What I don’t understand is why teen top is getting so much hate right now, especially Cap. First of all who cares if Niel is dating, ITS FREAKING NATURAL for someone to date at his age! And to even criticize them so far as for them to ALL DELTETE their sns. And second of all if you didn’t know Cap is a really good artist and for one he really enjoys art and probably designed most of his tattoos. Its his body and what people should really care about is his personality and how much of a sweetheart he is. NETIZENS ARE TAKING THINGS WAY TOO FAR LATELY. He’s a cuddly sleepy bear ok. What people should be really caring about right now is how hard they have worked to come this far and their comeback with ah ah. They really love all of angels and in return we should love them back and support them. That’s all they’ve ever asked for. It just makes me really mad how these adorable little babies are getting so much hate on the things they love. 


[150704 5th Anniversary Live in Japan] ‘Confusing’


TEEN TOP (틴탑) _ ah-ah (아침부터 아침까지) M/V