endless list of plot bunnies: Maggie McKinnon

“Oh Newton, do come over and have a look. It’s breathtaking. I dare say it’s more beautiful than the Kalahari…” Maggie’s hands gripped tightly to the railings that lined the deck and she leaned forwards taking a deep breath and smiling when the ocean mist licked at her face. They’d set sail from Liverpool, England 6 days earlier, and New York was finally within touching distance. As much as Margaret McKinnon enjoyed the open ocean, she was excited to soon be back on dry land.

“Come now Mags, away from the railings.” Newt still didn’t understand why she’d insisted that they came by boat, but as he stood up and the skyline of New York City came into view he couldn’t help but join her in smiling and shuffle towards his companion - making sure to keep a tight grip on the case they’d spent the last couple of years filling. 

“We made it!” She beamed. 

“You knew we would, you saw it.” Newt commented, rather matter of factly, causing Maggie to roll her eyes. She was a seer, that was no secret. Though it also wasn’t a secret that she was not a particularly good one, and that her visions were limited to no more than forty six minutes into the future. She had in fact only foreseen their successful arrival to Manhattan around fifteen minutes before the island had come into view.