Dan Insta Jams

I thought I’d put together a masterpost of Dan jamming out to songs other than his own, or ones he was\is working on. Because that seems like the sort of thing I would do.

1. All I Need Is A Miracle by Mike & The Mechanics

2. Africa by Toto

3. Dinosaur by Kesha

4. Rock of Ages by Def Leppard

5. The Architect by Haken

6. M.A.S.K. intro theme

7. Instant Crush by Daft Punk

8. Love Bites by Def Leppard

9. Apocryphon by The Sword

10. The Veil of Isis by The Sword

11. Nights on Broadway by The Bee Gees

12. Out of the Black by Royal Blood

13. I Want To Know by Living Color

14. Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon

15. Women by Def Leppard

16. Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche

17. Don’t Lose My Number by Phil Collins

18. Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne

19. Photograph by Def Leppard

20. Don’t You Want Me by Inhuman League (more accurately, the remix by Svantana)

21. Footloose by Kenny Loggins

22. New Lands by Justice

23. Bad Habit by The Offspring

24. Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money

25. Shot At the Night by The Killers

5 Inception/James Bond crossover plotbunnies

1. Arthur, Eames, and Ariadne militarize the MI6 Squad. Bonus points for Ariadne and Moneypenny flirting with each other, Eames being completely secure and unthreatened by Bond romantically, Q taking to dreamspace like a duck to water, and Arthur and Tanner exchanging Only Sane Men™ looks at each other and bonding over hot beverages and take-away. 

2. Mission fic! Bond, investigating a security leak abroad, realizes that one of Six’s spies has been an unwitting victim of mindcrime on a routine basis. He recruits a dreamshare contact to help him set a trap for the perpetrator. 

3. Spy vs. Spy The Dream Team have been hired by someone who’s out for revenge. However, it’s not just their client who’s after the villain in question. Eames, pretending to be a good little employee of the villain’s evil company, gets caught in the crossfire when Bond crashes his way onto the scene. 

4. First impressions: Q thinks Arthur is a gun-happy ’Merican with shitty judgment re: his choice of company, neckties, and profession, to name just a few things. Arthur thinks Q is a pasty-ass nerd and that it’s a wonder he has time to drink any of that fancy tea when his mouth is so busy with all that snark. They have to work together anyway and end up liking each other despite everything. (Arthur even laughs fondly at one of Q’s puns eventually.)  

5. Five times Arthur Stumbled Onto An MI6 Operation and One Time MI6 Stumbled Onto Arthur. Crack. All Arthur wants to do is take a vacation. By chance, he keeps stumbling onto MI6 operations instead of/in addition to the local sights, making friends and enemies along the way. In England he’s in the same restaurant as M when some unfortunate assassin attempts to kill him; he figures England isn’t for him, goes to France, and runs across Moneypenny in the middle of doing something secret and diplomatic; etc, etc. Eventually Arthur decides to head to some remote corner of the Earth to escape all this nonsense, only to discover that the latest Bond villain had the same idea. At the end, Arthur gives up and goes back to work, only to discover he’s been set up by an enemy…but fortunately, Bond is in the vicinity with Q, on THEIR holiday, and they back him up.   

(Bonus points if Eames gets wind of Arthur’s actions early on and spins a yarn to some Six agent about how this is COMPLETELY deliberate and Arthur is SUCH A BADASS and has GRACIOUSLY DECIDED to bless them with his assistance for some reason; he does tend to get bored and must have taken a shine to M after SAVING HIS LIFE NBD; but let me tell you about THIS OTHER THING HE DID THAT YOU WON’T BELIEVE… And the rumors grow to legendary proportions. :P)  


Eyes of a Stranger: great song to end the epic Operation Mindcrime album \m/

More Shadowrun Hard Targets Art...

Been some crazy exciting days for BattleTech (and plenty more to come), but lets get some Sixth World action spinning here. Shadowrun Hard Targets is just about off to the printer, so sharing some more art for this book.

