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“Strength is loyalty and unity, not dividing people with lies.” - Maia Roberts

A few nights ago I had a dream I was drawing Alisha Wainwright as Maia and, naturally, I had to do it while I was awake as well.

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(Ace-of-heartss) It was almost 10 hours later when Hearts gave a soft groan, opening their eyes slowly. They felt very sore, both on their back, and.... certain other areas. But also so, so good. A small, happy and loving smile crossed onto their face when they saw Papyrus next to them, cuddling them close to him. Stretching up, they planted a kiss on his mouth, resting their head across from him, faces almost touching, murmuring "My Papyrus..."

Papyrus had never slept for so long before. Still, there was a certain amount of pleasure that came from it, especially waking up to Hearts’ kisses. He smiled, returning the kiss for a long moment before opening his eyes.
There were a few faded demonic colors in his eyes, but he didn’t mind. “GOOD MORNING!” he said brightly, hugging them close.

The room suddenly felt hot and my skin prickled as his eyes drooped slightly, looking dazed. It was almost mystical, the way I felt myself being pulled in by his gaze…my body gravitating towards him.

My heart began to drum.

He had such beautiful eyes…

“Do I make you nervous?” He asked and my body responded with the rapid beating of my heart. Our hands were almost touching on the table and I felt the urge to inch closer; to feel his skin on mine. V’s eyes seemed to drop towards the lower half of my face, and I felt him inching closer. The weird part was I didn’t tell him stop… or more like I couldn’t. Because all I could think about was his eyes; his scent invading my senses and making my dizzy; and his lips… I wanted to know what it felt like to…

Excerpt from CRAVE: Book 1 in the Heavenly Sins series)

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The ritual beginning
is always the same
Me, silent with fear
in the passenger seat
while you careen over
the pitch black side streets
ignoring the red lights
sideswiping parked cars
whose owners will curse you
when they return
from their whores and cheap affairs

The second sacrament is sweat
as we run through
our preparation workout
A litany of sacrifice
to the dark gods of junk
First, the portioning
then the spooning and burning
Finally, the knotting of the cord
Each step performed by rote
as if mimicking
the call and response of the Catholic mass

The baptism, of course
is the letting of the blood
which we execute
your eyes greeting mine
in the shared expectation of defeat
As certain as we are
that the big one
will one day hit this city
we know every single shot
might be the one to stop our heart
Yet, we pull the trigger anyway


Max Mundan, Russian Roulette

© David Rutter 2015

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MSR Poems

You said it’ll be fine
I believed you with my heart
that one day your words will be true
that one day I’ll be yours
and you’ll be mine

Green eyes searching for something
something I can’t see
searching for something I’ll never be.
But that’s okay
because I don’t want to be that something
whatever that may be

We’ve been playing hide and seek
all those years
but you never wanted to find me…

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