blood, and tears 
  • He would never admit it now but he used to despise his powers. 
  • He spent the better part of his childhood in fear that one day he would teleport away and no one would be able to find him. 
  • It was only when Dream teleported to the middle of a lake, that people finally stepped in to help. 
  • The facility took him in for a couple of weeks to keep him from teleporting everywhere.
  • He was given a room with water surrounding it so Dream wouldn’t be teleporting outside of his room until his episode started dying down. 
  • To prevent this from happening again Dream was fashioned a bracelet that grounded him to the area that he was in. 
  • Dream was forever grateful for the facility for helping him and making sure that he would never be out of control of his powers

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mcyt shapes imo cause this is so fuckin funny

dream - triangle. triangles r the strongest shape n dream does well under pressure

george - oval. clout goggles


wilbur soot - rectangle. thin n tall type, just like him

badboyhalo - circle and heart. both friend shaped an he gets two because he deserves it

skeppy - diamond. obviously??

a6d - square. yeah <3

tommyinnit - rhombicosidodecahedron. chaos on all sides

jschlatt: very short cylinder. coin shaped; money

will be adding and u cant disagree <333