I love the atmosphere on this piece from artist D. Hovey (I immediately had Operation: Mindcrime starting to spin through my head).

I love color as much as the next person, but there are times that the best of the Sixth World is captured in B&W…and Eric Williams is one of the best at that, IMO.

And i had to include this one, ‘cause Laubenstein!!!!




“Dark the descent: the birds are golden-coloured; up to the heaven they fly robed in the waters.Again descend they from the seat of Order, and all the earth is moistened with their fatness.”“Twelve are the fellies, and the wheel is single; three are the naves. What man hath understood it?Therein are set together spokes three hundred and sixty, which in nowise can be loosened." 
Just Give In.

We cant do this…” Shh. I didn’t want to hear it, I wouldn’t. Finally the angel that lurked outside of my windows and haunted my dreams lay bare beneath me, her soft skin glistened with sweat. The heat of our bodies, the way she gasped with each slight movement…She turned her head away from me as I glanced down to her. “Ai…look at me.” I gently grasped her chin with my fingers turning her to face me. Burning amber eyes locked onto shining orbs of acidic green hues they were beginning to fill with a sense of regret yet they were lit with desire.

Please.” For once in my lifetime I was actually begging for a woman, not just any woman though never in my life had I wanted someone like I did Ai. Movement was slow paced, it was agonizing surely for her as well. Slowly I began to kiss down the side of her face to her neck layering kisses now over her collarbone to her chest. “Charlie…"another soft gasp that fluttered into soft moans which rushed over me like a swarm of butterflies. The room smelt of cigarette smoke and heavy liquor as if it was enough to intoxicate you the moment you stepped in. I could feel the bristles on my chin scraping against her skin softly as I nuzzled against her stomach and took in her scent. Ai always had that faint scent of vanilla, but clouded with smoke like incense. I had finally reached that point, I couldn’t wait anymore, with out warning I moved to thrust into her heated core. Hearing her cry out sent shivers down my spine, the hairs on the back of my neck standing straight now. What I felt, indescribable, pure bliss.

Do you know how long Ive waited for this? For you?“ My face lowered to her own and I captured her lips and delved into a deep unforgiving kiss, my hands running over every inch of her body. How many men….how many hands had lingered? How many lips had tainted her perfect body? I would erase each and every one of them. Every touch, every memory, what ever feelings she had ever felt for another man. Despite how selfish I knew it was I would claim her, force her to love me. Crave me like I did her, drive her mad with lust till it was she who was begging for me to let her stay. ”Ai…I love you.“ After I had broke the kiss those words muttered from my lips, soft and low. Her eyes locked onto mine again, shutting softly for a few moments as I gave slow and steady thrusts. Finally, she would say it. Those few words I had wanted to hear for years. ”Charlie…“ My eyes blazed with anticipation and longing. My mind and body betrayed me though, everything was just another hollowed and meaningless illusion.

To my dismay that was when I woke up. Again, it was only a dream.

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Queensryche - Murderer?

Lost my faith in humanity
And I don’t trust in society
I’m numb, cold, ready.

No one else dies today…

What did you do?
I don’t remember…
They say I’m a murderer!

God must be dead because I’m still free.
No religion holds me… am I the killer?

No one else dies today…

What did you do?
I’m the revenger,
No! I’m the revenger!
No I’m the… black hand of death!

Sixty-five hundred days…
I’m feeling good for the first time in years.
Your miserable life is in my hands.
What would you do?

Kill him!

Does this signal an ending or another dream just beginning?
Are his actions worth forgiving?
No more pain! Revenge!

Haven’t you enough?
The dog is on his knees!

Does this signal an ending or another dream just beginning?
Is revenge worth any price?
Tell me what’s right?

He wants more life!

You want more life?
Is this my victory?
Am I?

Stay down on your knees
And explain it to me one more time.
What gives you the right?
You took away my life…
And left me with nothing, nothing.

This is like what I dreamed…
It seems like a good day to die.

And so it ends. And now what?