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“Okay, before we do anything, I’m gonna run to the bathroom real quick.” Stiles nodded as he got up.

“You can’t; Kira’s using the bathroom.” You told him.

“And then I’m going after her.” Liam smirked.

“Oh my god.” Stiles groaned.

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Here's prompt for you to write :) Scott : "so, you're telling me that you slipped and that your mouth landed on my little sister's one? That's right, Stiles?" Thank you Xx

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Stiles was a great kisser. You’d learnt that surprisingly quickly, hence why you were currently underneath him on your bed, your hands running through his hair as he cupped the back of your neck with one hand, the other propping himself up. Yeah, kissing Stiles was great. 

“What are you doing?!” Stiles fell of off you with a yelp landing on the floor before jumping right back up…Scott stood in front of the two of you, arms folded, and glaring between the two of you…

“Uh…I slipped?” You nearly face palmed right then and right there and Stiles’ excuse for making out with you…I slipped…why did you like him again? 

“So, you’re telling me that you slipped and that your mouth happened to land on my little sister’s one? That right, Stiles?”

“Yes?” You let out a sigh of relief when Scott shook his head, walking off muttering something about stupid asshole friends and little sisters. 

“Well…that was awkward…”

You're an innocent -Liam Dunbar Oneshot

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Request: Can i ask for Liam imagine? Based on the song Snuff by Slipknot if u can c: thanks xo

Warnings: Cursing,blood

A/N: I absolutely fell in love with this song,but I had to make some research based off the meaning behind the lyrics. And I successfully found it (x) . I might also do a part 2 for this oneshot.

“I can’t keep doing this, Y/N” Liam said after you closed your locker.

“You can’t keep doing what?” You told him as you rushed down the hallway to your history class. You couldn’t be late,you we’re the class smartest student,and you we’re well known as the ‘good girl’ of the school.Never late,always on time,with an IQ almost as high as Lydia’s,never telling something bad about anyone.Some people would call you an angel,but your friends would know that you were already one. One of the kind,you were made of love,of understanding,of happiness,of kindness.

“Being with you.” Your heart felt in a dark abyss . Was this even real?Was this moment really happening?Will Liam suddenly going to be laughing at you for believing this,and telling you it was a joke?

“What?” One tear escaped the prison that were your eyes,rolling down your cheeks,but you quickly whipped it off with your hands,before Liam could even notice.

“I never loved you Y/N” He scratched the back of his neck.

“I-I have to go…"You silently said,trying to sound as strong as possible.

“But the history class is starting in a minute!” He yelled as you were running to the school door,trying to get away from him as much as possible .He couldn’t see you cry.You weren’t like that.You were strong.

“Screw it!” You shouted,leaving Liam in the middle of the hallway.

He watched you leaving as you left,your scent being the only thing you left behind. His hands were shaking,he ran to the boy’s bathroom. He gazed at himself in the mirror. It was like he wasn’t the same. He splashed himself with the water from the tap,hoping that that will make him fell better. His tears mixed with the clean water. But he couldn’t help himself. He knew this was all his fault. 

You were an innocent,an angel.One of the most beautiful supernatural creature.Such a majestic one.And he was a werewolf. A bloodthirsty animal,willing to kill anyone that stands in front of his wishes.

“Fuck!” He screamed as his fist made contact with the mirror. There was blood all over his hand. The feelings that he had were mixed.It was all like a carousel. Fear,anxiety,anger,rage,sorrow,distress.He knew he hurt you and that his words poisoned you.But he had to do it.He could’ve hurt you. You were too good for him.

Suddenly ,Liam felt a hand on his shoulder.He turned around,facing with the one who touched him.

“What have you done to yourself?!” Scott question his Beta with concern.

Having sex w/ Theo Raeken will involve..

• HICKIES EVERYWHERE TBH ((boobs mostly)
• bREAKING the headboard
• “you do me I do you”
• whispering dirty words in ur ear
• passionate hard kisses
• ass grabbing
• grEAT sexxxx
• both of you giving seducing looks to each other
• riding him
• sex in the locker room or gym
• tons of neck kisses
• giggling
• slow but deep thrusts
• “another round?” ;)



Request #1 || Imagine #5

You hated it. You hated the way you sneezed. It was weird. Most people didn’t care how they sneezed but you did. People thought it was cute, but it’s also what attracted bullies back in the day. High school people didn’t care. Well most didn’t.

You were in the hallway at your locker. Your ex best friend (Y/E/N)(Enemies) was making her way over with her little clique and her boyfriend.

“Oh hello (Y/N). Still sneezing like a baby?” 

You ignored her and kept getting your books. You stayed quiet, knowing she wanted attention. Your ex bestie grew impatient, and kept saying rude things. You just  ignored her before her boyfriend slapped your books out of your hand.

“Don’t fucking ignore her you stupid attention whore,” he snapped.

You just stared at him in disbelief.  Were they being serious? Just because you sneezed like a little kitten didn’t mean they had to make a big deal. It was whatever though. All they wanted was to make you feel little. People liked you. A lot of people like you. Most people hated your ex bestie and you didn’t blame them. You swallowed and went to say something.

You stopped when the boy was slammed against a locker. (Y/E/N) screamed in shock and backed up scared.

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